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Water Vellumental Shrine is the third Blue Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Water Vellumental Shrine collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Water Vellumental Shrine Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

Once you’ve rescued Bobby from Chestnut Valley, open up the door to the Water Vellumental Shrine by pressing the two switches in front of the entrance. Once inside, take note of the different paths. Save at the Save Block, then take the path on the left. Hit the block for a 100-Coin, then go south to patch up the hole and rescue the bug Toad on the wall.

Enter the room on the right and hit the two blocks to get a Confetti Bag and Shiny Iron Boots. Use these on the Sidesteppers when you fight them! Walk farther into the room and avoid the Sidesteppers zipping through the slits in the wall. Patch up the hole, then get ambushed by a Blue Sidestepper. For the first wave, slide the two Blue Sidesteppers down, then rotate the farthest ring. For the second wave, focus on just sliding the enemies into place for two hammer attacks.

With those enemies cleared up, enter the next room. Puzzle time! Line up the three panels so that water can escape from the dragon at the top and into the canal on the right. Don’t Interact with the panel switcher near the bottom just yet. Instead, walk over to the left side of the room and break down the cracked wall to enter another room.

Hit the empty space at the end of the cave to bring down a POW Block. Wait for a Blue Sidestepper to pop out of the wall, then hit the POW Block to knock it on its back. Attack it! In this battle setup, slide the both lanes with one red enemy and one blue enemy down one towards the center. Now twist the smallest ring to line up to groups for hammer attacks! Once defeated, return to the panel switcher and input the following:

  • Down
  • Right
  • Up
  • Left
  • Down
  • Right
  • Up

Now insert the panel to form a complete line. Let the water flow! Gran the Fire Flower that drops from above, then return to the main room. Enough water fills in so that the center platform rotates, giving you access to the right side of the main room. Neat!

Walk over to the right side and hit the block to get a 100-Coin. Again, there’s a hole south of the block that needs repairing. Head down the steps and be careful of the incoming Sidestepppers and Swoopers underneath the bridge. The path to the left takes you to a treasure chest. The path towards the Swoopers has a hole underneath the enemies.

There’s also a Blue Toad stuck in the window of the back wall that will give you a +5 MAX UP Heart. See that little opening to the left of the back wall? Hit the open air to discover a hidden block, four of them actually and they’re all in a row. Use the blocks to reach the entryway on the side. Once inside, walk all the way to the right to find a chest.

Follow the path to the end and jump to reveal a hidden block holding Shiny Iron Boots.

Return to the higher level and head through the door on the right. Inside is a series of cracked boxes you can break to get through. Don’t go hammer crazy! Just destroy enough to make a path to the right side of the room. You’re going to want to keep as many intact so you can jump on top of them. In the middle of the room is a small block that can get you up there. Collect the 100-Coins, hit the block for a Fire Flower, and patch up two holes on the wall.

Make your way to the end of the room near the door, then use that higher area to jump to the second block. Inside is a POW Block. Once you’ve collected everything, destroy the rest of the boxes to reveal a few more collectibles. There’s a hole blocked by a crate closer to the entrance. In the same area a tunnel in the left wall can take you to a treasure chest.

Head into the next room to find another dragon statue pumping out water. On the right side, fill in the hole in the wall, then follow the path to some stairs. Climb up and whack the Blue Toad out of the window at the top. Go over to the left side and follow the path all the way up the stairs and onto the top of the statue. Hit it with your hammer to close the jaws and force water through the eyes, opening the door below in the process.

Another panel puzzle! Let’s find the missing piece first. There’s a cracked portion of the back wall on the left side. Enter the cave and hit the block to get a Confetti Bag. A second block has a 100-Coin. There’s a hole, along with an exit back to the puzzle panel room, farther down the path. Still in the cave, drop down and avoid the Cheep Cheeps hopping out of the water. Break down another cracked wall on the right, then enter the next cave to find the missing panel piece.

Once you pick up the panel piece, a group of sneaky Sidesteppers will ambush you. This particular battle is different because one of the Sidesteppers is holding onto a magic circle. Well, it doesn’t change the battle but now you have a reason to fight! The Sidesteppers are lined up in a way that it’s best to put them side by side for perfect hammer attack. Twist the second ring to line them up, then use your other moves to slide over enemies to bring them all into one big bunch. For the second wave, slide the line of red Sidesteppers two spaces onto the other side, then rotate the second ring to match the blue Sidesteppers up. Finally, slide the red Sidesteppers again to form a single line.

