Ninja Attraction Collectibles – Paper Mario: The Origami King Guide

Our Ninja Attraction collectibles guide details every Toad, Not-Bottomless Hole, Collectible Treasure, and Block in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

If you need a step by step guide to completing the main objective in this area, check out our Ninja Attraction Walkthrough.

Use the links below to jump to each type of collectible. Please keep in mind, some collectibles can’t be obtained the first time you arrive in a level. And be on the lookout for minor spoilers!


Ninja Attraction Toad Locations

Toad 1: Smash that rock on the right side of the entrance to the building to find a bug Toad.

Toad 2: Use the rock pillars on the left to reach the Toad taped to the roof.

Toad 3: When you reach the outdoor hallway, don’t go into the next building. Instead, jump out into the grass and go over to the lantern near the pond. Whack it a good couple of time to open up the door on your left. Inside is the maintenance room and you pull the Toad out from under the boxes.

Toad 4: Also inside the maintenance room, a second Toad can be found taped to the inside of the middle locker.

Not-Bottomless Hole Locations

Hole 1: Down below the maintenance room are several gears. A hole takes out a chunk of particular gear and even the path.

Hole 2: When you’re up in the rafters, look for the hole on the wall to the right of the ladder.

Collectible Treasure Locations

Collectible Treasure #50: After hitting the plank of wood and watching the drawers lower into a stair formation, take note of the one drawer that pops open. Hit and close it to have the next drawer pop out. Repeat this until the last one gives you a collectible treasure!

Collectible Treasure #51: This is the reward for finding all 25 ninjas in the Ninja House. If you didn’t get it the first time, feel free to go back in. The enemies do not respawn. Here’s how many are in each room:

  • First room – 1 (flippable wall)
  • Second room – 7 (lantern, sand pit, lever in closet, left side closet, chest, sliding doors, pink lever)
  • Third room – 6 (five panels, lever in back hallway)
  • Fourth room – 9 (five spiked walls including one for the door you entered through, after lever, rafter gray end piece, right side hole, chest)
  • Fifth room – 2 (slide door, final drawer hit)

Collectible Treasure #52: Now that the gears are back in order, go back on the roof outside and use the now function shuriken platform to reach the other side. Drop off the right side of the roof to get to the treasure chest. Knock the bush over to escape.

Block Locations

Block 1: Walk all the way to the left side of the building and look for the block behind the bushes.

Block 2: Enter the building and after the doors open, look for the block on the left side of the second room.

Block 3: Enter the room with the spikes and walk along the northern wall until you see a darkened square spot on the floor. Jump above to find a hidden block. Shiny Hurlhammer inside.

Blocks 4-7: Up in the rafters, cross over to the opposite side and look for the treasure chest on the right. Hit and discover four hidden blocks over the gap leading to the chest. Aww, no collectible treasure though.

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