Sweetpaper Valley – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Sweetpaper Valley is the first Yellow Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

You defeated the boss in the Big Sho Theater and the blue streamer is gone. This is a very short level so we’ll spend some time going back to Toad Town and catching up on what’s new after getting through.

Hop off the boat and fill in the three holes in this area. A fourth hole can be found underneath the wooden crates.

Another hole up the path. The sixth and final hole is on the left, just before the mine entrance.

Walk up to the mine entrance and Olly will appear for the second time! Olly and his twisted plans involve crushing his sister with a gigantic boulder, blocking the entrance to the mine in the process. Bobby’s non-sacrifice leads us to the idea of setting sail… for some reason. With no questions asked, return to the boat. Head over to Shogun Studios where you’ll have access to the colored warp pipes.

From here there are several things you can do now that the blue streamer is gone. Skip to the bottom of this guide if you just want to continue the story. Return to Shogun Studios and you’ll be able to chat with everyone for some new dialogue. This game is funny, you should do it! Return to the tower and go up to the bell. Start smacking it while the nearby Toad counts the number of hits. You get different prizes for the number of hits:

  • 5 – Coin
  • 10 – Shiny Mushroom
  • 30 – Crumpled Toad
  • 100 – Collectible Treasure

Stop by the Photo Studio and get your picture taken with one of five costumes. The image you take will be posted up on the wall!

Head back to Toad Town and visit the Battle Lab to get the Puzzle Solver, a tool that helps you pinpoint the best enemy placement during the battle should you get stuck. Optional! You can turn it on and off in the settings. You can also talk to the Monty Mole on the pier to purchase the latest boss collectible, this time for 398 coins.

Assuming you rescued that Blue Toad from Autumn Mountain, you can now take the boat stationed at the pier out to The Great Sea. Your goal is to reach The Princess Peach, a small cruise ship dedicated to her royalty. You can explore The Great Sea with your boat but there isn’t much you can do besides make a straight dash towards the boat. You can’t get past the fog without a Sea Chart and you can’t see what happens to the streamer under the water.

Once you sail to the boat, make contact and you’ll be able to board The Princess Peach.

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