Corona Mountain – Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Our Corona Mountain shines guide is part of our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough and digs into the details of the final boss fight.

Corona Mountain is not much of world and instead, more of a lead-up to the final boss. There is only one Shine Sprite to collect and it’s earned once you get past the lava and defeat Bowser at the top of the mountain.

Looking for dastardly hidden Blue Coins? See our Corona Mountain blue coins guide for a complete list! There are 10 Blue Coins in this level.

Unlocking Corona Mountain

Complete Episode 7 of Pianta Village and you’ll return to a completely submerged Delfino Plaza. Not quite how you left it! There’s really nothing special you have to do. Just follow Shadow Mario into the hole at the base of the mountain to enter Corona Mountain.

Shine 1 – Father and Son Shine!

The goal? Pass through the volcanic and rocket yourself up to the top of the volcano. Hop across the risky platforms until your reach a broken piece of land with a nifty little water sprout to refill F.L.U.D.D. The spiked platforms will slightly appear for one second, then pop out for three seconds. Jump and hover above them as they are out so you can safely land when drop back down. As for the platforms on fire, just hover on top on them to douse the flame.

Ah, the dreaded mud boat. Make sure to refill on water and grab the 1UP after smashing through the wooden crate. Hop on the boat and spray in the opposite direction of where you want to go to use yourself as a propeller. That means if you want to move forward, have Mario face directly towards the back of the boat and spray. The amount you spray will determine your speed! If you want to take it easy, feel free to press and let go of the spray button to shoot out bursts of water to go a bit slower. Your placement on the boat matters too. The closer you are to an edge while spraying past it, the faster you’ll move in the opposite direction.

The goal here is quite simple. Get through the river of lava while maneuvering around the magma pillars. Touch anything and your boat will sink, instant death! Just take your time, there’s no time limit and you can go slowly if you need to. If you want to grab all the Blue Coins in this area, check this page for all ten locations.

Once you’re close enough to the final chunk of land, jump up and hover over. Grab the Rocket Nozzle and start blasting yourself upwards into the clouds. Remember, you can shoot through the bottom of a cloud and phase right through. The dark cloud up above is the one you want to get to. A couple of clouds rotate so you’ll have to time your blast accordingly.

Super Mario Sunshine Final Boss

Final boss time! Disrupt Bowser’s unearned jacuzzi time by running around the edge of the pool and smashing all five protruding platforms. When you reach one of the flame symbol platforms, use your Rocket Nozzle to blast all the way up in the air. Just as you hit the highest point, ground pound to come smashing down. This will cause the section to crumble. Quickly get out of there and only use the Rocket Nozzle if you’re confident you won’t land in the steaming green water of the dark abyss! Repeat this for the remaining four sections to win.

A few things to note. Bowser Jr. will send Bullet Bills your way that you can either avoid by spraying or preferably doing a Side Somersault. If you see a Blue Bullet, destroy it to get a 1UP. These all refill your water tank! You can also spray Bowser Jr. himself to stun him temporarily and put a halt to the Bullet Bills. Bowser will spit out blasts of fire that are too large to jump up normally. A distanced rocket boost should get you over. Beyond that, it’s a fairly simple boss fight!

Ending and Post-Game

So, what’s new now that you’ve finished the game? Not much. The game will continue to act like you did not just save the land of the walking palm trees and they’ll keep pestering you to do something about it. But! There’s a Pianta, or a sunglass wearing walking palm tree, that lets you slip on a pair of shades as long as you have 20 Shine Sprites. You can find him near the fruit vendors on the right side of Delfino Plaza. Beat the game and he’ll let you throw on a tropical Shine Sprite adorned shirt. A stylish way to collect any remaining Shines.

And there should be at least one! Once you defeat the final boss, go to the dock near the raccoon boathouse and speak to the Pianta that will take you do Delfino Airstrip for 10 coins. There you’ll find a red coin challenge that’ll get you one more Shine Sprite.

If you do collect all 120 Shine Sprites, you can replay the final boss to get one extra screen after the credits. It’s an image of Mario and a whole bunch of characters from the game smiling for a photo in Casino Delfino. The text reads “Have a relaxing vacation!” Yeah. If that doesn’t sound worth, feel free to simply see a screenshot of the image here.


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