The Princess Peach Collectibles – Paper Mario: The Origami King Guide

Our The Princess Peach collectibles guide details every Toad, Not-Bottomless Hole, Collectible Treasure, and Block in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

If you need a step by step guide to completing the main objective in this area, check out our The Princess Peach Walkthrough.

Use the links below to jump to each type of collectible. Please keep in mind, some collectibles can’t be obtained the first time you arrive in a level. And be on the lookout for minor spoilers!


The Princess Peach Toad Locations

Toad 1: When you enter the Main Hall, look for a crumpled Purple Toad on the left.

Toad 2: In the Peachy Keen Lounge, look for a purple vase Toad by the bar.

Toad 3: As you walk up the stairs to the Wheelhouse, GASP! You stepped on a Toad! The poor thing is still unconscious but hey, it counts as rescued.

Toad 4: Destroy the wooden crate on the right side of the room before the Engine Room to save this Toad.

Toad 5: Take note of the broken railing near the Save Block in the Engine Room. Walk through that space and fall down below where you’ll find two holes to patch along with a Toad to save.

Toad 6: Use the elevator to ride up to the top floor, then pull the Toad out of the goop on the left side of the room.

Toads 7-17: Defeat Gooper Blooper to save the remaining Toads on the ship.


The Princess Peach Not-Bottomless Hole Locations

Holes 1-3: Three holes surround the pool. Careful for the Cheep Cheep!

Holes 4-5: Walk up to the middle deck and fill in the two holes.

Hole 6: Climb up to the top deck and fill in the hole in the big smokestack.

Holes 7-9: Inside the first room of the main hall. Two on the floor, one on the right wall.

Hole 10: Enter the Main Hall and look for the hole on the floor of the side room.

Hole 11: On the floor of the Peachy Keen Lounge. Filling this one in will start a Snifit ambush.

Hole 12: Enter the room marked only for crew members and don’t even try to sneak up on the Snifit, it’ll detect you the moment you get close. After the battle, fill in the hole on the back wall.

Hole 13-14: In the room before the Engine Room, look for two holes on the ground.

Hole 15: Smash the crates on the left of the room before the Engine Room to reveal a smaller crate you can use to reach the hole.

Hole 16: After the previous hole, walk farther down the top of the crates and break the last one at the end to uncover another hole.

Holes 17-18: Take note of the broken railing near the Save Block in the Engine Room. Walk through that space and fall down below where you’ll find two holes to patch along with a Toad to save.

Hole 19: Walk down the stairs of the Engine Room and look for the hole on the right.

Hole 20: There’s a gigantic hole on the engine in *shock* the Engine Room.


The Princess Peach Collectible Treasure Locations

Collectible Treasure #54: Near the pool, walk behind the next set of stairs to enter an area showing the backside of the ship. Collect the coins and open the chest at the end.

Collectible Treasure #55: In the room with the wheel, open the chest below the images of Peach.

Collectible Treasure #56: You won’t be able to get this collectible treasure until you reach the purple streamer chapter. After rescuing the missing Toads from across the various islands, speak to the captain in the wheel room to get this treasure. It’s not clear which Toads are required to be saved in order for this collectible to be unlocked, but getting 100% of the Toad collectibles on each island is a safe bet. Two of the optional islands have Toads on them and you won’t be required to find any Toads past entering Diamond Island. You’ll get a notification through the Doo Daa Dee Daa system once you’ve rescued them all.

That said, you must go back to The Princess Peach after removing all the fog while you’re at Bonehead Island. If you do what I did and collect all the Toads without going back to the ship, you’ll never get the notification. I ultimately had to go to the ship to get the captain’s plea to rescue the Toads, exit the ship, then reenter the ship for all the returned Toads to appear.

The Princess Peach Block Locations

Block 1: Enter the room marked only for crew members and look for the block next to the map of the ship. Inside is a Flashy Hammer.

Block 2: In the VIP Stateroom. On the right, holes Shiny Boots.

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July 20, 2020 9:34 PM

Collectible Treasure #55: Once you rescued all Toads on various islands, head to the wheel room where the captain will reward you with the treasure

July 22, 2020 4:55 PM

Me beat game in too days

Mike G
Mike G
July 27, 2020 11:22 PM

Hmm, I got all these holes but it only says 95%

Laurel M
Laurel M
July 28, 2020 3:48 PM
Reply to  Mike G

Same here. 😥

August 22, 2020 3:12 PM

I know I’m just a random person, but I can confirm you literally need EVERY toad from the great sea because I missed one toad on ? island and had to go back to get the captain to give me the treasure. He also won’t give it up unless you’ve filled every hole because he wants to get out to sea.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jess
August 26, 2020 9:11 AM

Yes. Captain stands by the gate when you first get off your boat and if you talk to him, he mentions he can’t get out to sea until all holes are filled. He also won’t go to the helm until that’s done, so you can’t get the treasure either.
You need to fill holes, leave peach, chase peach down, go to helm to claim treasure. He will stand by the gate until you reload the scene after completion.

March 4, 2021 8:05 PM

Theres one that you missed. Its when you enter the room next to the captain and you go to the right, the bottomless hole is right there on the wall.

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