Noki Bay – Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Our Noki Bay shines guide is part of our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough and features all eleven Shine Sprites and their locations.

Like every world in our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough, Noki Bay has a total of eleven shines to collect. Seven are obtained through the level stages, an additional three are hidden somewhere in the world, and a final shine is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run.

Looking for dastardly hidden Blue Coins? See our Noki Bay blue coins guide for a complete list! There are 30 Blue Coins in this level. In order to unlock Noki Bay, collect 20 Shine Sprites and walk over to the dolphin statue in the center of town. Notice the ray of light beaming down? Stand in it and look up at the sun to enter the level!

Jump to each of the Noki Bay shines with the links below!


Episode 1 – Uncork the Waterfall

Gotta make it to the top of that waterfall. The pink arrow signs are a great guide to getting you to the top! Start hopping up the steps at the base of the shell tower. Step onto the basket and spray water into the vase to lift the basket up. Hop onto the ledge. See those goop markings resembling different objects (squid, wave, whale) on the wall? Spray them to uncover new platforms you can use to keep going up.

Eventually you’ll reach another basket and vase. Use that to get high enough to glide to the next ledge or show off your skills and perform a Side Somersault and bounce off the wall. Reach the arrow sign that’s pointing up and wall jump to the next area. Near the top, use the blue spring to reach a 1UP up above, otherwise hover over to the Monty Mole. Like you did in Pinna Park, spray a Bob-omb then pick it up and throw it at the mole. Make sure to stand against the gate. Whack the pest three times to get your Shine Sprite!

Episode 2 – The Boss of Tricky Ruins

Follow the path of floating platforms with the coins on top. Reach the Noki elder and spray the yellow tile on the wall above him to reveal vertical passageways. They only stay this way for a short time! Wall jump up and at the first intersection, go right. Wall jump again until your reach the grassy area at the top. Go right once more and spray the next yellow tile. For this passageway, just follow the path. Run up the steep path and reach the top.

Goober Blooper is back! Again! Like before, squash the big baddie’s tentacles and yank them to rip them right off. Once safe, grab its mouth and yank it far enough to deal damage! Yank his mouth a second time to defeat it. With the boss gone, drop into the hole and fall all the way down into the ancient Noki king’s tomb. Shine Sprite is on the tomb!

Episode 3 – Red Coins in a Bottle

Upon starting the level you’ll automatically get a helmet thrown on your head. This allows you to breathe underwater for much longer and it changes the way you move too. To get around, use your hover ability to quickly move up. If you want to go lower, let go and allow Mario to sink naturally. Do keep in mind, if you use the hover while pushing forward on the control stick, you’ll also move forward quite quickly. Pull back on the controller while hovering to rise up at a maintained speed. Let go of the hover when trying to face a different direction.

Now onto the bottle red coins! Here are the locations:

  • At the very top of the bottle near the opening.
  • Three floating about the middle section of the bottle.
  • Three at the bottom. One on top of the blocks, one behind the blocks, and one in front of the arrow sign.
  • While moving along the sand, swim in front of the arrow sign to get launched upward. If you miss the red coin at the top, drop down a bit and enter back into the line of coins.

Episode 4 – Eely-Mouth’s Dentist

Return to the top of the waterfall and speak to the Noki elder. Hop into the waterfall and you’ll be taken to the ancient underwater ruins of the Noki. And there’s a disgusting eel monster too. Boss fight! Your goal is to clean all eight of Eely-Mouth’s plaque ridden teeth. Do so by getting close to beast and using your hover nozzle over every tooth. You’ll have to do it for several seconds until you hear the sound effect and the teeth begin to sparkle. Watch out for the poisonous gas bubbles that rise from its mouth and be ready to rise up when Eely-Mouth starts to spin and rise up. If you’re low on oxygen, there are plenty of coins all around you.

Episode 5 – Il Piantissimo’s Surf Swim

Another race! Meet Il Piantissimo on the grassy ledges on the right side of the level. Agree to race him to the other end of Noki Bay. There’s an easy shortcut that will make this race a piece of cake. Follow him as he hops across the grassy gaps. When you reach the arrow sign, a hidden boxing glove will launch you across most of the water. Casually make your way over to the flag and the Shine Sprite is yours!

