Spring of Rainbows – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Spring of Rainbows is the third Green Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Spring of Rainbows collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Spring of Rainbows Collectibles Guide
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Once you’ve received the Spring of Rainbows – VIP item for visiting all four spas in Shangri-Spa, including the Spring of Jungle Mist, head to the main plaza and enter the area in the bottom left corner. There’s a small opening in the bushes that’ll lead to a secret area where you can present your VIP card.

Now inside the underground cave, fill in the hole in front of the first steam geyser. Right after the first hole is a second hole, this time between two steam geysers. Folded Monty Mole up ahead!

Ride the platform up and hop onto the ledge on the left. Watch out for the geyser pushing you off the ledge, then whack the stalagmite rock on the left. This will cause it to fall onto the geyser below, forcing the platform you used earlier to go higher. Hmmmm. Destroy the weakened wall and take the path behind the wall up to another ledge where you can break down two more stalagmites. Now that the platform can reach the treasure chest, go up there and open it to find a +10 MAX UP Heart!

Continue to the right and you’ll find an exit that leads outside. The pipe is blocked so you have no choice but to slide down the narrow path along the right wall that overlooks, well, the sky. This next part is quite simple. Sidle along the wall, jumping when needed, and hit B any time the wind starts to pick up. This isn’t a race! Once the wind starts, you have plenty of time to hit B and wait it out. There’s a block with a Confetti Bag just after the first steam geyser.

Reach the small alcove and collect the Healing Heart. Now it gets a bit trickier. Some parts of the cliff won’t have chains so you’ll have to make sure you are out of this area before the wind picks up. You’ll also have to avoid the Fuzzy enemies as you go. The next alcove has a block with a 100-Coin inside.

The final section is quite simple. As soon as the wind stops, immediately push forward and don’t stop until you reach the end. Save, then pull the tape off the block! Smack the wall in the back to reveal a hole. Head inside!

Inside is a dark room with a spotlight on a sign. Read it and the show will begin! Welcome to Snifit or Whiffit, er, I mean, Shy Guys Finish Last! Read up on our full guide to the game show at our Shy Guys Finish Last walkthrough here.

After Winning Shy Guys Finish Last

The exit from the Shy Guys Finish Last game show will drop you right into the colorful spring. Watch as Bowser Jr. returns to his normal self! Before you head back to deal with the folded Boss Sumo Bro, say no to Bowser Jr’s question so you can explore this area.

Near the rinsing bath is a big ol’ hole in need of filling. A new cafe hotspot inside! Order the Black coffee and… nothing happens. Sit on the stool again and decline to buy the coffee. This will prompt the Snifit to offer you the special. Accept and enjoy!

Hop into the rinsing bath and you’ll be warped back to Shangri-Spa via the Toad fountain in the center of the main plaza. Head over to Bowser’s Castle to start the boss battle against Boss Sumo Bro!

Right from the start, a group of four Sumo Bros will grab some of the panels and head for the center of the ring. The two remaining Sumo Bros will strike some of the panels with lightning, forcing you to make paths around the electrified panels. Touching one will stop your movement. For now we’ll have to focus on taking the little ones out and leave the Boss Sumo Bro alone for now.


To fight them, line up a battle panel in front of the Sumo Bro you want to take out. They have spiky heads so you’ll want to avoid jumping on them unless you have Iron Boots handy. Hammer attacks work great but you can actually do more damage with Iron Boots.

Your goal is to get the On panel back onto the arena. Once you have it, use your next turn to activate it, then use the Earth Vellumental to wipe out any enemy currently on the ground. This will also bring back all your panels!

Because of this, the remaining two Sum Bros along with menacing Boss Sumo Bro will jump down from their ivory clouds and meet you at your level. The Boss Sumo Bro will start charging up a powerful attack. Your mission is to get back the Fire Vellumental from one of the smaller enemies.

Let Boss Sumo Bros attack, then use your next turn to activate the On panel as well as the Fire Vellumental magic circle. This will wipe them all out, including the Boss Sumo Bro, in one swift hit!

With Boss Sumo Bros gone and stairs clear of any lightning attacks, you’re now free to move forward. Before you head inside, take a left and go around the corner to see a darkened square on the ground. Jump above it to reveal a hidden block along with a collectible treasure.

Now off to Bowser’s Castle!

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