Shroom City – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Shroom City is the fifth Yellow Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Shroom City collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible. If you’re returning to Shroom City later in the game, check out our second walkthrough section here.

Shroom City Collectibles Guide
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Look at this desert and its three million areas. After spending approximately four seconds in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert, you’re now in the lively and neon Shroom City. Since this is a town and a little more self contained, we’ll list the collectibles as they appear. We detail your return to the city under a different section below. Not interested in collectibles? Follow these quick bullet points on what to do:

  • Walk to the hotel and go inside.
  • Speak to the Snifit at the lobby desk to get the Professor’s Room Key.
  • Attempt to open the professor’s room and you’ll be led instead to the first door in the right side hallway on the first floor.
  • Read the journal, then talk to the Snifit at the lobby desk to get the Sun Incense.

Pass the two Snifits at the front as they require a hotel key for you to pass. You can’t enter town with your Boot Car so park it in the convenient little white parking spot. Walk up to the sign and the Green Snifit will declare this land Snif City! Okay.

Let’s start by checking out the left side of town then moving counterclockwise to the right. A new Accessories shop! Silver Guard Plus and Silver Heart Plus are both 6,000 coins each and the Hidden Block Alert is a grand 8,000 coins. The two rooms of the first building have Snifits inside and the room on the right has a hidden block holding an Ice Flower on top of the desk.

The Snifit on the seesaw needs to go flying. Instead of a simple jump, walk around the building and go behind it near the corner with the Save Block. Once you get to the top, whack the yellow bug Toad off the golden Snifit tower. Jump down onto the seesaw to launch the Snifit into the arch to drop down a yellow Toad along with a Shiny Mushroom, a Shiny Fire Flower, a Flashy Hammer, and an Ice Flower.

Cover up the hole in front of the Desert Help Kiosk, then continue to walk along the edge of the pond. Heal up at the bench and get a nice view of the city that never sleeps. Destroy the two wooden crates up ahead, then whack the wall to nudge out a rolled up Yellow Toad. At the end is a yellow Toad flower in need of a good smack.

See that blue tent and the two small crates? There’s a hidden block there with a 100-Coin inside. Use the hidden block to reach the area above. First start by whacking the crumpled Toad off the top of the nearby palm tree.

Jump over the crates and walk to the right. The blue railings that line the steps to the hotel are not identical. The one on the left is missing the top part. Whack that section to reveal a hidden block with a Coin Bag inside. The lower light shining on the hotel sign can be smashed to reveal a folded Yellow Toad.

Walk over to the building with three doors and fill in the hole in front of them. Read the sign for DJ Toad’s Groovy Sound Discs and hit the sign to reveal a crumpled Toad. This will also open up the shop on the right where you can purchase a collectible treasure for 16,800 coins.

Enter the middle door to find the DJ shop. Use the counter to reach the top of the boxes on the right, then whack the Toad on the shelf. Too bad it’s not the owner! Don’t leave just yet, there’s a hole you can punch through on the left wall, all the way in the corner. This will take you to the last room where you can grab the treasure chest on top of the crates.

Back outside, walk up the first set of stairs and repair the hole in front of the damaged stairs. There’s also a block with a 100-Coin on the left.

To the right of the stairs leading to the hotel is a hidden block in the corner. Get the 100-Coin inside, then walk around to the top of the building where a second block rests. POW Block inside.

From there, step up to the Snif City Royal Hotel. I’m sure that’s the real name. There’s nothing else you can do on the left side of town so go ahead and walk inside. Look at the Snifit go! You’ll have to find a way to get him off the fountain, he’s holding the key!

Go over the DJ table and use the boxes to jump over the partition on the left. In the next room, destroy the wooden crates to reveal a Scaredy Rat. Defeat it and a magic circle will appear to let you twist the valve, thus shutting off the water. Pull off the tape on the gate and return to the pool room.

Speak to the Snifit and he’ll take off for his room! At least you can grab the pizza looking Toad it using to surf on. Whack him and he’ll give you a 10+ MAX UP Heart!

Go through the gate on the right side and rescue the Toad stuck in between two crates. You can also use this room to reach the window by hopping onto the shelves in the back. Once outside, hit the block to get a Coin Bag.

Walk into the main lobby of the hotel and immediately whack the luggage cart to the right to save the crushed Toad underneath. Speak to the Snifit at the desk and he’ll give you the key to the professor’s room, no questions asked!

