Autumn Mountain – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Autumn Mountain is the first Blue Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Autumn Mountain collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Autumn Mountain Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

With Overlook Tower completed and the red streamer out of the sky, head over to the mountain tramway station in Overlook Mountain. Agree to take the tram and join the lone Bob-omb as you three make your way towards the mountain.Olivia offers the amnesia ridden fellow a chance to join the team and hey, he eventually accepts!

Step off the tram and you’ll notice you already have quite a few things to collect in this small area. There’s the crumpled Green Toad on the platform, the flopping Blue Toad fish, four holes to repair, and a block holding a 100-Coin. The Blue Toad is actually a sea captain and you’ll be able to chat with him back in Toad Town later on.

Sneak behind the platform station to find a ring of 100-Coins. In the center is a hidden block containing a Shiny Hammer you can jump and hit. There’s also a suspicious red maple leaf near the white pillar that’s actually just a Toad. Underneath the pile of leaves is a yellow maple leaf Toad.

Go down the steps. Bobby, or Bhomas if that’s how you’re feeling, will run off and prevent you from going anywhere else but down the path he took. You’ll eventually run into a path of boulders blocking the path. Back to where we started! The upper path is blocked by what looks like boats so you’ll want to stick to the lower path. Reach an area with flopping Cheep Cheeps and it won’t be long before you realize this is supposed to be a lake.

Walk up to the little pier just above the boat the three of you chatted near and rescue the Toad stuck in the tuna can. The boat tour guide is missing, and he might even be that origami monkey off to the left. Not that it means much now since the monkey will scamper off when you get too close. Ignore the monkey for now and follow the path. Check out the sign on the right and you’ll get a glimpse of the Water Vellumental Shrine. Empty lake and water spirit? Yup!

Keep following the path and you’ll discover a blue magic circle. Not much speculation left to do here! Gotta get to that shrine. Walk down the stairs and look for an opening to the right of the stairs. This will take you underneath the steps and to a treasure chest. The next area is the Tall Grass Plains. If you’re looking to quickly get through, just go straight to the right until you hit the exit. If not, here are the collectibles to look out for:

  • Be sure to switch on your Toad Radar to help find Toads in the tall grass. The first one is to the left of the gated entrance.
  • Follow the narrow path on the left and drop down the hidden hole. Rescue the Toad and he’ll give you the heart upgrade.
  • Leave the underground cave by hitting the wall above the Spiny. There’s a hole on the path back up.
  • There’s a Toad in the tall grass just slightly to the left of the exit from the underground cave.
  • To the left of the small shrine is a small opening in the gate. Use it to reach the block holding a Fire Flower.
  • Another Toad in the tall grass, this time below the exit and near the fence around the bend.

If you need to rest up and heal, there’s a Friendship Plaza in the southeast exit of the Tall Grass Plains with a bench. If not, you should have left the tall grass through the eastern exit. Looks like Bobby is missing again. Save at the Save Block and march forward and across the bridge. Up ahead, fill in the large hole so you can read the sign. You can also whack the tree to bring down the maple leaf Toad.

Since the door to Chestnut Valley is blocked from the other side, continue up the stairs. Before you go up the second set of stairs, go the right of them and go beyond the fence to discover a secret ledge along with a treasure chest.

There’s a bench nearby if you need to heal up. Again. Patch up the mushroom shaped hole to reveal a door in the image of the Sensor Lab. Interesting. Head inside and rescue the Toad inside to gain access to the Fax Travel machine, a neat tool that lets you fast travel to the Sensor Lab in Picnic Road. If you need to recharge your Toad Radar, now is the time to do it!

Keep following the path to the shrine, patching up two holes as you go. Save at the Save Block, then meander over to the left side of the area to find three holes to repair, a block with a 100-Coin, and a Toad. Use the cave entrance behind the tree to walk up to the rock you can whack off the edge. Use the rock to rescue by peeling off some tape.

Walk over to the shrine entrance only to find two switches that need to be pressed at the same time. That means people with feet. So not you, Olivia. On your way across the bridges over the pond, make sure to whack the origami fish in the middle to reveal a Toad.

On the right side, patch up the hole on the cliff near the narrow slope, then keep following the path to reach the treasure chest at the end. Walk over to the warp pipe and hit the tree to unravel the maple leaf Toad.

Enter the warp pipe to return to the dried lake but on a higher ledge. Here you’ll find a hole to repair in the wall and a dragonfly Toad to rescue. Drop down onto the top of the boat ride stall, then hit the nearby bush to reveal a magic circle. Use it to whack the origami bug and transform it back to a good ol’ Toad.

Return to the Tall Grass Plains and head for the Friendship Plaza in the southeastern exit. Reunite with Bobby there. And say hello to his new pal, Sombrero Guy! Start heading back to the shrine when, oh no, not on the bridge. Yup, it’s a Paper Macho Goomba. After Bobby gets thrown off, defeat the oversized Goomba.

We gotta get Bobby. Jump off the bridge yourself and land in Chestnut Valley.

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