Scorching Sandpaper West – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Scorching Sandpaper West is the seventh Yellow Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Scorching Sandpaper West collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Scorching Sandpaper West Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes

While you’re able to access the Scorching Sandpaper West earlier on in the Yellow Streamer chapter, you shouldn’t rush in until you have Professor Toad by your side and you completed the Fire Vellumental Cave. To get to the west side, go left from the Scorching Sandpaper Minor.

For those just looking to complete the story portion, continue reading here and we’ll cover the collectibles in this area at the bottom of this page.

One you reach this portion of the desert, drive over to the left side where the tower rests. Head inside and patch up the hole on the tablet. The translation tells you to go to the “feet of twins entwined in needles” to find the eye for this tower. Sounds like a cactus to me!

Head back outside and take note of all the cacti outside. There are two in particular in the center of the area that are rather close to each other. They’re also symmetrical! Ask Professor Toad to dig between them to reveal the Triangle Jewel. Take the jewel back to the tower and place it in the eye socket.


Putting the eye back in its place won’t be enough. Use the red magic circle to summon the Fire Vellumental’s power. Watch as the eye glows and beams a light over to the pedestal in Scorching Desert Minor.

With that taken care of, stick around to pick up the collectibles in this area or ride off towards Scorching Sandpaper Desert Far West by entering through the gate in Shroom City.


Let’s start from the right side and work our way around in a counterclockwise position. The north wall has a hole that needs filling and there’s a cactus Toad to the left of the twin cacti.

To the right of the tower is a cactus with a skull at the top. Three Toads are stuck in the sand below it. If you want to avoid a fight with the Crowber circling the area, wait to pull each Toad out after it swoops down. That skull on the cactus? It’s actually another Toad. Whack the cactus to drop the skull, then whack it to save the Toad.

To the left of the tower is a hole in need of repair on the tall wall. Walk south of the tower to find a bug Toad stuck to the cactus.

Walk along the southern wall to find the last two holes. That completes the collectibles for this area!

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