MAX UP Heart Locations – Paper Mario: The Origami King

Find every MAX UP Heart upgrade and maximize your health potential in our Paper Mario: The Origami King heart locations guide.


Heart upgrades increase Mario’s overall health but they also allow him to do more damage. It’s important to keep up with these items as you’ll want to be able to start one hit defeating older enemies as you continue through the game. Unless you want the extra challenge! The MAX UP Hearts range in terms of strength so some are more valuable to get than others!

We’ll start with a quick and easy to look at list for a general idea of where to find each heart, then we’ll list them in detail, complete with images.

HP Amount Location
+20 Earth Vellumental Temple
+5 Autumn Mountain
+5 Water Vellumental Shrine
+20 Shogun Studios
+5 Shogun Studios
+20 The Princess Peach
+10 Shroom City
+5 Scorched Sandpaper Desert
+10 Temple of Shrooms
+5 The Great Sea
+20 Heart Island
+5 Ice Vellumental Mountain
+10 Shangri-Spa
+10 Spring of Rainbows

+20 Heart – Earth Vellumental Temple

Pass under the rotating fire bar stone and run forward as the stone rolls behind you. Align yourself correctly so that the stone can roll over you while you enter one of the stone’s empty pockets. After it passes, the stone will create a path over the giant gap. And you’ll get a MAX UP Heart.

+5 Heart – Autumn Mountain

In the Tall Grass Plains, follow the narrow path on the left and drop down the hidden hole. Rescue the Toad and he’ll give you the heart upgrade.

+5 Heart – Water Vellumental Shrine

After you gain access to the right side of the main room of the Water Vellumental Shrine, walk down one level and whack the Blue Toad out of the window on the back wall.

+20 Heart – Shogun Studios

Give Princess the Bone in Shogun Studios and this heart will pop out when Olivia pets the Chain Chomp.

+5 Heart – Shogun Studios

Solve the riddle of the House of Riddles. Accessible once you have the Master Key. The goal is to make the room on the left match the room on the right. Make sure to push in any drawers and flip the cushions to have the green side face up. The doors will be different. On the left side have the hill depicted on the door slant towards the right. For the right side, the hill should slant towards the left. Once everything is right, the doors in the middle will open to reveal a chest.

+20 Heart – The Princess Peach

On The Princess Peach ship, head up to the highest deck where the smokestack is at and open the chest on the left. Careful, Fire Bros will jump down as soon as you grab it.

+10 Heart – Shroom City

In the hotel of Shroom City, turn off the fountain in the hotel pool and talk to the Snifit to make him get off the pizza looking Toad. Save the Toad to get the heart!

+5 Heart – Scorched Sandpaper Desert

Found in the Scorched Sandpaper Desert. Go to the southwestern section and dig in the center of a ring of rocks. Take it to the lake in Whispering Woods to rejuvenate it!

+10 Heart – Temple of Shrooms

Inside the Temple of Shrooms, open up the coffin with the heart emblem with the help of the faceless Toads. If you missed this heart while plaything through the temple, return to this room later and all the coffins will be open!

+5 Heart – The Great Sea

In The Great Sea, sail down to the bottom left corner of the map and position yourself in the middle of the star icon on the map. That point also happens to be where the four surrounding quadrants touch corners. Dive here to find a Canned Heart. Hmmm, where have we opened cans before? Return to Autumn Mountain and got to the Friendship Plaza where the Bone Goomba can open it up for you. Enjoy your +5 MAX UP Heart!

+20 Heart – Heart Island

Whacking the small bushes will knock them over and most will reveal buttons. See the three buttons in front of the heart shaped rock pillar? Smacking left and right buttons will light up the heart above and a folded Toad will appear. Once you’re able to reach the slope on the left side, hit the button in front of the Toad statue to form a bridge to the folded Toad. Whack him and he’ll give you a +20 MAX UP Heart!

+5 Heart – Ice Vellumental Mountain

Defeat the first Sledge Bro in the level and use the magic circle drop down a new path down below. Before crossing over the icicles, go back to the entrance of the room and look for another icicle on the left. Hop onto it and jump over to the chest to find a +5 MAX UP Heart.

+10 Heart – Shangri-Spa

From the main plaza with the Toad fountain, walk over to the right side. Whack the blue umbrella to release a Green Snifit. Speak to him and purchase a +10 MAX UP Heart for 10,000 coins.

+10 Heart – Spring of Rainbows

Ride the platform up and hop onto the ledge on the left. Watch out for the geyser pushing you off the ledge, then whack the stalagmite rock on the left. This will cause it to fall onto the geyser below, forcing the platform you used earlier to go higher. Hmmmm. Destroy the weakened wall and take the path behind the wall up to another ledge where you can break down two more stalagmites. Now that the platform can reach the treasure chest, go up there and open it to find a +10 MAX UP Heart!

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