Before we head up to the room on the second floor, let’s do some more exploring! Enter the hallway on the right and smack the vase at the end to reveal a yellow bug Toad. Inside the last room is a giant hole in the wall.

Enter the left side hallway on the first floor and enter the first room to find a treasure chest and an overly excited Snifit. Enter the last room to find a hole in the wall.

Now go upstairs. Take a look at the drawings on the wall, then enter the professor’s room. Well, attempt to. The Snifit from earlier will explain the professor moved to a different room. Head down to the first room in the right side hallway. Inside, read the professor’s journal to learn he left for some kind of Sun Altar.

Speak with the Yellow Snifit at the front desk and he’ll give you an extra Sun Incense. Speak to the Help Kiosk near the Save Block outside and that Snifit will inform you that the Sun Altar is somewhere in the Scorched Sandpaper Desert. Not in any of the side areas.

Now that you have a key to the hotel, access to the Far East and Far West portions is open. Just talk to the two Snifits blocking the gates at the very entrance to town. That said, you don’t need to go to these locations just yet.

With everything in this area completed for now, let’s head back to the Scorching Sandpaper Desert to find the Sun Alter!


Return to Shroom City

With Professor Toad as your partner, return to Shroom City and start reading up on the ancient text you couldn’t translate earlier. There’s a hidden Coin Bag you can dig up in front of the ancient text on the side of the shop building.

Head upstairs inside the hotel and start reading the ancient text. Looks like there’s a Temple of Shrooms that will appear if you line up all four Toad statues. Looks like you also have to activate the eyes of the tower. And then something about gathering six people? The last text will also reference six people. The rest of the images are behind the door.

Turns out Luigi is currently occupying the hotel room! Head outside and to the left to find his now open magic lamp booth. The Snifit at the booth will let you play the Snifit game for 100 coins. You have three tries to guess the Snifit’s expression. There’s a correct answer among the four options but you’re not guaranteed to pick it and there’s no way to indicate which is the right one.

If you fail the minigame, the Snifit will give you the option of retrying for the mere and generous price of 1,000 coins, otherwise you’ll be sent inside the lamp where you’ll get a game over. With Luigi at least! Cough up the cash and play again. Once again, the first two options don’t indicate the real answer, but take note of what Snifit says before and during the third try. He’s starting to giggle! Ha! Pick the Snickering Sniff option to win!

The Snifit will take off and drop a magic circle on its way out. Whip out your 1000-Fold Arms and rub the lamp to release Luigi from his prison. And yeah, he got a key, but it’s not the one from Peach’s Castle. But it is the one we need to enter the hotel room!

Now that the booth is open, walk inside from the left side and use it to reach the crates on the left side of the hotel. Smash them to reveal a bug Toad. There’s also a collectible treasure over in the area past the broken steps near the hotel. Look for the small patch of grass in front of the two barrels. Dig there to discover the treasure.

Enter the suite of the hotel and check out the mural on the wall. Practice the ritual depicted on the mural, then check out the suite for some collectibles. In the bedroom, step onto the left mini desk and jump to reveal a hidden block with a Shiny Mushroom. There’s also a treasure chest in the bedroom. You can read the murals in each of the four rooms downstairs but they just depict the story of King Shroomses. Nothing major. Now it’s time to set off to find a place to do the ritual.

Now that you’ve read the murals on the second floor of the hotel and the suite room, head back to the Scorching Sandpaper Desert. Head to the center of the desert, actually a little closer to the right side, and look for a ring of six bird statues. Hop off your Boot Car, and use your hammer to smack each statue and turn its direction. Have all six birds face the center of the ring to have a stand and microphone pop out of the ground.

Olivia will step up to the plate and you’ll get to pick one of the songs you’ve heard along your journey so far. Happy & Sappy is from Ol’ Grandsappy, Go with the Flow is from the boat tour ride, and My Heart’s a-Burnin’ is the one from the ritual. Pick the third one for uh, quite the performance!

After the song comes to an end, a cave entrance will appear behind you. Head into the cave to enter the Fire Vellumental Cave.

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July 18, 2020 1:33 PM

I got it right the first time when I was playing the sniff-it guessing game. I was picking the first option and I passed on the third pick.

July 22, 2020 4:06 PM

I did the game and on the 4th guess i did snickering and it was correct

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