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Ninja Attraction is the sixth Blue Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Ninja Attraction collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Ninja Attraction Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

After giving Princess her bone in Shogun Studios, enter the House of Tricky Ninjas to start the next level. First things first, smash the rock on the right to find a bug Toad. Use the rock pillars on the left to reach the Toad taped to the roof. You can also grab the block with the Coin Bag all the way on the left side behind the bushes.


Enter the room and sadly leave Bobby behind once again. Your entry into the small room will begin with an announcement detailing your mission to find the ninjas to make it to the end. Grab the block on the left for a Tail, then hit the small section of the back wall to flip it open.

In the next hallway, walk through the doors to enter a new room. There are seven ninjas here:

  • In the lantern.
  • Pull the lever inside the right side of the closet.
  • On the left side of the closet (make sure this one is visible when you leave).
  • In the sand in the middle of the room.
  • In the chest. Make sure to pull the ninja out.
  • In the side doors.
  • Pull the pink lever in the back.

Pulling the ninja out of the chest is the one that made the scroll in the background lift. At any rate, pull the scroll to discover a new exit.


The next room is a lot more open and has six ninjas. Walking over the square panels on the floor will cause them to flip. Some will have ninjas, some will have folded Ninji enemies, and some will have both. If you end up fighting the Ninjis, be aware they are not fans of the hammer. Attack with it and they will act like decoys and you’ll end up attacking nothing! If you want to try and get as many of these Ninji battles done as possible, run over the panels quickly and have them attack in a group for a wave battle.

Whack the last section of the back wall, the one with the last window on the right. This will flip you over to the other side. Even though you can’t see it, pull the lever on the right to reveal the last ninja. Once outside, don’t go into the next building. Instead, jump out into the grass and go over to the lantern near the pond. Whack it a good couple of times to open up the door on your left.

Inside is the maintenance room and you start by pulling the Toad out from under the boxes. A second Toad can be found taped to the inside of the middle locker.

Go downstairs and you’ll find… Luigi! But he’s crushed between a couple of gears which is not a shock, but still a little surprising. Fill in the giant hole, then go down the ladder and hit the cork with your hammer three times to get everything moving. Go over to Luigi’s crumpled body and straighten him out. Thanks to Luigi, you now have the Shogun Studios Master Key.

Return to the ninja house and enter the next building. This room has nine ninjas and has spikes in between some of the panels. You’ll know before you touch them if you slowly inch close to them. There’s also a hidden block above the square spot in the back of the room. The exit farther off in the room can’t be accessed now. Instead, you’ll have to make your way over to the bend in the wall in the top left corner. Whack the wall and pull the lever to bring down a couple of steps. There are five ninjas on the spikes, including one spike that appears when you try to go back through the door you entered through.

Go up into the rafters of the room and start making your way towards the exit. At this point you should be able to quickly take out the Scaredy Rats in a first strike attack without going into battle. Look out for the Mushroom on the left side as well as a gray end piece of wood that can be hit to reveal a ninja. On the right side is a bent wall that can be smashed to reveal a ninja. At the opposite end of the rafters, look for the treasure chest on the right. Hit and discover four hidden blocks over the gap leading to the chest. Aww, no collectible treasure though, just a ninja. Drop through the gap at the end to land by the exit door below.

In the next room, close the door to reveal a ninja, then hit the loose plank of wood in front of the Save Block. The drawers will lower into a stair formation. Take note of the one drawer that pops open. Hit and close it to have the next drawer pop out. Repeat this until the last one gives you a collectible treasure! Hit the drawer one more time for the last ninja to pop out.

Go upstairs and take a few steps before you get ambushed once again. With this particular formation, you’ll likely have to have two jump lines and a group for hammers. Since you can’t attack using hammers, simply put on this formation so you get the extra attack power for the jump attacks you can do. If you can, take out the Ninji with the blue magic circle to make use of it the next turn. For the next turn, twist the first two rings to bring the Ninjis together, then slide the two Ninjis on the opposite side over to the rest of the group. The last one is tricky as you’re able to form two lines for jumps but the last one is left scattered.

Once defeated, a magic circle will appear. Use it to wipe off the calm look on the Thwomp’s face?? Once you do, the walls will start closing in so dash forward and slide to the end of the challenge.


How to Find All 25 Ninja Locations

In order to get the collectible treasure at the end, you have to find all the 25 ninjas. If you didn’t get it the first time, feel free to go back in. The enemies do not respawn. Here’s how many are in each room:

  • First room – 1 (flippable wall)
  • Second room – 7 (lantern, sand pit, lever in closet, left side closet, chest, sliding doors, pink lever)
  • Third room – 6 (five panels, lever in back hallway)
  • Fourth room – 9 (five spiked walls including one for the door you entered through, after lever, rafter gray end piece, right side hole, chest)
  • Fifth room – 2 (slide door, final drawer hit)

Once outside, go back on the roof and use the now function shuriken platform to reach the other side. Drop off the right side of the roof to get to the treasure chest. Knock the bush over to escape.

Now that you have the Master Key to the park, there are a couple of things you can do. Go to the northeast building where you traded with Ninji and open the door behind him. This will lead to a treasure chest and a hole in the wall. The door that appears leads to a third Sensor Tower location. Inside, pull the Blue Toad out to gain access to a new Fax Travel location.

You can also visit the House of Riddles in the northwestern section. Use the key to open the door. The goal is to make the room on the left match the room on the right. Make sure to push in any drawers and flip the cushions to have the green side face up. The doors will be different. On the left side have the hill depicted on the door slant towards the right. For the right side, the hill should slant towards the left. Once everything is right, the doors in the middle will open to reveal a chest with a +5 MAX UP Heart.

Remember the Souvenir Shop at the start of the area? Head inside and use the Master Key to open the closet in the back. Climb up the steps and close the door behind you to reveal a Toad. This will open up the shop where you can buy new hammers and a collectible treasure for 12,800 coins.

Now it’s time for the castle! Open the door to enter Big Sho’ Theater. TOO MANY ENEMIES! You’ll automatically run back. To disguise yourself, throw on one the Goomba Mask and walk in without getting noticed.

Walk through the crowds and you’ll reach the inside of the Big Sho’ Theater.

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