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Read through our Paper Mario: The Origami King secrets and tips page to discover hidden unlockables and lesser known strategies.

This page is mostly for additional items you can unlock that don’t really fit in the other guide pages. That said, if we come across a lesser known tip or cool secret, you’ll find it here. If you have any tips or strategies of your own that you’d like to share, feel free to shout it in the comments and we may even add it to the page!

Battle Lab Items

After you rescue the barking dog Toad in Picnic Park, you’ll unlock the Battle Lab in Toad Town. This is the red Toad House to the left of the museum where you can practice action commands and replay boss battles. Every so often you’ll get an alert that a new item is available. Here’s a list so you know when to expect it!

Icon Name How to Obtain
1-Up Mushroom An automatic gift you receive the first time you enter the Battle Lab! If you die in battle, this item will automatically rejuvenate you.
Timer Extender Available to pick up after clearing the Earth Vellumental Temple. Allows you to automatically pay up a set amount of coins for extra time during a battle when the clock hits zero. Turn on and off as well as adjust the coin amount in your settings.
Puzzle Sensor It’s not clear what triggers this item to become available at the Battle Lab, but from our playthrough, we got the notification that it was available right after defeating the blue streamer boss.

Sensor Lab Items

After you destroy the red streamer, return to Picnic Park and enter the yellow Toad House, better known as the Sensor Lab. This science focused lab will unlock new items for you to use out while exploring. All items run on a battery and will eventually need to be recharged at the lab, a process that will set you back 500 coins.

Icon Name How to Obtain
Toad Radar Receive this item the first time you visit the Sensor Lab.
Lamination Suit Enter the Scorching Sandpaper Desert and you’ll get a notification alerting you of the new item.
Hidden Block Unhider Defeat the yellow streamer boss and have the Super Marino moved from the museum to the dock. Once that’s complete, you’ll get your notification.

Coffee Cafe Locations

Do these do anything besides provide you a nice place to relax and rewind? I don’t know, but we do want to compile a list of all the hot coffee spots!

  • Water Vellumental Shrine – In the back caves beyond the second puzzle room.
  • Scorched Sandpaper Desert – Go through the ruins in the southeast corner and walk through the outer wall and later up the hill.
  • Shroom City – Return after destroying the yellow streamer and crates previously blocking the backside of the Accessories Shop have now been removed. Patch up the hole to reveal the door.
  • Bonehead Island – Walk up the steps on the right and go towards the block to find the door.
  • Question Island – After activating the Toad statue, drop down the southern ledge to find the door hidden behind a hole.

Super Marino Upgrades

Your submarine vessel is great but did you know it could be better? After clearing the fog in The Great Sea, an alert that a new engine is available at the Toad Town dock will appear. Head there and you’ll be able to purchase the new engine for 5,000 coins. The upgrade will double your boost speed!

Max Confetti Upgrades

This one is pretty straightforward but you’re able to expand the amount of confetti you own. You’ll unlock an additional size every time you defeat a streamer boss:

  • Defeat the red streamer boss.
  • Defeat the blue streamer boss.
  • Defeat the yellow streamer boss.
  • Defeat the purple streamer boss.
  • Defeat the green streamer boss.

Secret Ending

Collect all 15 trophies and complete the game to receive a different ending.


Because Paper Mario: The Origami King just released, this page is currently a work in progress. Continue checking back often as we gather additional tips and unlockables!

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