Spring of Jungle Mist – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Spring of Jungle Mist is the second Green Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Spring of Jungle Mist collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Spring of Jungle Mist Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

You’re in the jungle, baby! You did, after all, use the white platform in the top left corner of the Shangri-Spa plaza to reach the entrance.

Walk forward to find the bridge ahead collapsed and impassable. Destroy the plant on the left to scooch past the fallen Toad statue and over to the 100-Coin. Walk into the hole in the wall, the one with all the green vines.


Make your way through the path in the next area, whacking any plants that get in your way. At the intersection, Olivia and Kamek will want to go separate ways and you’ll have to pick one of the two. One of them is wrong and the other is right.

Correct: Kamek (left)
Wrong: Olivia (right)

Taking Olivia’s path will lead to a dead end plus a group of Ninji will attack and force you into a Wave Battle. Yikes. Take the left path and you’ll eventually hit another intersection. And another decision!

Wrong: Olivia (left)
Correct: Kamek (right)

Olivia is wrong, again. That said, there’s a hole that needs to be patched on her route. Go any farther past the hole and a palm tree will come crashing down, blocking the path. Time to go back to the path on the right! On your way back you’ll be ambushed by three folded Stingby enemies.

Pass the Stingby in the air and be careful, there’s a Paper Macho Piranha Plant hiding in the plant on the right. If you get caught by it, use your hammer to break free. As you turn the corner, take note of the oddly colored vines on the wall. Hit that spot with your hammer to discover an opening to another area.

It’s another leaf matching game, just like in Whispering Woods. The prizes include a Confetti Bag, a Coin Bag, a Healing Heart, a Shiny Ice Flower, and a magic circle. Matching everything up will get you ten 100-Coins. Use the magic circle to yank out a treasure chest out of the tree. Collectible treasure inside!

Return to the previous room and walk ahead to find two holes. Fill both up, then grab the block and treasure from the chest. Legendary Iron Boots are inside the block! Proceed north.

Get past the folded Piranha Plants. If you end up fighting them, don’t let the fact that some of them hide while moving the rings fool you! The next area is nice and open. There are two holes to fill, both on the right.

A folded Piranha Plant and two Ptooies hang out in the back. The Piranha Plant has a magic circle! Attack it to start a wave battle with all three of them. Slide the Ptooie on the outer left edge one panel so that it joins the others on the right. But just one panel! Twist the outer ring to complete the two other line formations, then use your last move to pull the two remaining enemies into a hammer formation. For the next wave, have the Piranha Plants line up for a jump attack while the Ptooies should get the hammer formation. For the final wave, twist the center ring once and then slide the Ptooies together.

Once defeated, the magic circle will appear over the tree stump. Grab the block to get a Coin Bag, then use the magic circle to rip a piece of tree bark down to form a bridge. Jump across the bridge and AAAAAA!!! Paper Macho Chain Chomp!!

Continue to the right and watch out for the Ninjis swinging from the trees above. There’s also another Paper Macho Piranha Plant in the plants. Save at the Save Block, then continue down the path. Ah yes, another intersection, this time with an additional split. Time to pick! Make sure you save, picking the wrong path will result in a Game Over.

Correct: Kamek (left)
Wrong: Bowser Jr. (middle)
Wrong: Olivia (right)

Yup, Kamek was correct all three times. The Paper Macho Chain Chomp will appear on the other routes. So, go down the left path and you’ll still get attacked by the Chain Chomp but no dead ends this time! Run and don’t stop until you run underneath a big root. With the Chain Chomp stuck, continue in the next area by hopping up the rocky steps.

You made it across the broken bridge! Walk up the stony path and prepare for you ascent up the giant tree. Before you do, walk behind the giant tree root on the right and hop up onto the ledge to fill in the three holes, one of which is quite massive. There’s another hole on the root that leads to a treasure chest.

South of the root is another hole to fill along with an eager to fight Nipper Plant. Once the hole is filled, jump above the squared out section of grass to reveal a hidden block containing Legendary Boots.

Hit the leaf near the base of the root to reveal a magic circle icon on its backside. Go over to the ladder and hit the leaf beneath it to reveal the second icon. Now use the magic circle to pull down the ladder.

Immediately after climbing up the ladder, take a right and go behind the leaves to find a small area with a block. Flashy Mushroom inside! Take the wooden path going down to find a hole on the tree.

Take the path going up and save at the Save Block. Climb the next ladder but don’t go to the right just yet! Instead, take a left and go behind the trees and climb up the giant branch to find a block with a Coin Bag inside. Continue following the wooden path to the left and this will lead to a small side area where you’ll find a treasure chest.

Now head down the path to the right! It’s Chain Chomp chasing time! Well, you’re not exactly doing the chasing. Anyway, run to the end and quickly grab onto the ladder before it goes crashing into the leaves. In the next area, pass the Piranha Plant and another chase sequence will begin! Run to the end and press A to jump onto the vine!

Isn’t that lucky. The vine swung you right to Spring of Jungle Mist. The spring is missing its drain plug. Pulling the vine on the left will get you a coin. Walk behind the bushes on the left to enter the backside of the spring. Pull the vine there and use the magic circle it drops to knock the drain plug off the top of the tree.

Return to the spa and whack the plug with your hammer a few times to get it into place. With the water filled up, step inside and relax. A perfect Bowser Jr. quickly turns into a colorless Bowser Jr so your new mission is to return to the Shangri-Spa and claim your prize for visiting all four spas. Don’t forget to get your last stamp at the stamp station before you talk to the Spike on the left to leave!

Now at the entrance of the jungle, walk back into Shangri-Spa and head back to the front desk in the main building where you originally received your Stamp Card. Speak to the Toad there and you’ll receive the Spring of Rainbows – VIP item as your prize.

Head back to the main plaza and walk over to the bottom left area. Walk past the bushes on the left and enter a secret area with steps leading underground. Present your card to the voice at the entrance and head inside and into the Spring of Rainbows.

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