Collectible Treasure Locations & Trophies – Paper Mario: The Origami King

Our Paper Mario: The Origami King treasure guide features locations for all 120 collectible treasures along with every trophy.


This Paper Mario: The Origami King treasure page is first splint into our trophy list and how to unlock each one. Then we have a list of every collectible treasure and a link to to pages with details and images on how to get each one. Look, there are just too many to go in depth with for one page!

Our Paper Mario: The Origami King trophy guide details how to get all fifteen trophies. Because these are harder to get and there aren’t as many, we’ll include images and a descriptions here on this page.

Name How to Obtain
Battle King Trophy Win 200 battles. You likely won’t complete this once you reach the end of the game so I suggest heading to Picnic Road to grind out some low level enemies. Attempt this trophy last as you might run into enemies on your way to complete other trophies.
Coin Collector Trophy Collect 300,000 coins. Replay Scuffle Island and you’ll earn 11,160 per complete game. Also make sure yo have the Coin Step Counter equipped!
 ? Block Head Trophy Hit every ? Block. Follow our Question Blocks guide for locations of all 368 blocks.
Fish Finder Trophy Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper. While you fish, you may randomly have an absolutely massive fish spawn. We suggest heading to Crescent Moon Island (or Full Moon Island as it is called later) and fishing there. To keep fish consistently respawning, cast your line and quickly reel it back to scare fish off. You can also exit and come back but that may take longer.
Ring Champion Defeat every enemy on Scuffle Island. Use our Scuffle Island guide for tips on making it past each round.
The True Ringer Trophy
Clear every level in The Ringer at the Battle Lab.
Speed Ring King Trophy Clear 16 levels in Speed Rings at the Battle Lab.
Coin Captain Trophy Collect every coin in one run of the boat ride tour in Eddy River.
Shuriken Master Trophy Get 100 points in expert mode at the Shuriken Dojo in Shogun Studios.
Quiz Master Trophy Get a perfect score on Shy Guy’s Finish Last. Use our guide for all Shy Guy’s Finish Last answers and tips.
Art Collector Trophy Complete the art gallery. Every Toad you rescue gives you a Toad Point. These are used to purchase concept art and other cool artwork. Use our Toad Locations guide to find every Toad in the game.
Origami Toad Collector Trophy Unfold every origami Toad in the game. Use our Toad Locations guide to find every Toad in the game.
Collectible Collector Trophy Collect all 120 collectible trophies. Use our list below to help you find all of them!
Origami Aficionado Trophy Complete the origami character gallery. This requires you to battle against every enemy in the game. This includes the Black Shy Guy in Temple of Shrooms and the Shoe Goomba in Breezy Tunnel.
Sound Disc Collector Trophy Complete the sound gallery collection. Should be easy, just visit every area in the game and you should be good!


As promised, here is a list of every collectible treasure in the game. To find out how to actually obtain the treasure, click on the link and you’ll get images and video to help you along, all the good stuff.

