Sirena Beach – Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Our Sirena Beach shines guide is part of our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough and features all eleven Shine Sprites and their locations.

Like every world in our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough, Sirena Beach has a total of eleven shines to collect. Seven are obtained through the level stages, an additional three are hidden somewhere in the world, and a final shine is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run.

Looking for dastardly hidden Blue Coins? See our Sirena Beach blue coins guide for a complete list! There are 30 Blue Coins in this level. In order to unlock Sirena Beach, complete Episode 4 of Pinna Park. Shadow Mario will appear with a Yoshi egg in Delfino Plaza. Get Yoshi and eat the pineapple out of the red pipe on the roof.

Jump to each of the Sirena Beach shines with the links below!


Episode 1 – The Manta Storm

Nooooo, it’s the one we all dread! The blasted Manta Ray shine! Truthfully, it’s not the actual end of the world and there are a number of tips to keep in mind to make it a lot less frustrating. Start the mission by walking over to the empty lot at the highest point and speak to the hotel manager. This will trigger a cutscene here the disgusting Phantamanta slides onto the beach.

To defeat the thing, you have to spray water at it. This will cause it to split in two and thus multiply. It’ll keep splitting into smaller versions of itself until the entire beach is infested with tiny Manta Rays swimming around. Your goal is to spray down every last one. Touching one will send you flying back and touching the goop will electrocute you. Not a problem.

Take note of the palm trees and the two smoothie huts. Having the high grounds here will allow you to spray at Phantamanta and all its duplicates with wider range. Go ahead and have all the tiny ones running about. If you spin your control stick and spray, you’ll shoot water in all directions. This will not only help clear out the tiny ones but it’ll also clear the goop and give you some room to move around. If things get a bit much, go underneath the smoothie huts to rest and catch your breath. They can’t go down there! Once you clear out every last Manta Ray, the shine will appear!

Episode 2 – The Hotel Lobby’s Secret

Speak to the hotel manager to enter the hotel. Boos have infested the hotel! With nowhere to go but up, spray the lowest Pink Boo to turn it into a platform. Hop on top of it and quickly spray the next Pink Boo to create a second platform before the first one turns back into a ghost. Keep doing this until you reach the top. At the top of the pole is a Boo statue. Jump into the glowing blue mouth to enter a secret level.

With your water mechanics thrown out the window, start the secret course by doing a triple jump up to the brick block above. Run forward and jump onto the floating Winged Strollin’ Stu to use it as an extra bounce to reach the other side. Don’t stop running and you’ll line up with the two other floating enemies to make it across with ease. You don’t have to press jump again to bounce off the enemies! Adjust the camera to your liking and run across the sand blocks without stopping. Ground pound the second watermelon block and hop onto the rotating platform. Slowly jump over onto the bump of the platform once it rotates enough to reach the pyramid of sand blocks. Get to the northernmost one and use it to reach the shine.

Episode 3 – Mysterious Hotel Delfino

This one can be quite extensive and will require a list of specific tasks in order to get to the shine above the pool on the third floor. Let’s keep the list nice and short!

  • Enter the hotel.
  • On the first floor, enter the bathroom to the left of the stairs. Enter the last stall and jump up through the roof to reach the room above.
  • Spray the painting on the wall until it reveals Boo. Jump through into the next room!
  • Spray the rotating closest doors until they all line up to reveal a Boo.
  • With the closest open, enter the next room and spray the two Pink Boos to reach the hole in the ceiling.

  • Spray the empty cabinet door and walk through the hole in the wall.
  • Look for the odd colored tile near the bed. Ground pound to enter the room below!
  • Ground pound the lone wooden crate to reveal a pineapple. Grab it and take it to the first floor lobby where the Yoshi Egg is resting.

  • With the orange Yoshi in tow, climb up the stairs and reach the third floor. Enter the room closest to the pool and use the bed to bounce through the hole in the ceiling.
  • Now in the attic, walk past the Pianta. At the first intersection with the Sleepy Boo, take the route across from it.
  • Use Yoshi to eat the next Sleepy Boo. At the next intersection, eat the Sleepy Boo on the left and follow that path to a dead end.
  • Ground pound the cracked tile and you’ll fall into the pool area. Grab the shine!

Episode 4 – The Secret of Casino Delfino

Casino time! Enter the hotel and speak to the Pianta guarding the door on the left side of the first floor. Ignore the glittering lights and the Nokis gambling their life savings away. Go to the left side and look up at the roulette wheel. Spray each individual slot until it shows a 7. If one of the slots hit 7, don’t spray it or it’ll turn again.

After hearing the jingle, go to the opposite side of the room and spray the next roulette. This time the slots all move together so you just have to get lucky to get triple 7s. With both roulettes complete, the puzzle at the back of the casino opens up. Each of the 16 tiles can be flipped by spraying and in order to win, you’ll have to reveal the full Shine Sprite image. We suggest spraying from the top to bottom so that any correctly flipped tiles aren’t disturbed by any water particles. Complete the image to reveal a warp pipe to a secret level.

