Picnic Road – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Picnic Road is the fourth Red Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Picnic Road collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Picnic Road Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

You’ve finally made it to Picnic Road now that Luigi is set on his way and the Graffiti Underground is complete. Two holes to fill in right from the start, the big one leads to a pile of leaves hiding a Green Toad. Go just a bit down the path to reach an area with five more holes. Battle enemies to get more confetti! The block on the right houses a 100-Coin.

This area has a few other things to collect too. The butterfly on the left can be whacked to reveal a hidden Toad. Look for a small hole in the left wall and whack the wall underneath it to reveal a rolled up Toad. A third Toad can be found hiding as a yellow flower near the lone tree just a bit north. A fourth Toad is cleverly hidden in front of the white fence. Whack the dark circle in the ground to reveal a rolled up Toad you can pull out.

The area overlooking the entrance can be accessed by breaking down the white fence behind the folded Shy Guy. This will take him out instantly and reveal a shocking scene. Rescue the three crinkled Toads in front of you, then attack the folded Shy Guy to save the fourth one! Enter the cave to reach the second block holding a Fire Flower.

Walk up to the Koopa Troopa and run through some quick dialogue before he scurries off. Before following them down the steps to the right, let’s check out the area. There is a TON to collect so we’ll break down the collectibles into bullet points:

  • Hit the sign to reveal a Toad
  • Two holes near the pond
  • Three hidden blocks above the pond, along with a Toad hidden as a swan.
  • Two holes in front of the yellow Toad House.
  • Crumpled Toad south of the house.
  • Butterfly Toad south of the house.
  • Three Toads inside the mailbox.
  • Hit the tree to the right of the house for another Toad.
  • Butterfly Toad drops down after repairing a large hole.
  • Yank Toad out of the sand pit.
  • Reveal the flower Toad from the dark spot in the group of flowers.
  • Repair the large hole south of the flagpole, then hit the dark spot to reveal a butterfly Toad.
  • Hit the blank square spots in front of the flagpole to raise a platform, then jump on the flagpole to release seven Toads into the sky.
  • Hit the flag portion of the flagpole to reveal a Toad.
  • Hidden block where that coin arrow points.
  • Another block to the right of the hidden block.
  • Two holes on the lifted platform.
  • Another dark circle with a bug Toad where the hole was.
  • Another small hole in the wall, use your hammer to reveal three Toads, then do it again for a fourth Toad.
  • Crumpled Toad in the tree nearby the two holes.
  • Gopher Toad minigame past the previously mentioned tree. Force the gopher to the two bottom left holes to corner it.

The barking Toad at the end leads to the next area but there’s still one more location to check out. Take the steps down and follow the Koopa Troopas to a Save Block down below. Make sure to patch up that hole on the way. And to grab the crumpled Toad using the umbrella as well as the folded Toad on the table! That last Toad will open up the Accessories shop in Toad Town. Go in the darkened indoor area behind the fortune shop. A crumbled Toad can now be found behind the window.

Speak with the Koopa Troopas and they’ll tell you about the five Shell Stones. Approach the folded Shy Guy and start an event battle. This one tries to be tricky by making you think to slide all the Shy Guys into place. You’re better off rotating the first ring to make a line of four, then sliding the other four into place. With the Shy Guy defeated, there’s nothing profession wise to do here.

Before you go back upstairs, go south a bit and fill in the hole on the steps. Continue on this path and break through the cracked spike stone. Walk all the way to the right and fight off the Scared Rat to rescue the crumpled Toad. You can also climb up to the tents on the right using the crate. Destroy the spike stone on the right to reveal a magic circle. Use your 1,000-Fold Arms to pull down the spike stone above and to release a grateful stack of ten Toads.

Now that you’ve picked up everything you’re able to pick up, head back upstairs and towards the barking dog at the end. Give it a whack and the Battle Lab Toad will open up the path leading to Overlook Mountain. Feel free to return to Toad Town to check out the new accessories at the now open shop.

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Christy F
Christy F
February 14, 2021 11:03 PM

In the last paragraph, Overlook Mountain is linked to the Overlook Tower page, not Overlook Mountain.

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