Whispering Woods – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Whispering Woods is the first Red Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Whispering Woods collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Whispering Woods Collectibles Guide
Toads Holes Treasures Blocks

After getting flung from Peach’s Castle, mash A to wiggle yourself out of the pine tree you landed in. There’s a magic circle nearby but you can’t do anything to it without Olivia.

In fact, the only thing you can do is head south where an off-screen Olivia will teach you about Not-Bottomless Holes and how to patch them up using confetti. There’s a bunch of flowers and trees to the left of where you landed that you can whack with your hammer to gather the confetti you need.

Once you patch up the hole, walk over to Olivia and pluck her out of the ground. Walk over to the magic circle and use your 1000-Fold Arms to knock the tree over. Yes, take the controller and whack it forward!

Cross through the inside of the fallen tree and hit the question block to get a Mushroom. After that, walk across the narrow path on the right and into the next area. After taking a quick look at Peach’s Castle in the distance, walk down the steps and save at the Save Block. And fill in the second Not-Bottomless Hole!

Enter the next and darkened area where you hear whispers in the background. The voices are super noisy too as they comment on things you do in this area. Cover the three holes surrounding the spike trap and hit the block too to get a Coin Bag. From there, head south and cover up the next hole.

Oh look, another spike trap. And to the right of it is a hole to fill in. Not much you can do with all the spikes leading up to the treasure chest so ignore it for now and continue on to the right.


Climb up the log and steps to get to an area with tall pine trees and lever like vines. Each vine will do something different. Starting with the first tree and then moving clockwise:

  • First tree: drops a 10-coin
  • Second tree: nothing
  • Third tree: required to move on
  • Fourth tree: drops a Faded Fire Flower
  • Fifth tree: nothing
  • Sixth tree: activates minigame


Pulling on the sixth tree releases giant leaves in the previous area. Hit the leaves to briefly reveal an icon on its back. Match the leaves of the same icon to get the item. These include a 100-coin and a Shriveled Mushroom. Completing all the leaves will drop a Super Star that once touched will grant you invincibility for a short time. Use this time to run through the spikes to get to the chest!

There’s another use for the Super Star. Once you have it, go left towards the patch of spikes near the edge of the cliff. Look for a square cut out in the spikes and stand underneath. Jump to reveal a hidden block with a Coin Bag inside.

Pulling the lever on the fourth tree will drop a dried out flower into the nearby lake. Cool. Pull it a second time to drop a giant stereo in the lake. Makes sense. Yank it a third time and Birdo will drop in. The natural third item to fall, obviously. Thankfully this last pull brings down the log so you can access the next area. Take note of the coins inside the log.


Hop up and fill up the hole on the edge closest to the spikes. Try to pull down the giant yellow ball only to have the vine snap in two. Hit the tree to bring down a magic circle where you can yank it once again. This will drop a Shriveled Seed.Before heading into the foggy portion of the woods, go to the right and fill in the next not-bottomless hole. This path will lead to a block containing a Coin Bag.


Walk down the foggy path to find a giant yet interesting looking tree stump. There’s not much you can do here so turn back where you came from… but it looks like it brings you back to the same room. Try to exit a few more times before Olivia puts an end to your aimless wandering. Per Olivia’s suggestion, hop on top of the tree stump before getting scolded by the trio of trees. It’s not long before Grandsappy, the giant tree stump, speaks up and eventually asks for your assistance in restoring his energy. As a means to help you, the tree trio lifts the fog from the woods and opens up the path on the right.

If you try to give him the Shriveled Seed, he’ll end up spitting it out. Head down the path on the right and save at the Save Block. Fill in the two holes on the path, then get ready for an ambush by two Goombas. This is a wave battle! Don’t worry, Olivia will remind you how it all works. Plus she gives you the low down on perfecting action commands.

With those two Goombas out of the way, fill in the next hole to open up the path. Fight off the next Goomba and talk to the tree to earn a round of 10-Coins. Be careful of a second Goomba hiding in the bushes near the lake. Before interacting with lake, fill the four holes surrounding the lake and pop open the chest on the left side.

Interact with the lake and you’ll have the chance to throw any items you like inside. Throw your Shriveled Mushroom and Faded Fire Flower to restore those to normal. Then toss the Shriveled Seed to restore it to its original glory. Now it’s the Soul Seed! Sounds like there’s trouble with ol’ Grandsappy. Head back to his resting spot to find a GIANT CHUNK of him missing! Easy fix, throw some confetti his way and he’ll be back to normal. Talk with him afterwards and hand over the Soul Seed to… start up something special.

With his groove back, head through the exit that just opened up. Save, then break down the rightmost fence with a whack of the hammer. Chat it up with the sign, otherwise continue to the right. Rescue the crumbled Toad stuck in the bushes with a few hits of the hammer. Look for for two flowers on the upper side of the path. Stand underneath them and jump to reveal a hidden block with a Coin Bag inside.

In the area with the white tents, open up the first tent to find a crumbled Toad. There are two holes in this area, one of which leads to a block. And be aware of the Goomba on the swing! A second crumbled Toad can be found on the swing. Whack it to bring it down.


Cross the singing bridge and hop onto the bench to rest up. This will heal you up! The next area has a decent amount of collectibles. There are two holes to patch up along with several Toads:

  • stuck in a stump near the campfire
  • hiding up in the tree to the left of the campfire
  • stuck under a stool in the picnic area
  • disguised an egg on the plate
  • stuck in a pile leaves
  • to the left of the cabin
  • hiding inside the empty flower bin, reveal by jumping underneath it
  • pull from the pile of wood
  • behind the shed with the logs is a darker patch of grass. Stand on it and jump to reveal a hidden block with a Fire Flower inside.

Trying to enter the cabin will only get you a quick chat with the cabin itself. Totally normal. To the right of the cabin is a hole you can fill in that will take you to a block in the back. Step on top of the block to the right of the cabin and jump again to reveal a hidden block. Inside is a Coin Bag. There’s another block, this time hidden, above the odd square patch. It’s possible to complete all the hidden blocks and holes in this area but you won’t be able to get the Toad and the collectible treasure in the cabin until later in the game.

Follow the path down the slope and you’ll get to the entrance of Toad Town.

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