No. Name Location
1 Peach’s Castle Whispering Woods
2 Mushroom Whispering Woods
3 Ol’ Grandsappy Whispering Woods
4 Torch Toad Town
5 Camp Speaker Toad Town
6 Coins Toad Town
7 Colored Pencils Toad Town
8 Rubber Band Toad Town
9 Hole Punch Toad Town
10 Tape Toad Town
11 Scissors Toad Town
12 Stapler Toad Town
13 Log Cabin Toad Town
14 Mario Toad Town
15 Battle Machine Toad Town
16 Manhole Cover Graffiti Underground
17 Lush Greenery Overlook Mountain
18 Paper Macho Goomba Overlook Mountain
19 Sap Sister Overlook Mountain
20 Folded Bowser Overlook Mountain
21 Paper Macho Shy Guy Overlook Mountain
22 Shellvation is Near Picnic Road
23 Vellumental Idol Picnic Road
24 Sensor Lab Picnic Road
25 Earth Vellumental Relief Earth Vellumental Temple
26 Rocks Earth Vellumental Temple
27 Pipe Earth Vellumental Temple
28 Chef Truly Wild Special Overlook Tower
29 Overlook Tower Overlook Tower
30 Fallen Leaves Autumn Mountain
31 Toad Tram Autumn Mountain
32 Confetti Bag Autumn Mountain
33 Toad Researcher Autumn Mountain
34 Sturdy Crates Chestnut Valley
35 Sign Chestnut Valley
36 Spinning Shells Chestnut Valley
37 Restaurant Fridge Water Vellumental Shrine
38 Max Up Heart Water Vellumental Shrine
39 POW Block Water Vellumental Shrine
40 Downriver Tour Boat Shogun Studios
41 Chestnuts Shogun Studios
42 Water Vellumental’s Wheel Shogun Studios
43 Relaxing Bench Shogun Studios
44 Paper Macho Koopa Troopa Shogun Studios
45 Canned Tuna Shogun Studios
46 Big Sho’ Theater Shogun Studios
47 Canned Food Partaay Trio Shogun Studios
48 Lookout Tower Bell Shogun Studios
49 Water Vellumental Shrine Shogun Studios
50 Luigi Ninja Attraction
51 Ninja Statue Ninja Attraction
52 Bob-omb Ninja Attraction
53 Paper Macho Outlaw Big Sho’ Theater
54 Block The Princess Peach
55 Super Star The Princess Peach
56 The Princess Peach The Princess Peach
57 Huge Rock Breezy Tunnel
58 Important Box Breezy Tunnel
59 Paper Macho Boo Scorching Sandpaper East
60 Boot Car Scorching Sandpaper Desert
61 Cactus Scorching Sandpaper Desert
62 Mega Paper Macho Pokey Scorching Sandpaper Far West
63 Professor Toad Scorching Sandpaper Minor
64 Temple of Shrooms Statues Scorching Sandpaper Desert
65 Snif City Royal Hotel Shroom City
66 Bag of Conefetti Shroom City
67 Desert Tower Shroom City
68 Gold Snif Shroom City
69 Desert Tower Shroom City
70 Lamp Scam Shroom City
71 Fire Flower Fire Vellumental Cave
72 Fire Vellumental Temple of Shrooms
73 Temple of Shrooms Temple of Shrooms
74 Submarine “Marino” Bonehead Island
75 Paper Macho Koopa Paratroopa Crescent Moon Island
76 ? Block Question Island
77 Sea Captain Toad Question Island
78 Hammer Hammer Island
79 Captain T. Ode Hammer Island
80 Shangri-Spa Toad Statue The Great Sea
81 Paper Macho Mummy Goomba The Great Sea
82 Healing Hearts The Great Sea
83 Spade Island Barrel The Great Sea
84 DJ Booth The Great Sea
85 Training Mannequin The Great Sea
86 Origami Workbench The Great Sea
87 Paper Macho Stone Spike The Great Sea
88 King Shroomses’s Coffin The Great Sea
89 Paper Macho Gooper Blooper The Great Sea
90 Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle Ice Vellumental Mountain
91 Ice Vellumental Bust Ice Vellumental Mountain
92 Origami Craftsman Ice Vellumental Mountain
93 Diamond Island Ice Vellumental Mountain
94 Sea Captain Toad’s Boat Sea Tower
95 Earth Vellumental Idol Shangri-Spa
96 Water Vellumental Idol Shangri-Spa
97 Fire Vellumental Idol Shangri-Spa
98 Ice Vellumental Idol Shangri-Spa
99 Water Buckets Shangri-Spa
100 Sea Tower Shangri-Spa
101 Shangri-Spa Fountain Shangri-Spa
102 Shangri-Spa Toad Shangri-Spa
103 Boss Sumo Bro Cloud Shangri-Spa
104 Bowser Jr. Spring of Jungle Mist
105 Sweet Sap Loggins Spring of Jungle Mist
106 Stamp Booth Spring of Jungle Mist
107 Kamek Spring of Jungle Mist
108 Sudden Death Cannon Spring of Rainbows
109 Paper Macho Chain Chomp Bowser’s Castle
110 Paper Macho Piranha Plant Bowser’s Castle
111 Cutout Soldiers Bowser’s Castle
112 Bowser’s Airship Bowser’s Castle
113 Luigi’s Kart Origami Castle
114 Bullet Bill Origami Castle
115 Paper Plane Squadron Origami Castle
116 Paper Macho Crater Crashers Origami Castle
117 Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle Origami Castle
118 Origami Castle Origami Castle
119 Princess Peach Toad Town
120 Origami Cranes Toad Town


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