The Princess Peach – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

The Princess Peach is the second Yellow Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our The Princess Peach collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

The Princess Peach Collectibles Guide
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After witnessing the events involving Olly and one large boulder over in Sweetpaper Valley, head to the small cruise ship dedicated to the princess herself. Once there, step off the boat and walk up the steps to get onto the deck.

Let’s ignore the door to the Main Hall for now. Nothing but three coins on the left, but there are three holes to fill around the pool. Watch out for the Cheep Cheep in the pool, they’ll jump to your location so try not to stand still. If you do fight them, the first wave just requires the two center rings to be twisted while the second waves calls for slides so that all the Cheep Cheeps can be attacked with the hammer.

Near the pool, walk behind the next set of stairs to enter an area showing the backside of the ship. Collect the coins and open the chest at the end.

Walk up the steps and fill in the holes on the middle deck. Now climb up to the highest deck and fill in the hole in the big smokestack. There’s also a few coins behind it. Before you leave, open up the chest on the left for a +20 MAX UP Heart. How generous! This will also prompt two Fire Bros to drop from the top of the smokestack.

Now you can enter the Main Hall. Three holes to repair, two on the floor and one on the right wall. Whack the crumpled Purple Toad on the left. He’ll scream and… well, that’s it. Check out The Princess Peach collectible treasure on display on the right. Snifits will try to ambush you, so be careful! Trying to use the elevator is no use since the power is out. Head in the room on the left and fill in the hole in the ground. Bust through the doors on the left.

Another busted up room. Whack the Purple Toad flower vase by the bar and fill in the hole in the center. Repairing the hole will prompt a Snifit ambush! Slide the middle Snifit out one, then twist the outer ring to match them all in two lines. For the second wave, focus on all slides. One slide can instantly make a line of four while two other slides can form a square for a hammer attack.

Whack the right side of the shelf under the boat painting to create a slope up to the heart. Break the cracked glass and head through. Now outside, make use of the Save Block and walk through the white gate. Nothing here to do, but we do get to hear from Bobby again. Walk back through the gate and enter the door to the south.

Check the map! Looks like the power source will be somewhere down below. Hit the block to get the Flashy Hammer. Don’t even try to sneak up on the Snifit, it’ll detect you the moment you get close. Twist the center ring, then slide leaving a line of four and a group of four. Fill in the hole on the back wall after the fight.

Start walking up the steps when GASP! You stepped on a Toad! The poor thing is still unconscious but hey, it counts as rescued. From the hallway upstairs, enter the room on the left. Another battle stars up as a folded Spike grabs Bobby. Twist the third ring to add a spike to the row of Shy Guys, then slide the Spike and Shy Guy to form a group for a hammer attack.

See the images of Princess Peach on the wall? Each one is from a different Paper Mario game, including this one! Open the chest to reveal a collectible treasure. Afterwards, break the glass of the case in the back to pick up the Lever. Back in the hallway, the other door is locked so head back downstairs and go down into the room before the Engine Room.

Another Snifit ambush down here. A decent number of things to do after the fight. Fill in the two holes on the ground, then smash the crates to reach the hole on the left wall. Go farther down the blocks and smash the last wooden crate to reveal a fourth hole. Smash the wooden crate on the right to reveal another Toad.

Walk through the door and pass through the hallway to the next door. The Engine Room! Save, walk down the steps, and take the heart if you need it. There’s also a hole near the bottom of the stairs. Hmmmmmm, feels an awful lot like a fight is about to go down! Approach the hole in the engine on the left and surprise! An ambush by folded Scuttlebugs. Slide the bugs so that there are two groups for hammer attacks and one line for a jump attack. For the second wave, twist the two outer rings to form a line with the other two Scuttlebugs, then slide to form a group.

Patch in the hole on the engine, then place the Lever you found earlier in the opening. Whack the now placed lever with your hammer three times to fully activate the power. Climb up the stairs, but take note of the broken rope near the Save Block. Walk through that space and fall down below where you’ll find two holes to patch along with a Toad to save.

Walk through the hallway and into the previous room to find… black goop everywhere. Go back outside but this time go right. The clutter blocking the path earlier is now lowered and you can enter the Main Hall again. Run to the elevator and ride it up to the VIP Stateroom. Very Icky Paint apparently. Hit the block on the right for Shiny Boots.

Before going into the door with the golden frame, walk to the left to find a Toad stuck in the goop. Pull him out, then fight the Scuttlebug to open up the shortcut to the other hallway. The other door in the room is blocked so head into the VIP room.


Quite a fancy room. Walk over to the yellow lockbox and watch as tentacles break through the glass and snatch the box up. Run outside and to the left side of the ship. Make sure to save before walking through the white fence! Enter and watch as the Gooper Blooper rises from the sea.

Watch the rings and avoid the smackdown from the tentacles. Jump over the hurtful wave and smack the tip of the tentacle to destroy it. Take out two tentacles and the next smackdown will come in a pair of two.

Smash four tentacles and Gooper Blooper will spit out goop. Now all four tentacles will smash down in succession. Fight off all four and Gooper Blooper will hop on deck. Avoid his goop attacks and the usual tentacle smackdowns. Wait for the spin attack, the weave between the incoming waves and smack his weak spot while he is dizzy. Now repeat the process several more times until the sea monster is no more.

The Gooper Blooper will explode, releasing the remaining Toads on the boat along with the lockbox. After Bobby opens it up and gets the important item, the captain of the Princess Peach will come and thank you.

Before you head off the boat, take note that you can visit the lounge and buy a Shippy Sippy drink for 50 coins that’ll restore your health. On your way out, the captain will inform you that the passengers still need to be rescued somewhere in the fog. Let’s put a pin in that!

Hop on your boat and return to the Great Sea. When you go back to Toad Town, take note that new accessories have arrived at the Accessories shop. These include the Silver Time Plus and the Ally Tambourine. Use the warp pipes in the museum to reach Shogun Studios, then take the boat ride back to Sweetpaper Valley.

Approach the giant boulder and watch the cutscene unfold. Backstory, nice. BOBBY! After everything is said and done, follow a troubled Olivia who darts into Breezy Tunnel.

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