Episode 6 – The Shell’s Secret

Your goal is to reach the shell at the top of the tower and there are two ways to go about this. The intended way is to climb your way up by using the many ropes that connect the three towers. As you walk along each rope, remember to jump twice to get plenty of air. This will help you skip sections! And be aware of the Trip Wires moving along the ropes. The blue ones go back and forth and the red ones slowly follow you wherever you go. Just jump over them!

The faster method is to go up the grassy cliffs near the first tower and get high enough so that you can hover over to the top of the spiral shell. Use the highest rope to get to the second shell, then take a leap of faith and hover over to the third shell.

Secret level! This one is a doozy. If you don’t know how to do to Side Somersault, now is the time to get that sorted. Push the control stick in any direction and quickly pull back in the opposite direction and jump. This will send Mario much higher in the air. The first area is simple, jump across the rotating platforms when the coast is clear. Next are the blocks that go in and out. Side Somersault onto the wall and then wall jump to reach the first platform. Don’t worry, the blocks don’t go all the way in! Climb the pole to get up a bit higher.

Hop on the rope twice to get up to the ledge on the right. Do a few more Side Somersaults until you get to the top. Now for the rotating long platforms! You’ve dealt with these before, run and jump just as the side you’re on becomes too steep. In the last section with the spinning stairs, use Side Somersault to time your way up. Get past one more rolling log to get to the Shine Sprite!

Episode 7 – Hold It, Shadow Mario!

Shadow Mario runs up and wall jumps his way up the grassy cliffs on the right side of the level. He’ll drop down once he gets to the top and start the path all over again. His reaction time can be quite annoying here, there will be times he won’t move fast enough and you’ll end up running into him and taking some damage. Spray from a distance!

Episode 8 – The Red Coin Fish

Return to the ancient Noki city underneath the waterfall to find a fish made up of many coins, including the eight red coins you need to collect! The coin fish circles the center of the area so you should always know where to look to find it. Every so often the coin fish will disperse and spread its coins all over the place. This is not affected by you, it happens at the same interval! Just wait for it to return to normal and resume trying to snatch those red coins.

Secret Shine 1 – A Golden Bird

Enter any episode that isn’t Episode 1 and lets you explore the actual bay. Head over to the left side of the level and wall jump up the narrow walls. Reach the hole and run through the tunnel. Out on a new ledge, enter the next hole to get launched all the way up to the top of the cliff. Notice the golden bird? Spray it enough times to reveal a Shine Sprite! Try perching (ha!) yourself on the tree for a better view of its flying path.

Secret Shine 2 – Red Coins on the Half Shell

Head back to Episode 6 and head back to the secret level inside the shell. Hit the red button past the first two rotating platforms to start a 90 second timer. The red coin locations:

  • Immediately after starting the timer, Side Somersault to the red coin above.
  • Side Somersault or wall jump and hover to get the red coin above the platforms moving in and out of the wall.
  • After climbing the pole, wall jump off the thin wall.
  • Above the slanted red platform with all the arrows.
  • An easy one as you wall jump up the orange platforms with the nails.
  • Same area but closer to the top, wall jump to get it!
  • At the top of the orange area near the torch.
  • Cross the first long rotating log and Side Somersault on solid ground.

100 Coins Shine

You have two options! The first is to pick Episode 6 and collect coins from the many coin clusters left here. These include:

  • 50 coins! They are lined up in a path along the water. Either use the Turbo nozzle, the boat, or just swim to get them all.
  • Hit the yellow button near the top of the waterfall to throw 20 coins onto the water below. Jump down and grab as many as you can.
  • A trail of 10 coins leading from the end of the waterfall to a blue coin deep in the water.
  • Seven coins from the wooden crates near the boat shop.
  • 21 coins in the tunnel on the left side of the level.
  • Various coins from the many yellow tiles.

You could also go to Episode 8 and collect the many coins that line the walls of the ancient Noki city. It’s possible to get all 100 coins within this area but be sure to collect a few before jumping into the waterfall to be on the safe side!


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