Bianco Hills Blue Coins – Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Our Bianco Hills blue coins guide is part of our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough and features locations for all 30 Bianco Hills blue coins.

Like every world in our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough, Bianco Hills has a total of 30 blue coins to collect. Some of these despicably placed blue coins can be found in plain site while others require a little more luck to find. And maybe a guide! Blue coins can be taken to the racoon in Delfino Plaza where you can trade 10 blue coins for a Shine Sprite.

Looking for all eleven shines in Bianco Hills? See our Bianco Hills shine guide for a complete list! There are 30 Blue Coins in this level. You can also check out our video guide here.

Jump to each of the Bianco Hills blue coins with the links below! Keep in mind, some blue coins can only be found in specific episodes. Those will be listed towards the end of the list! For this level, all coins can be collected in Episode 8! That said, you’ll need Yoshi unlocked for the final two.

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Blue Coin 1

Underwater near the dam in the village river.

Blue Coin 2

Inside the opening of the tower in the building with two towers.

Blue Coin 3

There’s a building near the river with a balcony. Spray water into the doorways to reveal the blue coin.

Blue Coin 4

You know the two homes with the spinning platforms on top? Jump off either one and hover to reach the blue coin floating between them.

Blue Coin 5

Behind the house with the two towers is a sprayable M.

Blue Coin 6

A second M can be found along the wall leading to the waterwheel.

Blue Coin 7

Third M! This time on top of the higher portion of the white wall dividing the village and the lake.

Blue Coin 8

There’s a weird pocket of space between two white walls to the right of the waterwheel. Spray the red X found there and a blue coin will pop out on the lake side of the wall.

Blue Coin 9

Now do the reverse! Spray the X on the lake side wall and the blue coin will appear in the space between the walls.

Blue Coin 10

Stand above the gate leading to the lake area and spray the small windmill to your right.

Blue Coin 11

There’s a fourth M to spray at the end of the windmill path, just before you jump onto the rotating platform.

Blue Coin 12

See the long stone pillar to the left of the windmill? Spray this seemingly empty spot to have a blue coin appear.

Blue Coin 13

There’s a blue coin underwater to the right of the windmill hill. It’s about halfway between the hillside cave and lake cave. Do take note, the lake is poisoned in certain episodes so you may take damage trying to get it.

Blue Coin 14

Episodes 3-8 only! There’s a Pianta in need of cleaning! Hose him down and he’ll give you a blue coin. He’s also a busy one as his location changes based on the episode:

  • Episode 3 – shortly after the bridge leading to the windmill.
  • Episode 4 – near the hillside cave entrance.
  • Episode 5 –
  • Episode 6 – At Petey’s old resting spot in Episode 5.
  • Episode 7 – On top of the windmill.
  • Episode 8 – In the weird space between the two white walls separating the village and lake.

Blue Coin 15

Episodes 3-8 only! Use the rocket nozzle to reach the highest platform in the rope area in front of the windmill.

Blue Coin 16

Episodes 3-6, 8 only! Return to the top of the windmill to find a lone Pokey. Defeat it for the coin!

Blue Coin 17

Episodes 3-8 only! The palm tree near the start of the rope that leads underneath the windmill bridge has a blue coin hidden inside. Climb up and spray the top!

Blue Coin 18

Episodes 3-8 only! Head back to the village with the rocket nozzle by your side. On the left side of the village is a ledge with a blue coin.

Blue Coin 19

Episodes 4-8 only! Use the ropes underneath the windmill bridge to grab onto the grate. Climb your way to the blue coin!

Blue Coin 20

Episodes 4-8 only! Near the hillside cave are three brick platforms sticking out of the wall. Defeat the Pokey on the last platform.

Blue Coin 21

Episodes 5-8 only! There’s a circular section of the white wall where a dirty Pianta hangs out. Spray him down for the coin!

Blue Coin 22

Episodes 5-8 only! Head up to the area where you found Petey Piranha a second time. Use the rocket nozzle to reach the blue coin at the top of the raised platforms.

Blue Coin 23

Episodes 6-8 only! With Petey defeated a second time, return to the area above the village and use the clouds to reach his old resting spot. You can spray from afar the clouds to temporarily increase their size. Once there, spray the platform to reveal the blue coin!

Blue Coin 24

Episodes 6-8 only! Reach the higher portions of the village using the ropes and look for a blue bird. Use the spray nozzle to hose it down. Hit it enough to reveal/change it into a blue coin. If it flies away, just wait for it to come back.

Blue Coin 25

Episodes 6-8 only! There’s a peculiar blue coin floating underneath one of the tall platforms in town. Look for the angry Pianta and speak to her to have her chuck you upward. Where you’re standing when you talk determines where you’ll get thrown!

Blue Coin 26

Episodes 7-8 only! Two new sprayable circles have appeared in the village. One on the building near the start and one on the backside of the building with two towers. Spray the one near the entrance and the coin will appear at the other building. To get there before the timer runs out, try spraying and sliding over.

Blue Coin 27

Episodes 7-8 only! Now do the opposite! Spray the circle at the house with the two towers to have the blue coin appear near the building at the start.

Blue Coin 28

Episodes 7-8 only! Another blue coin underwater, this time to the left side of the windmill hill.

Blue Coin 29

Episodes 8 only, Yoshi required! There’s a blue butterfly in the area near the left side of the village area. Have Yoshi eat it with his tongue.

Blue Coin 30

Episodes 8 only, Yoshi required! Get to the lake portion with Yoshi and spray down the beehive hanging from one of the palm trees. While avoiding getting attacked, use Yoshi to eat each individual bee hive until the last one drops that coveted blue coin.


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