Week 77: Super Smash Bros. Official Site Updates


We are in the final week before release in Japan! Get your copy now and Settle It In Smash!! if you haven’t done so already!

The official website for the two upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles is once again making updates on a regular basis. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. Dojo for Brawl, the official website will post images from both games five times a week. We’re in the home stretch, but Sakurai hasn’t really been all that clear with regards to when the PoTDs will end – rest assured that we will bring you the latest information regardless!


Monday, December 1


When you play Master Orders in Special Orders mode, you will need to use a certain amount of gold to buy a ticket to enter. If you win the challenge, you’ll get a reward determined by the difficulty level. The challenges may sound simple, but playing them on Very Hard is quite challenging.


On the other hand, the rules in Crazy Orders are very different. You’ll earn one turn for every win, and each turn gets harder and harder. Some of your accumulated damage will get carried over. Crazy Hand will challenge you after 2 turns, so you’ll earn your rewards if you beat him. The final battle will be an HP battle and the more accumulated damage you have, the more HP you’ll have in the fight…so the trick is to be a little risky.


Tuesday, December 2


Two-player options were added to a wide range of modes in this game.
-Home-Run Contest (up to four players)
-Multi-Man Smash (up to four players)
-Target Blast (up to four players)
-Trophy Rush
-Online Team Battles
Have fun with your siblings and friends.


Wednesday, December 3


Some characters were displayed flat in their original games, so we made some trophies flat as well. For example, flat trophies from Rhythm Heaven and WarioWare…


Strike different poses when viewed from behind!! The designers made these from scratch for this game–thank you, designers. There are other trophies that may strike a completely different pose, and some may not even show their backs at all.


Thursday, December 4


To train your amiibo, it’s important to give them hands-on time in battles. If you play against your amiibo with the same character, you can act as its teacher and help them learn moves easier. That said, it’s also important to “feed” your amiibo equipment so you can make them stronger and give them special abilities.


The effects in red show when a special ability will have a negative impact, but this is not necessarily a bad thing since the equipment might raise your amiibo’s overall stats. It’s also important to note that there’s a limit on how much you can level an amiibo no matter how much you keep feeding it. However, you can change their balance of attack, defense, and speed.


Friday, December 5


Tomorrow, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be released in Japan! The players in Japan had to wait a bit longer for their release, but then again, they did get the 3DS version first. We were glad to be able to release this game in the Americas just in time for Thanksgiving in the United States.

Pic of the day has continued since E3 2013, and I would like to bring this series to a close today. A total of 384 posts and roughly 500 screenshots have been posted, and there’s even more screenshots if you count the ones I’ve posted for different regions. The origins of pic of the day was sharing one picture a day of the game in development inside the company. It started out just as a small bonus for the staff. However, once we started sharing pictures with the public, it was a much tougher process. We had to be more careful to choose appropriate pictures to post while keeping a consistant schedule regardless of how busy we got, all while some people only wanted new information from my posts. It’s nice to finally be able to get one weight off of my shoulders. But, we promised to create Mewtwo as a playable character, so I can’t relax too much yet. I hope you’ll look forward to Mewtwo joining the battle!



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