Pianta Village – Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Our Pianta Village shines guide is part of our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough and features all eleven Shine Sprites and their locations.

Like every world in our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough, Pianta Village has a total of eleven shines to collect. Seven are obtained through the level stages, an additional three are hidden somewhere in the world, and a final shine is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run.

Looking for dastardly hidden Blue Coins? See our Pianta Village blue coins guide for a complete list! There are 30 Blue Coins in this level.

Jump to each of the Pianta Village shines with the links below!


Episode 1 – Chain Chomplets Unchained

Three flaming Chain Chomplets are on the loose! Here’s how you get the Shine Sprite to appear. Cross the bridge and start locating each of the Chain Chomplets. Each one moves about the many paths of the village leaving behind a streak of fiery goop. Once you find one, hose it down with water to calm it down for a brief moment. Grab onto its tail and pull back. Move and aim for the pond in the center of the village, then let go and send them Chain Chomplet flying in that direction! They bounce off walls too. If a Chain Chomplet is far, feel free to let it chase you closer to the water before you cool it off. Get all three submerged to get your Shine Sprite!

Episode 2 – Il Piantissimo’s Crazy Climb

One final race! Meet Il Piantissimo across the bridge and agree to race him to the top of the large palm tree beyond the community pool. Again, nothing too hard here. Spray some water while running, dive to start sliding quickly to the left side. Once you reach the pool area, jump up and run up the palm tree. Easy!

Episode 3 – The Goopy Inferno

Oh. F.L.U.D.D. got removed at the start of this level. And the entire place is covered in that fiery goop! Don’t try to run through it, you’ll die rather quickly. Your goal is to reach the structure with the giant golden mushroom at the top. So! Run around the village and get close to the community pool in the back. See that hole in the ground? Jump down and ground pound to find a series of hanging paths that you can hang and move along. Move past the Klambers and Red Electrokoopas and don’t worry, they attack on sight. When you reach the vertical panel, smack it to push it forward. Once it stops, quickly jump to get back onto the hanging path before the panel drops into the abyss.

Keep following the path until you reach two ropes and some coins. Jump to let go and fall down onto a swing. For whatever reason, the swings give you an extra bounce when you hop off. Jump onto the neon green mushroom and start using the ropes to reach a vertical path. Grab on, climb to the hanging path, then punch the panel to move to the next area. Go to the area near the Red Electrokoopa and press the jump button to flip up into the gate.

Wall jump out of the hole to find yourself nearby the structure you need to get to. Jump into the clean spots to reach the structure and grab F.L.U.D.D. to get back your very missed water abilities. Hover over to the light blue mushrooms of the center tree and start climbing them. Get to the highest one, then jump to the golden mushroom. Clean off the mayor to get your Shine Sprite! Alternatively, stand just below the mushroom and do a Side Somersault and hover up to the mayor.

Episode 4 – Chain Chomp’s Bath

Here’s the situation. There’s one giant flaming Chain Chomp and one pool filled to the brim with cool and pristine water. Your goal is to plop that sucker right into the perfectly shaped pool. Start by heading over to the Chain Chomp on the right side of the village. Spray the beast down until it’s fully calm. This means even the chains are no longer red! Grab onto the stake at the end of the chains to release the Chain Chomp. You can pull the Chain Chomp in the direction you want this way. It won’t be long until the Chain Chomp goes into full rage mode again and returns to its fiery state, rampaging down the paths of the village. Good, let it! Have it get close to the pool area by the other side of the map, then cool if off. Drag the stake past the pool and the Chain Chomp will fall in and turn a crisp gold color. And it’ll release a Shine Sprite!

Episode 5 – Secret of the Village Underside

It’s another one of those dreaded Sunshine levels. First step is to wake Yoshi from its egg. Run over to the fruit tree in front of the pool area and grab the fruit needed. Once Yoshi is up and running, or carrying I should say, take him back across the bridge where you first started the level. See the line of coins on your left? Jump and land on the mushroom below. Be aware, the fully green mushrooms are bouncy! Jump from mushroom to mushroom using Yoshi’s flutter jump to get extra distance. Just jump and hold the jump button, no need to press it twice! For the mushroom that’s higher up, jump once in place, then jump a second time while moving forward to get a bit more height. When you see the two 1Up Mushrooms on the two upcoming mushrooms, STOP. Use the first person camera to use Yoshi’s… juice to disintegrate the yellow gunk on the flat mushroom in front of you. With that cleared, hop of Yoshi and use your much more secure Hover Nozzle to reach the small mushroom and finally the flat mushroom. Jump in the hole!

