Diamond Island – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Diamond Island is the eighth Purple Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Includes the Power, Wisdom and Courage trials.

Where is Diamond Island? Well, it’s not quite as visible as the other islands. Now that you’ve picked up all the markings for your Sea Chart, head for the area on the map where all four islands (Heart Island, Spade Island, Club Island, and Crescent Moon Island) intersect. This will bring you to a spot in the upper right area of quadrant 3D.

Once your boat is positioned in the middle of all four islands, dive into the water to discover a gigantic diamond structure beneath the waves. What’s that in the front? Ah yes, it’s a keyhole. Since you already picked up the Diamond Key over at Mushroom Island, plop that sucker in, turn the key, and swim inside.

Three trials wait inside, one for Power (red), one for Wisdom (blue), and one for Courage (green). Completing each trial will earn you an orb. How Zelda of them. To reach each one you’ll have to use the new magic circle that lets you pick any of your four Vellumental powers to use. Yes, I said four. More on that in a moment.

You’re able to access the Trial of Power now but not the other two. For that reason, we suggest you skip it. On the left is an icy path blocked by two big snowballs. Break them both and head down the chilly path to enter Ice Vellumental Mountain.

After Getting the New Vellumental

Now that you have the fourth Vellumental power, access to all three trails is available. To enter each one:

Trial of Power

After using the Earth Vellumental to bring the red building down, head inside and speak to the Toad statue in the back. Three challenges up ahead! Step onto the yellow panel and agree to start the Trial of Power.

Challenge 1

A timed challenge. Destroy all the brick blocks within 30 seconds. The first round has ten normal sized blocks. Second round has two normal sized blocks and two larger blocks that require three hits. The last round has a giant block you’ll have to hit six times to break.

Challenge 2

Destroy all the brick blocks using the same hammer technique you use in battle. That means getting an excellent hammer hit will destroy blocks with a decent amount of range. In the first round, try to hit the center block to destroy the ones it surrounds. In round two, a small block appears in the middle while two large larger blocks appear on either side. These require a bit more power to break. The final round has a giant that can be taken down in two excellent hits.

Challenge 3

Your goal is to smash the giant nail into the ground. Stand on top of it and pick either your hammer or boots as your main method to smashing down the nail. Make excellent hits until the nail is fully in the ground.

With all three challenges complete, watch the mini celebration and enter the next portal to enter a room with the Power Orb. Pick it up, then head through the portal again to return to the entrance. Exit the temple and the door will close behind you.

Now off to the Trail of Wisdom!

Trial of Wisdom

After using the Ice Vellumental to freeze the water around the blue building down, head inside and speak to the Toad statue in the back. If you accidently used water to drain the area, simply use water again to fill it back up. Three challenges up ahead! Step onto the yellow panel and agree to start the Trial of Wisdom.

Each round is a series of questions where you answer true or false. Hop onto the blue checkmark platform to answer true and hop onto the red X platform to answer false. Getting a question wrong will send you back to the beginning of the trial.

Questions will be different each time you play. Here’s a list of all the questions and their answers:

The name of the origami companion traveling with Mario is Kersti.
Answer: False

The letter written on Mario’s hat is L.
Answer: False

The number of Shell Stones that Mario inserted into the Earth Vellumental Temple was four.
Answer: True

The final stop on the downriver tour is Autumn Mountain.
Answer: False

One ton of iron is heavier than one ton of cotton.
Answer: False

Every hill in Overlook Mountain has an equal number of uphill and downhill slopes.
Answer: True

The number of streamers that you have cleared so far is three.
Answer: True

The name of Captain T. Ode’s submarine is the Princess Peach.
Answer: False

The pictures drawn on the first floor of Overlook Tower were of mushrooms and an apple.
Answer: False

If you pass the sixth-, fifth-, and fourth-place runners in a marathon, you’ll finish in third place.
Answer: False

Shogun Studios has a photo studio, a tower, and a theater. Of all these locations, the theater is the largest.
Answer: False

Twelve passengers are riding a bus. If five of them get off at their stops, seven people will remain on the bus.
Answer: False

If we missed a question, please let us know in the comments!

The third and final question will ask you to speak to each of the three Toad statues and determine which one is lying. Answers will vary from game to game, but there’s a simple way to find out the liar.

Two Toad statues will point the finger at a different statue while one of the statues simply states they are not the liar or are telling the truth.

One of the statues blaming the other will point the finger at the statue simply stating their innocence. This forms a contradiction and means one of the two is lying. That means the remaining statue not involved is telling the truth. Check what that third statue says about the other two to determine the liar.

With all the questions answered, watch the next mini celebration and step onto the portal to reach the next room. Grab the Wisdom Orb and head on out of there.

Trial of Courage

After using the Water Vellumental to fill the hole with water followed by the Ice Vellumental to freeze the water around the green building, head inside and speak to the Toad statue in the back. Three challenges up ahead! Step onto the yellow panel and agree to start the Trial of Wisdom.

The first room has a rope and a pole with a sliding arrow. After you pull the rope, your goal is to stop the rope as soon as you see the giant metal pan line up with the arrow. You’ll know the pan is close once you see the rope get darker and you hear louder wind sound effects. You can retry as many times as you need.

The second state is a similar challenge but this time the arrow will be lower giving you extra room when first seeing the metal pan. That said, this version is faster!

The third and final challenge will put the arrow at the same level as the previous challenge but this time the rope will move a lot faster. Spoiler alert, it won’t be a metal pan but instead a gigantic Thwomp. It’s a little scarier but because it takes up most of the screen, the moment you see it is probably enough to press A and make it near the arrow.

With all the challenges complete, watch the mini celebration and step onto the portal to reach the next room. Grab the Courage Orb and return to the main area of Diamond Island.

After Collecting All the Orbs

With all three orbs in hand, return to the main area of Diamond Island and the Toad statue in the center will begin to speak to you. Head back to the Super Marino and return to the surface of The Great Sea.

Although it’s not clear just yet, your next stop is the Sea Tower!

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