Week 21: Super Smash Bros. Official Site Updates

The official website for the two upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles is once again making updates on a regular basis. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. Dojo for Brawl, the official website will post images from both games five times a week. Whether this means we get announcements and characters reveals is still up in the air, but rest assured that new content is always coming your way. Keep checking back to this post as we update everything that is released for this week! A new post will be made for the next week.

Monday, October 28

The graphical differences of the Spin Attacks are clear. The way they hit are actually very different too.


Tuesday, October 29

Let’s try out the obstacle course today!


Wednesday, October 30

Is it just me or do I smell something beastly…?


Thursday, October 31

The trial version of Wii Fit U is available now! We’d like to share this pic to commemorate the occasion.


Friday, November 1

Kid Icarus: Uprising is now available to download via eShop in Japan. By the way, we gave a makeover to Pit’s pose when he’s shooting his bow and arrow so it looks sharper. Do note that all images are still in development. This and past pics may be different from the finished product. Thanks for understanding.


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A veteran of the Forum, you'll probably know me as H-J (Kaabii) or 8B1T. My main role on the website is as an assistant editor. My favorite Nintendo franchises are Mario, Kirby and Legend of Zelda, though I do have fleeting moments of entering fandoms beyond the Big N (mainly Japan only stuff).

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October 31, 2013 3:43 PM

YES! I train with a male trainer so its cool that I can kick butt as him!

Joseph Deitemeyer
Joseph Deitemeyer
November 1, 2013 3:47 AM

Just as I bought it in retail copy! Dang!

November 3, 2013 5:37 PM

Semi Off Topic: I’ve been spending some time on Miiverse Smash Bros. page, and I found some really dumb requests for newcomers for this game. Here’s a few:
Master Chief
Call of Duty Soldier
Mickey Mouse
Bugs Bunny
Amy Rose
Pigma (Yes, that guy everyone forgets from Star Fox 64)
Dr. Eggman
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Male Wii Fit Trainer (Asking him to be a separate character)
(Insert random anime character here)
Mew (We have Mewtwo. We don’t need a downgrade from him)

DryBonesLover and Fantic
November 8, 2013 3:36 PM
Reply to  Luigiguy567

Master Cheif- NO Not possible well…. 5% possible but no just no! Call of Du- Already im not gonna say anything that’s a no Bugs Bunny- I like this bunny but he’s never gonna be on this game EVER Amy Rose- She does have a chance if they add another Sonic character because it would be adding a female character Pigma- No Toad- I love Toad and i hope he’s in one of these games but it’s already confirmed he’s not on it Dr. Eggman- He also has a chance if a Sonic character is added it would be adding… Read more »

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