Pinna Park – Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Our Pinna Park shines guide is part of our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough and features all eleven Shine Sprites and their locations.

Like every world in our Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough, Pinna Park has a total of eleven shines to collect. Eight are obtained through the level stages, an additional two are hidden somewhere in the world, and a final shine is earned once you collect 100 coins in a single run.

In order to unlock Pinna Park, collect ten Shine Sprites and follow Shadow Mario through the cannon. Looking for those dastardly hidden Blue Coins? See our Pinna Park blue coins guide for a complete list! There are 30 Blue Coins in this level.

Jump to each of the Pinna Park shines with the links below!


Episode 1 – Mecha-Bowser Appears!

All you have to do is get to Shadow Mario’s location! Go through the entrance to the theme park and ignore everything around you as you make your way to the pool of water. Cutscene time!

Giant Mecha-Bowser! Now on the roller coaster ride, your goal is to collect rockets along the track and shoot them at the massive, but stationary, Mecha-Bowser. If a Bullet Bill start chasing you from behind, lose the rocket and spray the enemy to make it explode. They can come from behind or quickly from the front. As you pass by Mecha-Bowser’s fire breath, spray it with water to safely get through. Hit Mecha-Bowser three times to take it down! Watch the cutscene and grab the shine that spawns after!

Episode 2 – The Beach Cannon’s Secret

There’s a Monty Mole wreaking havoc on the beach! From a distance Monty Mole will shoot out Bullet Bills but up close you’ll be dealing with Bob-ombs. Spray the Bob-ombs to disable them, then pick them up and throw them at Monty Mole three times to take out the rodent. Jump inside the now empty cannon for find a secret level!

Most of the platforms in this level fade to black before disappearing so before you step onto anything, take a look at the platforms and get get an understanding of how long you can stand on a platform before you drop into the abyss. The first section allows you to jump to platforms on the left and right so just follow the path that’s least faded. Jump up the square bounce pads to get to the final section. As soon as the orange platforms reappear, run and slide your way across. You don’t have water to slide nonstop so you’ll want to alternate jumping and sliding to get across quickly.

Episode 3 – Red Coins of the Pirate Ships

Enter the theme park and head for the swinging ship attraction in the center. When in doubt, follow the arrows! Reach the stairs leading up to the ship to find your first of eight red coins. Use the ships to reach the grate blocks where the rest of the coins are at. The Pinna Park red coins:

  • At the top of the stairs leading to the swinging ship.
  • Two floating above either swinging ship. Stand near the ends of the ship to reach them.
  • Use the second ship to reach the cube platform with a red coin on top.
  • Next to the cube is red coin underneath the platform. You’ll have to do a side jump from the lower platform to grab on.
  • On the platform running behind the ships, ground pound the Red Electrokoopas from above, then climb along the grate underneath to grab the red coin.
  • The grate path continues higher. Climb underneath it to collect the first red coin and to knock the Red Electrokoopas off from below, then run up the same platform to get the red coin at the top.

Episode 4 – The Wilted Sunflowers

No theme park this time! Go over to where you fought Monty Mole find giant Yoshi Eggs and a whole bunch of wilted sunflowers. The Yoshi Eggs are actually Snooza Koopas and you can wake them up with a splash of water. Lead them to the sand, then ground pound theme after they pounce. If done correctly, the enemy will be defeated and group of small sunflowers will sprout. Do this to all the enemies to get your shine!

After this mission, Shadow Mario should appear in Delfino Plaza. Defeat him to unlock Yoshi!

Episode 5 – The Runaway Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel is going berserk! Make your way behind the base of the ferris wheel (past where you fought Mecha-Bowser) to find a series of flippable grates and Red Electrokoopas. The overall goal is to reach the top of this climbing section and you’ll mainly achieve this by finding ways to clear the path of the electric foes. If you avoid trying to jump and hover to skip sections, you’ll do a fair amount of backtracking to defeat the enemies A few tips to keep in mind:

  • The blue walls can be climbed.
  • Green walls will flip when water is sprayed on them. You can still spray them while climbing.
  • Blue squares can be hit to flip Mario onto the other side. Ground pound if you are on top of one.
  • To defeat a Red Electrokoopa, get on the opposite side of the grate and punch the underbelly of the electric fiend.
  • Keep in mind you can climb up to the top of a blue wall and you can also climb around cornered grates.

