Heart Island – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Heart Island is the third Purple Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.


Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Heart Island collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Heart Island Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Blocks

Where is Heart Island? You can find it in the bottom right corner of quadrant D4.

Step off the boat and look for a hole to the left of the dock exit. Go up the steps on the right and get up on the main level with the grass. Your goal is to find a way up and you’ll do so by finding buttons around the island.

Before you do that, fill in the two holes near the heart shaped rock pillar, then hop over to the area with the question block containing a 100-Coin and fill in two more holes.

There are seven buttons on the main level of the island. Each one is behind different green shrubs that you can knock over with your hammer. A few shrubs have nothing behind them and one has a Nipper ready for battle, so be careful! Whack them all over to make this guide easier to follow.

Starting from the bottom right button and moving clockwise, we’ll number them off:

1 – In front of palm tree.
2 – Behind green bush.
3 – To the right of heart rock.
4 – In front of heart rock.
5 – To the left of heart rock.
6 – To the left of the question block.
7 – Behind heart rock and green bush.

And these on the higher areas:

8 – Near the start of the slope.
9 – In front of the palm tree by the Toad statue.
10 – To the left of the treasure chest.

Hitting button 6 will reset all the bushes so it’s pointless, don’t touch that one. Button 2 toots the horn of the boat. Ha!

Smacking buttons 3 and 5 will light up the heart above and a folded Toad will appear. Once you’re able to reach the slope on the left side, hit button 9 to form a bridge to the folded Toad. Whack him and he’ll give you a +20 MAX UP Heart!

Hit button 7 to complete the slope on the left side. Make sure to do this first before the rest to avoid any issues.

Hit button 1 for the Toad statue to drop down and pick up a stone ball. Then hit button 4 to have the Toad statue turn and roll the ball down the slope. This will bring the stone ball down where you can use it to jump up onto the slope.

Button 6 seemingly spins the Toad statue and that’s it. If you know anything beyond this, let us know in the comments! We already tried spinning it with another stone ball in its hand.

Read the inscription on the Toad statue and Olivia will add the marking of the heart onto the Sea Chart.

Hit button 10 for a Cheep Cheep to jump out of the water in the background. Nice. Hit the already pressed button for two Cheeps Cheeps to jump. Then again for three. Then hit again. And again. Hit one more time and the Cheep Cheeps will attack you. There are a ton of enemies in the battle. Try to line them up into five rows of jump attacks. You can get a ton of coins from this battle, plus they’ll drop a Coin Bag!

With everything on Heart Island complete, return to The Great Sea. If you’re following our guide order, head to Spade Island next.

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