Origami Castle – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Origami Castle is the final level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Origami Castle collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Origami Castle Collectibles Guide
Treasures Blocks

After witnessing Peach’s Castle transform into the Origami Castle, you’ll now have the ability to enter King Olly’s grand fortress. Before heading inside, make sure to hit the two blocks to the left and right of the stairs. The one on the left has a Legendary Hammer while the one on the right has Legendary Boots. Climb up to the top of the stairs and whack the floor to find two loose tiles. Whack both the tile in the center and the tile in the bottom left corner to reveal a magic circle. Use it to peel back down the door scrunched up into the ceiling.

Open the door and two Fire Bro enemies will ambush you! This fight is pretty simple. Just form two jump lines by sliding the lone Fire Bro over to the group of three. Once defeated, open the doors once more and head inside. For real this time! King Olly will greet you inside but not before he tosses two folded enemies to their doom. After some back and forth between Olly and Olivia, Olly will leave and a folded Sumo Bro will begin flipping the path ahead.

Step onto the platform as soon as it stops spinning, then quickly take cover on the ledge to the left. This will confuse the folded Sumo Bro and it’ll start looking to the left and right. When it’s looking away, dart over to the next covered ledge. If you get spotted, the platform will spin and you’ll lose 100HP when you fall in the pit below. Once you’re at the final ledge, wait for the Sumo Bro to turn around completely before dashing forward. This will ensure you have the right amount of time to get past! For the battle, slide over the full jump line so that three enemies appear on the other side. Twist the third ring to fill in the jump line with the gap, then use your last move to restore the original jump line.

Once defeated, a magic circle appears that can be used to bring down the stairs. Once upstairs, go to the right and yank on the tape at the end of the path. This will reveal a folded block with a Coin Bag inside. You have the same block situation on the left side too!

Whack the upright blue wall to bring it down. Use it as a platform but watch out for the Fire Bro that drops down on the left. It shoots out fireballs in groups of three. There’s a block behind that contains a collectible treasure. Farther up the path is another Fire Bro. Wait for the third fireball to pass, then hit the wall on the right to start forming a new path. Keep hitting it to create a new path leading closer to the enemy. Attack! Twist the third ring to fill in the line jump, the slide the other two groups of two into a hammer formation.

Walk past the unfinished stairs and whack the blue wall to create a new path. Pull the tape, reveal the block, and hit it to form a new magic circle. Use it to pull down the stairs. Off to the second room you go!

Start walking up the long stairs and make sure you save at the Save Block! Enter the next room and you’ll meet up with Olly once again. The red path leading to the opposite of the room will bend in two spots and you’ll want to reach the two magic circles to restore the path to its original state. For now you’ll just have to enter the room on the left. As you walk along the red path, watch out for the origami fortune tellers that’ll cost you 100 health if you run into them.


In the next room, walk along the right wall and enter the next door to find a Healing Heart on the other side. You might need it! Back in the previous room, start walking down the blue path as you avoid the incoming boomerangs from the two Boomerang Bros in the area. Keep in mind they can only throw their boomerangs in one of four directions so you can predict where they’ll go. You don’t have to fight them if you don’t want to! One you make it to the third Boomerang Bro, look to the south to see a blue wall you can knock over. Once down, use it to reach four stickers on the ground. Yank them all out to reveal four question blocks. Two have Coins Bags, one has a Flashy Mushroom, and another has a collectible treasure.

Fight or walk past the third Boomerang Bro. Without getting into the enemy’s line of sight, pull off the tape on the ground and step on the giant yellow button. This will take you over to the other side. Hit the scrunched up wall on the right and start a fight with the Ice Bro. Start by twisting the third ring so that the two Ice Bros are together. Slide the line of Boomerang Bros so that all you have left to do is twist the second ring to make two jump lines. With the Ice Bro defeated, a magic circle will appear. Step on it and the platform will start to move back and forth from either side of the room. As you move to the right, grab the peeled off section of the wall and pull it back as you move. Once you stop, make sure to still push to the right to scrunch up the wall fully. A section with stairs will be uncovered, allowing you to go up and through the next door.

Now back in the main room, use the magic circle to grab the twister end of the red path and bring it back to the center of the room. Onward to the next door! Save, then enter the folded warp pipe to reach the other side. Pull the tape on the folded block, then hit it to reveal one of those nifty magic circle triangles. Before it can become an actual magic circle, three folded Koopa Troopas will grab it and spread apart.