Once you reach the top, hop onto the rope and give it two solid jump to reach the grate underneath the sleeping Electrokoopa. Give the blue square a whack to defeat it and release a shine! To get to the shine, hop onto one of the ferris wheel rides to reach the platform high above. We suggest jumping onto it from the right side so it’s coming up from below you as you try to land.

Episode 6 – The Yoshi-Go-Round’s Secret

Enter the theme park and head for that oddly shaped tree on the right side of the park. There you’ll find a Yoshi egg that requests some kind of fruit. Pinna Park fruit locations:

  • Coconut (green) – Underneath a palm tree next to the swinging ships.
  • Papaya (yellow) – Hanging from the nose of the oddly shaped tree.
  • Pineapple – Under the gazebo near the bridge leading to the ferris wheel.
  • Banana – On a small ledge near the swinging ships and ferris wheel.
  • Durian (spiky) – All the way

Bring the desired fruit over to the egg to hatch it. Now you have Yoshi! We need Yoshi to be orange for this mission so if he isn’t orange already, have him eat a papaya or pineapple. Ride Yoshi over to the merry-go-round and stand in the spot where the orange Yoshi seat is missing. Secret course time!

For the starting cubes that rotate left and right, make sure to jump once the next block is about to have a flat top to give yourself enough time. At the moving Yoshi blocks section, take note how the different colored blocks all take the same route. Red takes the outer path, green takes a closer route, black even closer, and blue right at the center. Try to jump from red > green > black > blue  > black > green > red and you should make it to the orange cube section.

There’s a spot here where you can wall jump to reach the top. Towards the end, jump to the rising orange platform just as its about to reach its lowest peak. From there, jump and dive once it rises up to the top. The shine is yours!

Episode 7 – Shadow Mario in the Park

It’s a Shadow Mario challenge! The goal is to spray the blue pest with enough water to cause him to trip. Shadow Mario will circle the theme park and there will be plenty of open and flat areas to spray while running. If you lose track of him, try to listen for his theme song. That means he is close!

Episode 8 – Roller Coaster Balloons

Run up to the entrance of the roller coaster ride and speak to the green Noki to hop back on the ride. Collect rockets scattered across the track and use them to pop all 20 Bowser Jr. balloons before the coaster loops three full times. Before you reach the end, you’ll encounter 33 missiles so you definitely have room to miss a few. Try to hit more than one balloon at a time, it’s certainly possible depending on the angle you’re at.

Secret Shine 1 – Red Coins in the Cannon

Return to the secret course in Episode 2 and hit the red switch to start a timer of 60 seconds. Remember to hop off a platform if it it’s about to fade to black! There are six red coins scattered above the first section, then an additional two on the first line of red fading platforms.

Secret Shine 2 – Red Coins in the Yoshi-Go-Round

Return to the secret course in Episode 6 and hit the red switch to start a timer of 120 seconds. The Pinna Park red coin locations:

  • Under the black arch, use the black Yoshi cube to reach it.
  • Under the blue arch, use the blue Yoshi cube to reach it.
  • The remaining six are at the orange blocks. First two are in the wall jump section.
  • One above the watermelon and ice cube tower.
  • Above the cube that rises up and down.
  • Below the cube that rises up and down.

100 Coins Shine

The Pinna Park 100 coins challenge. Collect 100 coins without dying or leaving a level to earn an additional star. Collect all the coins you see laying around but do keep in mind the following tips as you play. Remember, red coins and blue coins do not count to your total!

Pinna Park has one of the easiest 100 coins shine! Enter Episode 2 and stand somewhere near the Monty Mole so that Bullet Bills spawn and get sent your way. Spray the Bullet Bills to destroy them and get 2 coins from each. Keep doing this until you get 100 coins! If that wasn’t enough, spraying the sand with water will also spawn additional coins.


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