Origami King Final Boss – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

King Olly is the Origami King Final Boss in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Walk through the doors and climb up the stairs. There’s another touching scene when you reach the bench. This game is good at those! After healing up, pull the tape on the right to reveal a folded block with a collectible treasure inside. Climb up the steps, save at the Save Block, and enter the doors to start the finale.


There’s Olly sitting on his throne and behind him… oh wow. So that needs to be fixed. Here we find out more about his ploy to destroy Toads with origami cranes, why he wants Toads turned to blank paper, and how he’s saving Mario as the final crane for his master plan.

Final boss time! Looks like Olly has the power to use the Vellumentals too. For this battle the magic circles will let you pick any of the four Vellumental attacks and these will be your primary focus while fighting. Although Olly’s version of the Vellumnetals are very similar to the originals, you shouldn’t focus on attacking with boots or hammers. Once quick thing to note. If you take too long to attack, Olly will slowly start to heal. Think quick!

For quick guide, here are the weaknesses to each Vellumental:

  • Earth Vellumental – weak to Ice.
  • Water Vellumental – weak to Earth.
  • Fire Vellumental – weak to Water.
  • Ice Vellumental – weak to Fire.

If Olly transforms into the Earth Vellumental, do not go for the legs or the tail like you did in the original boss fight. Just focus on freezing him and stopping his ground raising attack! Once frozen, activate the 1,000-Fold Arms attack to flip him and attack like you did with Scissors.

If Olly transforms into the Water Vellumental, he’ll immediately go into the charging attack mode. Waterspouts also appear in the arena but unlike the original battle, these will circle the center so you’ll have to press A to confirm your path when the waterspouts are not lined up with your panels. Because his next attack is the massive wave, you need to make your way to the magic circle and use the Earth Vellumental to save yourself from the attack. In the next turn, activate the 1,000-Fold Arms to force him into the next Vellumental.

If Olly transforms into the Fire Vellumental, a ton of flaming feathers will hit the arena. Make your way over to the Vellumental magic circle and douse both the feathers and Olly with the Water Vellumental attack. Once Olly is stuck to the ground, whip out your 1,000-Fold Arms to deal some damage.

If Olly transforms into the Ice Vellumental, he’ll start things off with the Ice Maze attack that rotates the rings and leaves icy panels that will immediately stop your turn if you come in contact with it. Keep in mind Olly can restore health if you take too long so try to figure it out before you near the end of your timer! Get to the Vellumnetal magic circle and scorch Olly’s folded behind with some fire. Once melted, deploy a 1,000-Fold Arms attack.


Once you deplete his health, phase two of the final boss fight will begin. This battle is… very different. Olly will transform into a giant folded being and Olivia will transform Bowser into his own origami figure so both can battle it out! You’ll be helping Bowser fight by activating magic circles whenever he gets near one.


Get behind Bowser and start smashing the ground after you activate the magic circle. If you did it correctly, Olly will send origami ninja stars onto your side of the arena and you’ll have to jump to dodge them. Run towards them to make it easier to dodge. You can also jump on top of them to destroy them. The more you help Bowser, the faster the ninja stars become.

After the eighth time you help Bowser, a Thwomp will appear over your head. As soon as the text ends and you have control once again, immediately activate the magic circle and start slamming the ground. If you do it fast enough, the Thwomp will disappear. Fail and you’ll get a game over. Yeah, we don’t want that, so act fast!

And now onto the final phase. Thanks Bowser! The victory is short lived as Olly returns in a massive form. With Bowser out of the picture and hope all but lost, Olivia will pull out a new technique, specifically the one the Origami Craftsman Toad gave her back on Mushroom Island. A new giant magic circle will appear on the arena.

Another thing that’s short lived. Olly will scramble the magic circle and you’ll have to put it back into place if you plan to use it. Once you regain control, start matching the colors together by sliding the groups of colors together. Slide the red section up to the other red sections and so on.

While you put the puzzle back together, a short five second timer appears. When this ends, Olly will attack and you’ll have to hit A the moment the action command appears on screen. Some attacks will require an additional action command. Doing so will allow you to dodge the attack. You’ll be able to get back to the puzzle after this. Once all the colors are grouped together, you should see images of Olivia with the colored groups. But we’re not done yet! Take note of the center to see the tips of each colored section and where each color belongs. Rotate the rings to put them into place. Green should be north, light blue should be east, red should be south, and blue should be west.

Now you can activate the giant magic circle! Do so and Olly will try to stop you with a consecutive series of action commands. Remember, don’t hit A until you see it appear on screen. Once you settle Olly down, use the 1,000-Fold Arms whack Olly a few times. Olivia will take charge from here and use that new technique by transforming into a giant origami hammer. Use Olivia to smash Olly down into the abyss below. You did it! You defeated Olly!

Now sit back and watch the ending. Might want to grab some tissues y’all. There’s sacrifice, a 1,000th crane, and one unselfish wish.

After watching the credits, you’ll be able to pick up a few new collectibles, specifically in Toad Town.

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Origami King
January 22, 2021 6:52 PM

You forgot a collectible:
On the right beside the bench that Olivia uses to thank Mario and everyone else, there is a flattened ? Block that contains a collectible treasure: #118, Origami Castle.

Origami King
January 22, 2021 8:01 PM

i also have a question: Is there a pipe before the final boss?

Origami King
February 22, 2021 7:51 AM

ok, here’s the thing tho, after defeating the boss, an origami pipe will spawn directly beside the door that activates the final boss, upon reaching it, Olivia will say that she doesn’t know where said pipe came from. If you enter the origami-like pipe. it will teleport you to the entrance of the castle, but after the forming of the origami castle, and before the final boss, it is obviously nowhere to be found. this concludes that there is no pipe before the final boss, it can only be activated after defeating the final boss to get things you didn’t… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Origami King

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