Grab the panel after the battle, then head upstairs where you can fill in a mushroom shaped hole. A coffee shop door? Head inside and sit down for a cup of joe. A quick chat and you’re now fully healed. Beautiful.

Return to the second puzzle panel and start up the puzzle with the stand. From the default position, make the following moves:

  • Right, Right, Up, Left
  • Left, Up, Right, Right
  • Down, Left, Left, Up
  • Right, Right, Down, Left
  • Left, Down, Right, Up
  • Up, Left, Down, Down
  • Right, Up, Up, Left
  • Down, Down, Right, Up
  • Left, Down, Right, Up
  • Left, Down, Right, Right
  • Up, Left, Down, Right
  • Up, Left, Down, Right

Now place the panel in! That was a pain to write up and test but there you go, a working solution. For your excellence, the game will reward you with two Mushrooms, two Fire Flowers, and a ton of coins. Use the warp pipe on the left to return to the main room.

The dragon head in the main room is now fully open. Save, then head inside. Step up to the center of the water filled room and the arena will surround itself with water tornadoes. And bam! There’s the Water Vellumental!

Boss time. This boss is a bit different from the last as the Water Vellumental can summon mini water spouts that will wipe away and deactivate panels from the row it occupies once you initiate your turn. Your first attack should be a jump attack to bring it down and force it to stop flying. Once on the ground, use a hammer attack to deal a lot more damage.

Notice the Earth Vellumental circle? If the dragon is on the ground, use this to attack to not only deal a lot of damage, but to also protect yourself from the next attack.

Each turn the Water Vellumental will continue to soak in water for a big attack. Olivia will warn you the turn before the attack, so try and get the health bar of the boss past halfway before then! It’s really a massive attack and will likely take out half your health. Use the Earth Vellumental magic circle to avoid this attack!

The massive wave attack has a plus side since it’s a great opportunity to counterattack. If you can line it up correctly, use the 1000-Fold Arms to finish off the Water Vellumental.

Once the beast is defeated, collect the Water Bibliofold and Olivia will now have a new power. Activate the power to fill the room up with water once again, then head for the exit. Collect Bobby who patiently waited outside, then take the warp pipe back to the dried lake.

Activate your new power on the blue magic circle to fill in the lake. Before you take off on the boat ride, a couple of things opened up now that the lake is filled to the brim. Use the floating boats to the left of the magic circle to reach a new area. A bug Toad is crawling underneath the flipped over boats and those same boats can be used to reach the yellow maple leaf Toad on top of the crates. There’s also a hole, a block containing a Hurlhammer, and three Toads hiding in the tree on the left.

Once you’re ready, head to the boat tour area and attempt to sail the boat to no avail. Looks like that monkey over there finally wants to do something besides run away. Approach it and, well, it doesn’t go too well. Make sure to grab the Canned Tuna that was thrown at Olivia! Follow the monkey over to the little shrine in the Tall Grass Plains. You’ll need to pop open that Canned Tuna you got so talk to the Sombrero Guy in Friendship Plaza and he’ll ask you to find one of his friends in the tall grass. Okay!

There’s a Spike sleeping to the right of the entrance of the tall grass area. Wake him up, bring him to the Friendship Plaza, and you’ll be tasked to find another friend. Head back into the tall grass but this time go to the white pillar on the left side and find the Bone Goomba getting surrounded by an enemy. Chat with him and get ready for a battle! For the first wave, slide back a row of enemies one time, then use the other two moves to twist the rings to form a single line. Defeat the enemy with the blue magic circle and you’ll be able to use the Water Vellumental to wipe out the second wave in one hit.

With everyone at the party, the Bone Goomba will become available for all your can opening needs. Have him open the Canned Tuna, then bring it to the monkey at the mini shrine. As it’s eating its heart away, whack it with your hammer to reveal it’s just another in the long line of folded up Toads. But hey, he’s your ticket out of here since he can navigate the boat!

Head over to the boat tour stand and agree to take the boat. Next up, Eddy River!

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