Scorching Sandpaper Far West Collectibles – Paper Mario: The Origami King Guide

Our Scorching Sandpaper Far West collectibles guide details every Toad, Not-Bottomless Hole, Collectible Treasure, and Block in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

If you need a step by step guide to completing the main objective in this area, check out our Scorching Sandpaper Far West Walkthrough.

Use the links below to jump to each type of collectible. Please keep in mind, some collectibles can’t be obtained the first time you arrive in a level. And be on the lookout for minor spoilers!


Scorching Sandpaper Far West Toad Locations

Toad 1: Go south from the tower and destroy the short cactus to reveal a buried Toad. Pull him out!

Scorching Sandpaper Far West Not-Bottomless Hole Locations

Hole 1: On the wall to the left of the tower.

Hole 2: Near the entrance, closer to the southern wall.

Scorching Sandpaper Far West Collectible Treasure Locations

Collectible Treasure #62: To the right of the tower is a cactus surrounded by a rectangle of rocks. Destroy every rock to reveal a glowing spot under the cactus. Dig there to find the treasure!

Scorching Sandpaper Far West Block Locations

Block 1: In the northeast section is a block above the wooden crates. Do not smash them! Use the crates to reach the block containing a Shiny Hurlhammer.

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