Don’t let all the moving blocks scare you! Run past the first two blocks and hop on the single block to cross over the large gap. In the next area, move your camera. to the top down position so you can see most of the blocks and where they’re going. Get to the end and jump on the next block crossing over a block. This one rotates so be sure to move up when it hits a 45 degree angle. The orange logs don’t go all the way into the holes so feel free to take your time as you jump over the gaps. Finally, take the last block across the gap to the Shine Sprite. This one rotates in a weird way. Remember that Mario can stay on the sides even when they get steep but there is a point he will slip off. Jumping is an effective way to get up those steep edges!

Episode 5 – King Boo Down Below

Return to the casino and take note of the purple tile in the center of the room. Ground pound it to enter King Boo’s underground arena! Really curious why this was built in the first place, but anyway! The boss fight is fairly straightforward. Jump and spray King Boo, not the roulette, to get him to spin the slots. Your hope is that it lines up the fruit icons. This will cause a ton of fruit to get hurled at your location. Pick up a red pepper and throw it at the ghost king. This will cause him to react violently. Pick up any other fruit and throw it at the flaming ghost to do damage. Repeat this three times to win.

Take note, the boss fight will always line up the enemy icons on the second spin so be read to have a random assortment of enemies thrown your way. Either defeat them or wait for King Boo to move on. You can also line up the coin icons for, you guessed it, coins to appear.

Episode 6 – Scrubbing Sirena Beach

You have three minutes to clean up the goop off the beach and patio areas. We recommend lightly pressing the nozzle to spray water as you run. Focus on clearing out the beach portion first, then jump up to the tiled area and clean the upper area. You’ll have to get most but not all of the goop for the Shine Sprite to appear. A few of the tiny bits left behind are okay. You also don’t need to clean the goop off the hotel guests either! Barrels are filled with water and can be picked up and thrown.

Episode 7 – Shadow Mario Checks In

Shadow Mario has checked in. Enter the hotel and chase Shadow Mario as he runs up the stairs. He’ll travel up through each floor before jumping back down to the first floor. As always, spray enough water on him to get your Shine Sprite. Some of the dastardly Boos will appear as fake (and lighter) Shadow Marios so be sure not attack the ones that are not holding a paintbrush. If you lose sight of him, try to listen to his theme song. The louder it gets, the closer you are.

Episode 8 – Red Coins in the Hotel

Red Coin challenge inside the hotel! Enter the lobby and hit the switch in front of the center pole. You’ll want to follow a specific path to get them all in a reasonable amount of time. The Sirena Beach red coins:

  • In front of the lobby center pole.
  • Enter the women’s bathroom on the first floor.
  • From the men’s bathroom on the first floor, jump through the ceiling near the leaking water. Bounce on the bed and go through the hole to reach the red coin in the pool area.
  • Return to the room below the pool and spray the painting. Jump through and collect the red coin in the next room.
  • From the fourth red coin, walk out the door and onto the second floor lobby. Find the next red coin in front of the desk near the coins.
  • Go up to the third floor and grab the red coin in front of another desk.
  • Walk into the room without a door on the third floor and use the bed to reach the attic. Go left of the Pianta and reach the corner. Break through the tile, fall down into the room, and spray the poster to create a hole leading to a red coin in the next room.
  • Finally, return to the previous room and ground pound the oddly colored tile. Down below, walk through the hole in the wall for the last red coin.

Secret Shine 1 – Red Coins in Boo’s Big Mouth

Enter Episode 2 again and return to the secret level. Reach the middle point just before the sand block path to find the red button. Slam it to start a 90 second timer. First three red coins are on the sand blocks. To get the ones in the air, jump and hover to grab them, then land on the sand block below it. Run to the last watermelon to get the red coin there, then jump off the side and land below the ice blocks to get the fifth red coin. The final three will be on the sand block pyramid and one red coin will require a hover to snag.

Secret Shine 2 – Red Coin Winnings in the Casino

Enter Episode 4 again and return to the secret level. Red button at the start starts the 60 second timer. First red coin is in the starting area and the second is over the first gap. Use side jumps followed by a hover to reach them easily! Same situation. Red coin in the second area and another red going above the second gap. Side jump and hover to get the three red coins above the orange logs. The final red coin is above the long rotating log at the end.

100 Coins Shine

The Sirena Beach 100 coins challenge. Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. Remember, red coins and blue coins do not count to your total! Please note, entering the hotel will not let your return to the beach. Entering the casino will not let your return to the hotel.

Pick Episode 4 so that you have access to the casino. You should be able to get all 100 coins in the hotel but there are some in the casino if you need a few extra.

  • As soon as you start break the box on the left for a coin.
  • Three coins under the smoothie shacks outside.
  • Spray the torches outside for ten coins.
  • Ten coins from the torches in the first floor lobby.
  • 12 coins in the water of the first floor lobby.
  • Three coins behind the fruit bar.
  • 18 coins inside the attic.
  • Four coins in the room with the sprayable poster. Five coins in the room through the poster!
  • Eight coins in the crate room along with the room through the hole.
  • Ten coins in the pool room
  • Use the slot roulette in the casino to line up coins.
  • Spray the smaller slot machines and ground pound them to have them cough up coins.
  • You can spray the torches in the casino too!


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