Okay, this secret level is weird too. All the Piantas here are so-called Chucksters and will fling you after you speak to them. Where they fling you will depend on where you’re standing when you hit A to talk to them! At the start, stand directly in front of the pink Pianta and he’ll throw you across the gap and onto the next platform. Two Piantas up ahead! See the little guy on the left? Wait for him to move to the point closest to the edge. Speak to him while standing slightly to the left so that you’ll hit that short back wall over on the next platform. Okay! For the next Pianta, let him walk away from the edge, then speak to him directly facing the edge. He’ll launch you up and you should land without any worries!

The next Pianta is simple. Just talk directly in front of him and you should clear the gap with ease. Just make sure to clear some of the area of the endlessly spawning Strollin’ Stus. Okay, one more throw. See the platform with the shine in the distance? Wait until the Pianta is on the side closest to the star, then speak to him while you’re directly facing the shine. Have him be exactly between you and the next platform, even being slightly to the left or right can get you thrown into the abyss. If done right you’ll get launched to the Shine Sprite!

Episode 6 – Piantas in Need

Your job is to find and clean up ten Piantas scattered about the sunny village. And under a 3 minute timer! You’ll know where to look for these hidden Piantas as they will always be hidden within the small patches of fire goop and they also leave behind a ripple effect. Here are the locations:

  • Four Piantas in front of the massive tree to the right of the level entrance.
  • Just past this area is a red mushroom. Look past it for another Pianta!
  • One by the dried out pond.
  • Look for a Pianta near the two small red mushrooms near the start of the village.
  • A Pianta in front of the fruit tree and another Pianta to the side of the fruit tree closest to the edge of the village.
  • One to the right of the pool.

Return and speak to the Pianta near the bridge to get your Shine Sprite!

Episode 7 – Shadow Mario Runs Wild

You know the drill. Chase down Shadow Mario as he runs around the paths of the village. There are two annoying things to make this more of a challenge. For one, Shadow Mario will leave behind a streak of fire goop. Not fun! You should be spraying it away as you chase him. One of those obnoxious Wind Spirits will also stay near you as you try to attack. Just keep moving and you should be safe!

Episode 8 – Fluff Festival Coin Hunt

It’s a red coin level. Let’s start with the risky coin underneath the level before moving up to the village portion. The Pianta Village red coin locations:

  • Two ways to get this one. Get to the end of the bridge and jump off the left side, then hover over to the red coin! Alternatively, use the mushrooms near the level entrance to reach the first vertical path. Attempt to reach the swing, then jump from that to reach another vertical path that will let you run along the top of the metal paths and reach the red coin.
  • On the branch of the giant tree above the bridge at the start.
  • There’s a bunch of wooden crates on the right side of the level. Smash through to find a red coin.
  • At the bottom of the pool.
  • Behind the giant tree near the pool.
  • Instead of a fruit, look for a red coin hanging from the fruit tree.
  • In the tall grass on the left side of the level.

Just one more coin! It’s all the way at the top of the massive tree in the center. Two ways to get up there. The easy way is to climb up the giant palm tree near the pool and jump off the massive leaf and hover to the massive leaf of the center tree. The “correct” way is to climb up the flat mushrooms circling the center tree until you find the Rocket Nozzle. Make your way to the top of the golden mushroom, then use the Rocket Nozzle to launch yourself up onto the cloud platforms. This should get you to the red coin at the top of the tree! The Shine Sprite will appear quite far but no worries! Grab onto the stem of one of the floating fluffs and it’ll zip you right over.

Secret Shine 2 – Red Coin Chucksters

Yikes. You have to go back to Episode 5 and return to the secret level, Yoshi and all. Red coin challenge. Hit the red switch to start a 90 second time. Here are the red coin locations:

  • Above the blue Pianta at the start.
  • After getting launched across the first gap.
  • Two above the Strollin’ Stu area.
  • In the Strollin’ Stu area, turn around to see a rope. Bounce on it to reach the fifth red coin. Another red coin above the Pianta on fire.
  • Two in plain site above the second to last platform.

Secret Shine 2 – Soak the Sun

And now back to Episode 8. This one is quite simple. Get back to the top of the massive tree in the center and stand on the platform where the final red coin is at. Look up at the sun and spray it to reveal an image of a Shine Sprite. It’ll spit a Shine Sprite out too! If you need help getting up to the tree, check our guide for Episode 8 above!

100 Coins Shine

The Pianta Village 100 coins challenge. Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional Shine Sprite. Episode 5 is recommended as there plenty of coins grouped up for easy pickings. And the bees. Where to find your coins:

  • 40 coins on top of the mushrooms under the village. And don’t bring Yoshi! Hover your way around. And make sure to get these first!
  • The beehives. One near the bridge entrance and one behind the giant palm tree near the pool. Each bee devoured gets you a coin. Try to keep moving as you eat to avoid getting hit. Each beehive gets you around 20 coins!
  • Ground pound the nose of the Pianta statue near the pool for a smooth nine coins.
  • Check the tall grass near the entrance and the left side of the village to find Pokeys. Defeating each one gets you a coin.


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