Graffiti Underground – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Graffiti Underground is the third Red Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Graffiti Underground collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Graffiti Underground Collectibles Guide
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Once you unlock the sewer grate in Toad Town and drop down, you’ll find yourself in a pitch black room. Make your way to the red light and slam it with your hammer to activate the lights. Check out the cool Mario and Peach art! Fill in the hole on the left before continuing on to the right.


Walk down the steps to find the curator of Musee Champignon. This will open up the museum back in Toad Town, but let’s keep moving forward for now. Go down the next set of stairs and hit the light switch to brighten the next dark room. Swoopers! Fight them off, then battle the next set. You can try to run away from them but be prepared to run into a not-bottomless hole in the path.


With the path filled in, continue on and down the next set of stairs. The next room is also dark, but this time hit the switch while avoiding the glowing eyes of a new enemy. This will reveal two Scaredy Rats which you can avoid, but not if you want to reach the block holding a Mushroom on the left.

Move forwards and you’ll get ambushed by a group of Swoopers and Scaredy Rats. This wave battle is designed to be finished without allowing the enemy to attack.

There’s the pipe! But you’ll have to drain the pool of water first. Climb down the ladder on your right and you’ll reach a dead end. Pound the wall on your left with your hammer over the small slit in the wall to summon a group of Scaredy Rate who initiate an event battle. You have three actions for this battle meaning you can finish off all the enemies without letting any of them attack. Don’t forget you can slide enemies in addition to rotating them! With that finished, head through the door on the right.


A magic circle appeared! Use your 1000-Fold Arms to twist the valve to the left, releasing the water above. Go upstairs and walk through the now dry area to get to the warp pipe. Don’t forget to open the chest.


Before you enter the warp pipe, walk to the right of the pipe to go up hidden stairs. This will take you up to two holes that need repairing along with a hidden block at the end of the flat path. Walk down the stairs and into the next room. Fight off the Scaredy Rats, then fill in the last hole on the back wall. Destroy the wooden crate to free the final Toad of the area.

With the Graffiti Underground completely finished in terms of collectibles, head back to the warp pipe and enter it to return to Toad Town.


Enter the old grounds where the castle used to stand. Nothing you can do about the kart on the right side and there’s the last block of Toad Town over on the right. Get your detective hat on and move forward into the rubble.


Grab the two 100-Coins on the left and approach Luigi’s hat. After some “dimensional” chat with a hidden Luigi, break the cracked wall on the left and head towards the blue wall remains from Peach’s Castle. And don’t miss the 100-Coin hanging out behind the rock on the right! Jump up the white rubble to the left of the cracked pots, then smash the one at the top to reveal a magic circle.


Use the magic circle to save Luigi from within the wall, just like you did for Olivia. After some chatting, Luigi runs off and conveniently takes his cart with him. Open up the now cleared gate and save at the Save Block. Climb up the tower, take note of the red streamer, then climb down the next tower to reach a new portion of Toad Town.


Cross the bridge and you’ll once again hear a voice from someone between dimensions. Whack the right tower a good three times to drop the folded Goomba. Fight it off then, use the magic circle it drops to rescue a Blue Toad, specifically the owner of the Toad Town shop. Rip off the tape keeping the bridge separated to let him get through. And to earn a Mushroom!


You can stop by Toad Town to check out the new shop, visit the museum, or speak to the Toad you rescued from underground. Otherwise continue down the path on the right to go to Picnic Road.

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