Toad Town – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Toad Town is the second Red Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Toad Town collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Toad Town Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

After leaving the Whispering Woods, specifically the BBQ area, fill in the first hole you see, then run up to the group of Goombas. Wave battle! Here you’ll be taught the sliding mechanic that allows you to move enemies up and down the line, not just the ring.


Defeat both waves, then continue down that path. Make sure to fill in the hole! Take a gander at Toad Town from a distance, then fill in the hole underneath the block nearby. Two more holes just before the bridge that takes you into Toad Town. There’s also a block containing a Confetti Bag to the right of the bridge entrance.


Head inside Toad Town to be greeted by… a big ‘ol crafty Goomba chomping on a house. See that weak spot on its back? Hit that with your hammer and the beast will start charging at you. Whenever it screeches to a halt, hit it with your hammer until it’s nothing but confetti. Oh, and now you can save!

There are a lot of options at this point and we’ll follow the path in a clockwise manner. A quick guide in completing this section:

  • Speak to the Shy Guy stuck near the sewer entrance.
  • Talk to the second Shy Guy that was stuck in the Goomba’s mouth on the left side of town.
  • Enter the red building on the right side of town and rescue the Spike stuck in the box.
  • Use the 1000-Fold Arms to reveal a secret door.
  • Push the green steps to the right and destroy the crate to get the Manhole Hook.
  • Assuming you defeated the other five giant Goombas, go back to the sewer and open it to gain access to the Graffiti Underground

And now for the collectibles you can get right from the start of Toad Town:

  • Walk underneath the path by entering a tunnel to the left of the red Toad House to get to a chest.
  • Hole in the door of the house the Goomba chewed through.
  • Enter the house with the blue origami at the top to reach a chest in the backyard.
  • A block between the green origami house and the blue origami house.
  • Another block all the way to the left of town on the lower end.

Moving in a clockwise position from the entrance, the first Goomba is just beyond the hole blocking the top of the stairs on the left side of town. Walk around the building and repair the door to get inside. Since you can’t open the blocked door, hit the loose shelf and use it as a step to reach the whackable window above. Now outside, whack the weak spot of the Goomba and defeat it like you did the other one. The Red Shy Guy is eternally grateful!

Exit the building and get back to the main path. Take note of the stairs leading right and step down there to get ambushed. Take down this Goomba too. After you patch up the hole on the shed, check the closet inside the house to find the Paper Goombas you saw earlier.

Head towards Peach’s Castle, or at least what used to be the castle, to find the bridge collapsed. Yank the Red Shy Guy off the door of the watermill house and try to pop open the sewer. Unfortunately you’ll need to find a hook to get it open. Return to the previous Shy Guy and he’ll tell you about the red building.

Keep moving down the path and enter the first house you see. To get to the block, hit the shelf with your hammer to pop it open where you can use it as a step. Take note, the green warp pipes will let you quickly travel across town.

There are two holes to fill in front of the two story building, one near the entrance and one on the left that you can reach by walking under the balcony. Sadly it’s just a Snifit on the other side. Head inside the building and repair the hole on the first floor. If you need more confetti, there’s some in the right most cabinet. There’s also a folded Goomba in the other cabinet so only open if you want to fight! Can’t reach the chest at the top just yet so leave for now.


Head outside and hit the closed umbrella to reveal a magic circle. Use it to pull down a piece of the building’s wall. Use the small blocks to the right of the coffee shop to get on top, then hop to the umbrella and ultimately the balcony where you can now reach the Goomba at the top. Fight it off like you did the others. The Yellow Snifit you rescue will give you a collectible. How nice!

Talk to the Blue Snifit at the coffee shop just outside. He’ll offer you Rabbit Espresso to briefly increase your run speed and Turtle Tea to decrease it. The first drink is free. Afterwards, take out the next Goomba near the Save Block. Nothing but a note to read near the tram station, plus a hole to cover near the dried up fountain. Nothing to see at the pier in between the tram station and the red building either. See that Goomba near the red building? It’s the last one! Defeat it and enjoy the new music.


Fill up the hole on the red building and enter the new door. See that square dent in front of the shelf with the 100-Coins? Whack that spot to reveal a hidden block featuring a single coin. There’s a Spike you can pull out of the box on the right. Per his advice, hit one of the boxes off the shelf by slamming your hammer on it to reveal a magic circle. Pull back the fake wall to reveal a door!


In the next room, defeat (or avoid) the two Goombas. Destroy the crates, then hit the green lift from the left to push it all the way to the right. Use it to reach the block on the right along with the Manhole Hook and Mushroom on the left. Jump out the window for a quick way out.


Back outside, ignore the second pier and the warp pipe on the wooden deck. Walk down the stairs on the left and make and wrap around the end of the steps to find a block with a 100-Coin. The two shops and the museum are all closed so there’s not much to do there. The orange pipe is blocked too. Make sure to fill in the hole in front of the museum though!

With that everything is done, at least for now! Head back to the sewer entrance and use the Manhole Hook to open it up and gain access to the Graffiti Underground.

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