You’ll have to navigate spinning platforms to reach each of the three Koopa Troopas. The one on the right has the magic circle triangle. Use the warp pipe to get back to the start. For the yellow spinning platform, you’ll want to step over to the right. Stand on the non-spinning section so you don’t get flipped! Now for the next section, step on the green spinning path and step right back so that the Sumo Bro spins it and shows that path’s grayer underside. This will allow you to reach the right Koopa Troopa! Whack it to reveal the magic circle.

Use the magic circle to spring up a room complete with a door. Inside is a Hammer Bro. Defeat it, then safely pull up the folded block on the left. Inside is a collectible treasure!

Use the steps to reach the top of the room. As you make your way to the next door, another ambush! Rotate the third ring and place one of the Sumo Bros on the opposite side of the original jump line. Then slide the two Hammer Bros down twice so that they cross over the center. Finally, rotate the third ring again until it fits.

Return to the main room and use the magic circle to fix the second section of the red path. Step on and a Paper Macho Koopa Troopa will appear because apparently the ambush wasn’t enough! Wait for it to spin past you, then smack the sticker off its back. Whack it two more times to destroy it.

Make it to the end of the red path and hit the block on the left to find a Flashy Mushroom. To the right of the stairs is a darkened square on the ground. Stand on it and jump to reveal a hidden block holding a collectible treasure.

Near the first block on the left is a purple tile on the floor. Smack it to reveal a magic circle icon. The other one magic circle icon can be found by hitting the Olivia inspired wall at the top of the stairs. Use the magic circle to create an even path by smacking the origami blocks that are sticking out of the wall. Start by hitting the one in the bottom left, then the one that was above it. Hit the remaining two in the middle and the right side to form the path.

As you’re crossing over, look at the darkened square on top of the second origami cube. Stand over it, jump to reveal a hidden block, then jump again to get a collectible treasure. There’s a visible second block closer to the door. In the next room is another set of stairs. Save, then continue up and into the door.

Another red path! Walk up to the start of the second red path and the folded Goomba ahead will call for a ton of backup! As they rush towards your direction, step over to the Olly statue and start smacking the base of it until it falls down and knocks every single enemy into the deadly pit. Yikes.

Walk over to the door and be sure to save before heading inside! The small enclosed room can be expanded with a simple hit of the wall. Another encounter with Olly. This time it abruptly ends when the Fanged Fastener appears. Time for a boss fight with Stapler!

The silent Stapler is a formidable foe as it’s the reason so many of our beloved characters (re: Toads) were folded in the first place. Including Bowser! The fight begins with Stapler setting 30 staples into its mouth. Your goal is to deal damage but to also remove as many staples as possible so that you force it to reload.

While using your hammer deals more damage, this particular attack will only remove one staple. Using a jump attack can eliminate four staples in one turn. Again, you want to try and remove as many staples as possible so that his charged up attack is less powerful! If you attack up close, Stapler will attempt to do a double attack where it tries to pin you to the arena. If you fail to block one or both of these attacks, you’ll get stapled to the arena and Stapler will get to attack with an even more powerful move.

Stapler will start to charge up an attack early in the fight. Once the attack is unleashed, Stapler will hit Mario up to 16 times in rapid succession, each hit dealing 6-8 damage depending on how well you block it. Of course, if you have any of the guard accessories activated, the damage numbers won’t be as high.

Once Stapler is out of staples, it’ll extend its “mouth” as it prepares to reload after your turn. Now is the time to do some heavy damage as it is a lot more vulnerable! You can always try to go for the double damage panel but activating an On panel and using the 1,000-Fold Arms at a magic circle will let you really smack Stapler around.

Once your turn is up, Stapler will reload with a new set of red staples. These do more damage! If you manage to clear out this set too, Stapler will return with golden staples that, you guessed it, do even more damage.

For a quick breakdown of how to force Stapler to reload within two turns:

  • First turn: Pass a blue double attack panel and use a Boots attack to take out 8 staples.
  • First boss attack: 2 staples will be used.
  • Second turn: Use a boots attack to take out 4 staples. Use a double attack panel to be on the safe side.
  • Second boss attack: 16 staples are used in this attack!

Continue repeating this process until you deplete all of Stapler’s health. Be sure to make use of the double attack panel to take out eight staples in one turn and use the double damage panel when using the 1,000-Fold Arms attack while Stapler is reloading. For the final attack, Mario will snap Stapler in two. Yikes.

With Stapler defeated, Bowser will notice one of his own staples is loose. With a quick hit of the hammer, Bowser is restored to his former glory! Check out our final boss guide for tips on completing the game!

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