Bianco Hills – Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Our Bianco Hills shines guide is part of our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough and features all eleven Shine Sprites and their locations.

Like every world in our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough, Bianco Hills has a total of eleven shines to collect. Eight are obtained through the level stages, an additional two are hidden somewhere in the world, and a final shine is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run.

In order to unlock Bianco Hills, defeat the Proto Piranha at the main plaza shortly after arriving from the airport at the start of the game. Looking for those dastardly hidden Blue Coins? See our Bianco Hills blue coins guide for a complete list! There are 30 Blue Coins in this level.

Jump to each of the Bianco Hills shines with the links below!


Episode 1 – Road to the Big Windmill

From the start, run or slide down the slope and get across the river. Get past the white wall by either walking underneath the turning water wheel or using the ropes to jump to the higher platforms where you can hover over to the top of the white wall. See the rolling Piranhabons? Run up to where they’re spawning from and spray that specific area to reveal another Proto Piranha. Defeat it just like you did at the airport, spraying the enemy whenever it opens its mouth. Do this three times to reveal the shine!

Episode 2 – Down with Petey Piranha!

Head right back where you got the first shine but this time use the now opened door in the white wall to get there faster. The bridge to the windmill is broken so either switch to your nifty hover nozzle to glide right over or walk across using the rope. Begin climbing the spiral path up the hill as you avoiding incoming Piranhabons. Start running up the brick path of the windmill. Use the hover nozzle to get around the gaps. For the gap with the nasty piranha vines, make sure to hover around them, not through them. Wait for a platform to slowly move by, then hop on and ride it to the top of the windmill.

See Petey Piranha at the top of the windmill? Jump onto the roof to cause the whole thing to come crashing down. Boss time! Instead of avoiding the puke attacks, spray water into Petey’s mouth whenever he start to pull back and widen his jaw. This will cause him to fall over giving you a chance to ground pound his belly. Do this three times to get your shine.

Episode 3 – The Hillside Cave Secret

Head to the bridge leading to the windmill and look below to find platforms in the water attached via rope. Climb onto the rope and hope your way towards the cliffside while avoiding the incoming red zappers. Once you reach the end. Jump several times in a row to build enough momentum to reach the cliff. Use the second rope to get to the hole above.

No FLUDD for this secret course! Reach the end to get the shine. Fairly straightforward level. In the first section, blocks move left and right, nothing too wild. Ground pound the nail to the right to get a 1UP! The smaller orange blocks move back and forth in the same pattern. The giant blocks can push you off, feel free to move past one and wait for the next to move past. On the rotating stars, try to use the points of the star as extra room to jump and reach the next platform. And there it is, the last shine!

Episode 4 – Red Coins of Windmill Village

Eight red coins are scattered about the village on the left side of the world. Collect them all to have a shine appear. The Bianco Hills red coins:

  • On top of the large white wall above the opened door.
  • To the left of the bells in the white wall is a small hole with the coin inside.
  • On top white wall, above the bells.
  • On the roof of the first hexagonal building.
  • Between the first building and the building with the rocket nozzle box.
  • Top of the building near the rocket nozzle box.
  • Between the two buildings with the spinning platforms. Spray water to make the tower spin or jump from another building to reach the coin.
  • Check the building with the two towers, a red coin is on top of the left tower.

Episode 5 – Petey Piranha Strikes Back

Petey is back and he’s taken up residence at the village cliffside. Head over to the village and make your way to the building with two towers. There you’ll find rope that can take you to a couple of ledges that lead up to Petey’s hideout.

Petey Piranha thinks he’s slick finding a little island you can’t reach to take a nap on. See those floating pig balloons? That’s a Poink. Let one of them get sucked onto FLUDD, then aim for Petey and spray Poink right towards him. Now that he’s awake, follow Petey to the village where he will try to attack from above. Once he stops moving, spray water at him to bring him crashing down. Like before, wait for him to open his mouth before spraying it full of water, then ground pound his belly. Do this three times while watching out for his new tornado attack to get the shine!

Episode 6 – The Secret of the Dirty Lake

There’s another secret cave, this time at the back end of the lake behind the windmill. Get to the now poisoned lake and look for a withered floating leaf on the right side. Hop on and spray in the opposite direction of where you want to go to use yourself as a propeller. These guys aren’t long for this world so you’ll want to travel towards another leaf so you can switch before the original disintegrates. Make it to the floating logs, then jump and hover into the cave.

Alternatively, start climbing the windmill hill and jump towards the cave from there.

Another secret course without FLUDD! Here’s what you need to know. The red and blue platforms flip at specific time intervals but the different colors alternate so you can predict when they will flip. The cubes will rotate and twist so be ready to run to whichever side is about to become the top part of the cube.

Episode 7 – Shadow Mario on the Loose

It’s a Shadow Mario challenge! The goal is to spray the blue pest with enough water to cause him to trip. Shadow Mario will generally use the same paths like jumping buildings and even swimming through the water. Makes total sense! If you lose track of him, try to listen for his theme song. That means he is close!

Episode 8 – The Red Coins of the Lake

All eight red coins are scattered above the lake. Collect all eight and the shine will appear in the center of the windmill. Grab the red rocket nozzle located near the entrance to the hillside cave. You’ll want it to reach the ropes up above but do take note, it may be easier just to use normal jumps to get some of the coins. The Bianco Hills red coins:

  • Three above ropes near the rocket nozzle box and hillside cave. These are lower and near the water.
  • One just above the water near the hillside cave. Hop on a leaf, spray towards the red coin, then jump!
  • Two high above the bridge leading to the windmill.
  • Two even higher up and closer to the windmill. Use the rocket nozzle to reach them from the rope.

Secret Shine 1 – Red Coins of the Hillside Cave

Return to the secret level from Episode 3 and get ready to collect another eight red coins! Once you return to the level, this time with FLUDD by your side, hit the red switch to activate the coins. You have 60 seconds to collect them all! You’ll want to hover from place to place to make it. They’re mostly situated in the first half of the level but here are the locations:

  • On above the massive wooden blocks at the start.
  • Four on each corner or the orange cube area. Get around this area quick with the hover nozzle!
  • Three on the rotating stars surrounding the path of giant cubes. You can hover from the top right red coin in the orange cube area to immediately get to the first two rotating stars.

Secret Shine 2 – Red Coins of the Dirty Lake

Now for another round of red coins, this time in the secret course found in Episode 6. Hit the red switch at the start to start a timer of 90 seconds. Not too shabby! These red coins are scattered all throughout the level, so it’s really a speedrun to the end. Remember, hover nozzle is your best friend here! The Bianco Hills red coins:

  • Above the flipping red and blue platforms.
  • On top of the first rotating star. Easy!
  • Hanging above the swift moving triangles. Dive to grab it as you run across!
  • Two on the spinning cube path. Look for the shadows so you know where to go.
  • In the three corners of the final red and blue flipping section. Blue and red platforms take turns flipping, jump and hover above a flipping tile if you have to!

100 Coins Shine

The Bianco Hills 100 coins challenge. Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. Remember, red coins and blue coins do not count to your total!

  • Do a spin spray attack at the center of a ring of flowers. If you water each one at the same time, six coins will appear. Three rings near the village, two new the lake.
  • The single Pokey heads that pop out from flowers can get you three coins each if you spray them into a wall.
  • There are small groups of coins scattered about the water of the lake. Use a leaf or just hover around.
  • Lots of coins along the tall ropes near the windmill if you’re playing in Episode 8.
  • Spraying the mini windmills on the tall platforms could get you an extra coin.
  • Spraying windows of the buildings often leaves behind a coin.


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