Scorching Sandpaper Far East Collectibles – Paper Mario: The Origami King Guide

Our Scorching Sandpaper Far East collectibles guide details every Toad, Hole, Collectible Treasure, and Block in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

If you need a step by step guide to completing the main objective in this area, check out our Scorching Sandpaper Far East Walkthrough.

Use the links below to jump to each type of collectible. Please keep in mind, some collectibles can’t be obtained the first time you arrive in a level. And be on the lookout for minor spoilers!


Scorching Sandpaper Far East Toad Locations

Toads 1-2: Head for the pit with two Toad scorpions and four folded Pokey enemies inside. Once you enter the pit, the six will dive underground and move around. Follow the location of the two Toads and wait for them to stop before digging them up. If you’re not sure, step away from the pit and the six will resurface.

Toad 3: Walk a little to the right to find a cactus, a rock, and two bushes. There’s a Toad stuck in the sand in between all four.

Scorching Sandpaper Far East Not-Bottomless Hole Locations

Hole 1: Look to the right of the tower, the hole is on the outer wall.

Hole 2: South of the first hole and the tower is the second and final hole.

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