Scuffle Island – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Scuffle Island is an optional Purple Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our guide also includes the Ring Champion Trophy.

Located in quadrant B7 of The Great Sea, head to this remote island and sail near it to mark it onto your map.

The entire point of this island to earn and collect coins by defeating seven powerful enemies. Each time you defeat a new enemy, the amount of coins you collect increases. If you lose all your health, it’s game over and all the coins you’ve earned will be snatched away. You always have the option of leaving before a fight, keeping what you earned at that point. You’re fighting Paper Macho enemies here.

Completing the entire run will not only get you 31,600 coins, but also the Ring Champion Trophy.

Round 1

For the first round it’s just a single Paper Macho Goomba. Take note of the three week points on its backside. You’ll have to hit it three times before you start chipping confetti off its evil body.

Reward: 100 coins

Round 2

Next up is a Paper Macho Shy Guy. This one is different from the Goomba because its movements are quicker and sharper. The first time it charges for you, avoid the attack and wait for the second. Shy Guy likes to attack in pairs and will take extra time to catch its breath after the second attack.

Reward: 500 coins

Round 3

Now you’re fighting a Paper Macho Koopa Troopa. This enemy is not afraid to use its shell to make quick attacks. Don’t stay close, you want to have time to run to the side while it charges at you. Also keep in mind the Koopa Troopa will continue charging forward until it hits a wall, even if it means going across the entire arena. Like the Shy Guy, wait for it to attack twice and hit it when it bounces off the wall and stands still for a few seconds.

Reward: 1,000 coins

Round 4

A Paper Macho Boo is the next enemy. These guys are annoying at first but fairly simple to beat. Don’t try to run away! Boo will not crash into the wall like the others and will instead chase after you. Since they’re shy creatures, stand wait with your back facing the Boo as it approaches. Turn just before it reaches you to cause it to hide its face. During this time, run around Boo and whack the stickers off its back.

Once all three weak spot stickers are off, Boo will start moving a lot faster. This just means you’ll have to react faster when turning around. But now you can hit the Boo from any angle!

Reward: 2,000 coins

Round 5

This guy. It’s a Paper Macho Paratroopa and it’s not playing around. The Paratroopa will spot you and lunge downward in your direction. You have to stand still and hit the Parartroopa just as it is about to come in contact with you. The weak spots are conveniently located in the front. Missing this will cost you 30 health.

Once you knock off all three weak spot stickers, the Paratroopa will retreat into its shell and slam into the wall two times before giving you a moment to attack. It basically turns into a Koopa Troopa after the stickers are off.

Reward: 3,000 coins

Round 6

A Paper Macho Spike, that’s new. Surprisingly not that difficult. The Spike will send out spiked balls that you can hit back with your hammer to knock it over, giving you a chance to hit one of its weak spots. Sometimes the spikes are destroyed and leave behind a heart. Heal up if you can!

With both stickers removed, you can still try to attack using the same method as before but Spike now moves out of the way faster. Your best bet is to wait until it jumps into the middle and sends balls in all directions. You can avoid this by staying on the outer wall and staying out of each ball’s predictable path. After the attack, the Spike is left dizzy, giving you a chance to attack.

Reward: 5,000 coins

Round 7

The final round has you facing a Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle. It’s like fighting an oversized Koopa Troopa. The Buzzy Beetle will retreat into its shell and start bouncing off the walls without stopping. After six hits of the wall, the Buzzy Beetle will fall to its side and reveal weak spots on its underside. The tricky part is that the Buzzy Beetle doesn’t stay stunned for long so you can’t wait it out on the opposite side of the arena. You should try to predict where it’ll end up crashing and stay around that area. Once all the weak spots are off, the Buzzy Beetle has the option of going faster but will hit fewer walls.

Reward: 20,000 coins

Completing the entire run will not only get you 31,600 coins, but also the Ring Champion Trophy.

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