The Great Sea – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

The Great Sea is the first Purple Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our guide also includes our The Great Sea map.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our The Great Sea collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

The Great Sea Collectibles Guide

You can access The Great Sea after rescuing the Blue Toad in Autumn Mountain but there isn’t much for you to do. You’ll use The Great Sea to reach The Princess Peach in the yellow streamer chapter but again, not much else to do outside that.

Once you destroy the yellow streamer and have the Sea Chart in hand, go to the Toad Town pier and board the ship. Press L to see your nifty new map and Captain T. Ode will quickly point you in the direction of Bonehead Island in quadrant 5F. Once you enter the fog, use your map to check your location and navigate.

Once on Bonehead Island, find a way to remove the fog clogging up most of the sea. Use our Bonehead Island walkthrough to do just that.

The Great Sea Map

See the map above for all the treasure locations along with the locations of all 11 islands. Red marks are treasures containing Collectible Treasures given to you by rescuing Toads. Green marks are treasures you can dive for that reward you 1,000 coins. Blue marks are for treasures you can dive for that contain treasures other than Coin Bags. Check our list at the bottom of this guide for specifics on these treasures.

 Toad Statue Island Hopping

Once the fog is cleared, you’re free to explore The Great Sea at your leisure! The next four islands you can travel to in any that you’d like, but our guide will follow the order the game expects you to go in based on the collectible treasures you find. Your goal on each island is to get to the Toad statue and add markings to your Sea Chart. The islands and the quadrant they can be found in:

A few things to note about The Great Sea. Toads, along with other characters found within The Great Sea, will mark Xs on your map. Travel to those locations and dive to find collectible treasures and other items.

After you clear Bonehead Island, you can return to Toad Town where you’ll get the option to purchase an upgraded engine that doubles your boost speed. Buy it! It’s pricey at 5,000 coins but totally worth it. By the way, boosting through enemies will take them out instantly.

If you see a shiny dolphin, follow closely behind it and it’ll drop a decent amount of 100-Coins before it disappears. If you see a giant shadow of a whale, ride above it and you might get blown upwards through its water spout. Not sure if this does anything but it’s kind of neat!

Learning More at Mushroom Island

Once you’ve interacted with all four Toad statues and made all the markings on your Sea Chart, head for Mushroom Island in quadrant 4E. There you’ll get the Diamond Key and learn a bit more about your quest. Use our Mushroom Island walkthrough to guide you through.

Finding Diamond Island

Now that you’ve picked up all the markings for your Sea Chart and the Diamond Key is in hand, head for the area on the map where all four islands (Heart Island, Spade Island, Club Island, and Crescent Moon Island) intersect. This will bring you to a spot in the upper right area of quadrant 3D.

Dive into the water and you’ll find the entrance to a new area. Use the Diamond Key to open up the entrance, then head inside. Use our Diamond Island walkthrough guide to follow along!

Reaching the Sea Tower

With Diamond Island and Ice Vellumental Mountain complete, return to The Great Sea and start following any portion of the purple stream as it goes up north. There’s a tower in the top left corner of quadrant B1. Sail there! Use our Sea Tower walkthrough guide to find and destroy the purple streamer!

Optional Islands

There are three additional items that are not involved with the main story of the purple streamer chapter. These include:

Scuffle Island allows you to earn tons of coins and you can get a trophy there. Both Question Island and Hammer Island have collectibles including Toads that belong on The Princess Peach. All three islands have Toad statues on them. This is important as you need to talk to every statue in The Great Sea to get Collectible Treasure #80.

Additional Treasures and Other Items

Most collectible treasures can be found by rescuing Toads from various islands and you can read about that here, but there’s one collectible treasure that you simply have to dive down to get without any prior knowledge. Go to quadrant 7G and place yourself between the eyes of the Blooper on the map. There you’ll find an arch in the shape of Blooper. Dive there to find the treasure chest being carried by a group of Bloopers.

Head to the area between quadrants 3C and 3D. Chat with the Shy Guy there, then use the Super Marino to dive underwater. Grab the shiny shell on the left, then pick it up when it’s on the boat. Return the BBQ area of Whispering Woods where you’ll be able to cook the shell over the campfire to rescue the final Toad of that area. Also happens to be the cabin owner who has a collectible treasure inside!

Sail down to the bottom left corner of the map and position yourself in the middle of the star icon on the map. That point also happens to be where the four surrounding quadrants touch corners. Dive here to find a Canned Heart. Hmmm, where have we opened cans before? Return to Autumn Mountain and got to the Friendship Plaza where the Bone Goomba can open it up for you. Enjoy your +5 MAX UP Heart!

As soon as you enter The Great Sea from Toad Town, speak to the Shy Guy on the nearby island. He’ll mention he dropped something so dive down and look for a bag. Pull it up to get the Heavy Bag, then speak to the Shy Guy again to get 1,000 coins for returning it.

There’s a treasure chest with a Coin Bag in quadrant 1G. Look for a ring of rocks and dive in the center of them.

There’s a school of fish in the bottom left corner of quadrant 5D. Follow the fish until they start to disperse. Dive here to find a treasure chest with 1,000 coins inside.

North of Question Island is another ring of rocks. Dive in the center of these rocks to find a chest with 1,000 coins inside.

Look for a trio of rock islands in the bottom portion of quadrant 3A. Dive there to find another chest with 1,000 coins inside.

Finally, there’s a group of rock islands scattered about the top portion of quadrant 2E. Speak with Spike, then move west to find a school of fish. Follow them to a location not far from the rocks, then dive to find a chest with another 1,000 coins inside.


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Origami King
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Shuffle Island allows you to earn tons of coins and you can get a trophy there.”
Sir, Its Scuffle.

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