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Shangri-Spa is the first Green Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Shangri-Spa collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Shangri-Spa Collectibles Guide
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You climbed the Sea Tower and made it through the clouds. Welcome to Shangri-Spa! Walk across the bridge and watch as the clouds part to reveal a new building. Walk to the right of the building entrance to find a block with a Coin Bag inside.

Head inside the building and you’ll be greeted by Toads with all white spots. That’s new. If you want to return to Toad Town and all the other areas before you head into the green streamer chapter, walk into the room on the right to find a warp pipe that leads to the Toad Town museum. Otherwise, speak to the Toad at the front desk and hand over a 1,000 coin donation to gain access to the rest of the spa.

Before you head off you’ll receive the Stamp Card, a sheet you’ll fill out as you visit each of the four spas. As you visit each spa, make sure to get a stamp proving you were there. Once you have all four stamps, return to the Toad at the front desk.

Enter the door on the left and you’ll immediately find the Spring of Purification. Step into the center of the yellow tinted water and let Mario stand still for a moment. After replenishing all your health and watching Olivia live the life, step back into the hallway and speak with the Toad to get your stamp. Before you exit through the next door, hit the question block to get a Legendary Hammer.

Outside you’ll see the rest of the immaculate spa, but you’ll also spot a poorly placed Bowser’s Castle in the distance. It won’t be long before you meet Kamek who recounts the aftermath of Bowser’s escape earlier in the game. You’ll also find out how Bowser’s Castle landed in Shangri-Spa and how it was definitely not Kamek’s fault!

Follow Kamek across the bridge and into the main square of the spa. You can’t explore for now, so keep following Kamek until you reach the entrance of Bowser’s Castle. Attempt to walk into the castle before getting halted by a folded Boss Sumo Bro and his lighting shooting cloud above.

In that same moment, Bowser Jr will appear. And disappear! Well, not disappear. The boss of this chapter, Scissors, will spring out of the castle and cut the poor thing into pieces. After Kamek picks up the scraps, run back to the Spring of Purification only to find a trio of folded Chargin’ Chucks. Fight time!

Step into the spa and let everyone simmer. He’s back! The spa restoration experiment is successful, but the Clown Car you need to get up to the Boss Sumo Bro is busted. Time to hit up the three other spas to get it fixed!

Walk back outside. You can now explore! Before you even cross the bridge, walk behind the white fence to the right of the map to enter a new area. A folded Hammer Bro and Spiny Bro guard a chest and two blocks, both of which contain a Coin Bag. Walk down the steps and fill in the door to find a Sensor Lab satellite office. As always, rescue the Toad inside.

Cross the bridge. Going based on the order of collectible treasures in the area, you’ll want to explore the area in a clockwise position but without going through any exits or bridges! We’ll start with the bottom left area of the main plaza.

Quickly take out the three folded Goombas on the lawn chairs, then hit the small circle on the ground to get a Coin Bag. Walk all the way south to find a path that takes you to a hole on the wall and a treasure chest.

There’s a secret area on the left that you can access by walking through the opening in the bushes. There you’ll find a secret entrance, but you can’t enter until you have a VIP Pass. For now, hit the block containing a Coin Bag and return to the main area.

Enter the area in the top left of the Toad fountain area and a Spike will run up to you and ask for a 10,000 coin donation. Agree to the hefty price to get this treasure. Walk up the steps and ignore the exit to the jungle area for now. Fight off the Hammer Bro, then walk on top of the shop stalls and talk to the Snifit. This will open up the shop below where you can buy a treasure for 24,800 coins!

After defeating the folded Hammer Bro in the top left corner of the main plaza, walk through the underground path it was guarding to find a white platform. Ride it to a chest on a separate floating island.

Go north and stand before Bowser’s Castle and take note of the chest on the right. You can’t reach it, so whack the pillar with the cracked base to topple it over. Use it to reach the chest! There’s a hole in the ground to the left of the stairs. Two ponds of water can be found near the entrance to Bowser’s Castle. The one on the left is out of water. Drop down the ledge and walk to the tree to find a block with a Coin Bag inside.

There’s a white platform on the right side of the Bowser’s Castle entrance. Use it to ride to another floating island. Speak with the Blue Snifit and he’ll come with you as you return to the main area. Now the Accessories Shop is open on the right side! You can purchase Gold Guard Plus, Gold Heart Plus, and the Retro Soundbox.

Whack the blue umbrella to release a Green Snifit. Speak to him and purchase a +10 MAX UP Heart for 10,000 coins. Step behind the shop stalls and walk behind the bush to reveal a secret area. Step onto the white platform to ride to a hole down below. Fill it up to reveal another coffee shop.

As you try to enter the bridge on the right, a Shy Guy will stop you and ask for 10,000 coins for a treasure. Agree to it and bam, there’s your new treasure! Now at the Spring of Bliss, look behind the stamp station to find a small hole. Whack it to reveal a pair of Legendary Boots. You can also climb the ladder on the right side of the space to reach the roof where you’ll find some coins.

Touching the spa water will scald you so no touching! Walk to the back and jump over the smaller section of the back wall to enter the backside of the space. Fight off the Hammer Bro, then patch up the hole on the blue water pipe. Now that the water is safe to enter, use the blocks to jump over the red pipe and enter the spa.

After some chatter with Bowser Jr. and a little rescue operation from Kamek, start heading back to the main square. Don’t forget to get your stamp from the stamp station before you leave!

Now head towards the southern bridge, the one south of the Toad statue in the center of Shangri-Spa. Now at the Spring of Sanctuary, walk along the outer edge and follow the narrow path to the back of the spa where you’ll find a block with a Coin Bag inside. Step into the water and a wave battle will start!

With the folded Goombas defeated and this spa section over, interact with the stamp station to get your third stamp. One more to go! The only place left to go is into the jungle area in the top left corner of the main plaza. Use the white platform to reach the next island. Before crossing the bridge, use the other white platform to ride to a chest with a collectible treasure inside.

On the bridge is a Snifit stuck between the wood panels. Yank him out and the left side of the shop stalls will open. Go back if you’d like to buy a Legendary Hammer or Legendary Boots. Otherwise, head up the bridge and into the Spring of Jungle Mist.

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