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Chestnut Valley is the second Blue Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Chestnut Valley collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Chestnut Valley Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

Jumping off the bridge in Autumn Mountain will send you straight down into Chestnut Valley. The starting area has three holes, a block with a 100-Coin, and a treasure chest on the southern ledge for you to collect.

The path above has rolling chestnuts passing through so be ready to move from side to side to avoid them. If there’s no way past dive into one of the holes in the wall! As you turn the corner while dodging the incoming chestnuts, jump over to the yellow ledge on the right and jump to reveal a hidden block containing a Shiny Mushroom.

On the path with room for only one nut, you’ll have to get lucky and hope the second nut doesn’t come crashing through too quickly. Don’t forget to break the cracked wall to give yourself another hiding spot!

At the top is a Goomba that you can easily take out with a simple jump. Whack the tree to drop another chestnut. Crack it open to reveal the Chestnut Trio, three Toads who better believe they just got rescued. There are two holes just past the tree along with a third hole before the falling chestnut section.

Run past the chestnuts just after the last one drops down. This should give you the most time to quickly run across. Scraps will begin to fall before a shadow appears so you have extra time to see when a nut is about to drop. Between the two falling chestnut sections is a chest and Booby on a ledge below. Drop down, yank Bobby out of the ground, and grab the collectible treasure from the chest.

Return to the falling nut section and go all the way through. At the Save Block, go south and knock the Goomba and his pals out of the tree. In the battle, twist the ring with the missing spot down so that the lone Goomba can slide into said spot. For your last move, twist the ring you moved back to its original place. Once defeated, hit the tree to reveal three Toads. There’s also a chest at the end of this path.

Go up the north path past the Save Block, filling in the hole in the corner as you go. As you go down the path, chestnuts from both sides will rush your way. After Bobby gets knocked out, a battle begins! Fight them off and fill in the hole in the wall before the next area.

The chestnut maze is pretty straightforward if you take it slowly. There’s a dark circle on the ground near the start that’ll give you some HP. There’s a ledge on the right side that leads to a block with a Fire Flower inside. A dark hole on the right can be hit continuously to get 10-Coins. To get past the moving chestnut, move it to either the first or third lane, then run all the way around to the opposite lane to make it past in time. You can whack the Goombas behind it for another fight. There’s a dark circle near the back wall that you can whack to rescue a rolled up Toad.

More rolling chestnuts! Make sure to use the cracked wall and the protective space it provides. Bobby is above and you can’t reach him, but you can drop down on the ledge with the warp pipe. Use it to reach Bobby and a block containing a 100-Coin. Defeat the Goomba with a simple hammer attack and smack the tree several times to release Bobby. Aaaaaaand he starts rolling down the hill.

Despite going down the hill, Bobby ends up at the top of the path snoozing on a stump. Attack the surrounding Galoombas and start up a battle. Slide the two Goombas back two times, then twist the rings of the remaining Galoombas to line them up in a row. With the enemies gone, give Bobby a gentle tap of the hammer to wake him up. Before leaving, grab the butterfly Toad!

Now back at Autumn Mountain, use the tape to open up that gate you couldn’t get through earlier. Don’t leave until you patch up the three holes and grab the block with a Coin Bag inside. Just go south of the gate to find them.

Head over to the shrine and step on one of the two switches to open up the door to the Water Vellumental Shrine.

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