Peach’s Castle – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Peach’s Castle is the prologue level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

It’s another Paper Mario game! Savor this moment, we only get one every few years. Anyway, just like any proper Mario game, the story kicks off with an invitation for the Origami Festival from our dear friend Princess Peach.

With Luigi by your side, watch as the two of you drive into a town full of… misplaced paper and not a single Toad in sight? Strange. Enjoy the quiet scenery as you drive up to Peach’s Castle.


Once you take control of Mario, head towards the front doors of the castle. Head inside to enter a familiar hallway. After Luigi takes off to find a key, you’re free to walk down the hall and into the next door.

You made it to the main room. You feel those Super Mario 64 and original Paper Mario vibes! Go through a quick chat with the so-called Princess Peach and select No to all three of her questions to get sent through the trap door within the sun carpet. Doesn’t really matter what you answer since you’ll still get tossed out. No judgement, silencing Toads for all eternity isn’t the worst idea.

Now in the underground dungeon of the castle, watch as Bowser’s minions are foolishly taken away from the room. After listening to the voice “between the dimensions,” step on the magic circle to your left to activate your 1,000-Fold Arms. This special ability lets you pull and tear at the environment to reveal secrets, and in this case, your new companion Olivia.

Walk over to the right side of the room and pick up the Hammer in the corner. This bad boy will let you smash wooden crates, especially the ones that are blocking the hole in the right wall.


Once through the hole, enter the main hallway and head to the right. There’s a little more to explore but nothing to find or collect. Listen for the voice of Bowser, then peek through the opening in the wall to see a devastating scene of a folded Bowser watching his minions get origamized.  With the Folded Soldiers out of Bowser’s room, head inside and speak to your longtime foe. After making a temporary peace, walk up to Bowser and yank him of the paperclip he’s attached to. With Bowser as your temporary partner, smash the wooden crates on the right to uncover a magic circle. With your 1,000-Fold Arms, yank the wallpaper from the right to the left to reveal an exit and some stairs.

Climb up the stairs to find your first Save Block. Jump and hit to, you guessed, save your game! Head past the block and keep going up. Now you’re in a slightly more sophisticated stairwell. Run all the way up and walk through the door at the top. Now outside, head over to the big doors for your second encounter with the folded Princess Peach. This time a folded yellow Shy Guy does the talking. When he asks you a question, feel free to answer either way, you won’t game over or anything like that. Before long, the Goomba you saw earlier will appear in a disgustingly folded form and initiate your first battle.

Olivia does a great job at running you through the new battle system but if you didn’t quite catch everything, here’s a quick rundown. Battles place you at the center of four rings with enemies scattered about. Before attacking any of the enemies, you’ll have a limited amount of moves at your disposal to select a ring and twist it, along with enemies on the selected ring. Your goal is to line up as many enemies as possible as you can attack all the enemies in a single line from the center. Boots are better for enemies in a line whereas the Hammer is better suited for grouped up enemies. Since this particular battle is a wave battle, additional enemies will appear after defeating the first set.


If you weren’t spoiled by the trailers, the folded yellow Shy Guy will reveal himself to be Olly, the brother of our dearly beloved Olivia. Before you can contemplate what will happen next, giant streamers from all sides spring forth and wrap themselves around Peach’s Castle. As the castle begins to lift up into the sky, a lone Shy operating a Clown Car comes and rescues the three of you while the castle is plopped onto the top of a nearby mountain. Naturally.

One of the giant streamers knocks everyone out of the Clown Car and sends Mario flying to the next level, the Whispering Woods.

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