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Make Your Own Caption #26



Wii Fit Trainer: “Feeling blue? Stretch that body. You’ll feel brand new.”

Winning caption submitted by: CuriousUser

Won with 8 votes out of 78 total votes (10.36%)

A Little Under The Weather: Caption J (PersonMcPerson), with 7 votes

Rainbow Spectrum Warrior (Minus ROYGIV): Caption R (MarioManiac01), with 6 votes

(list of captions)

(image submitted by MarioManiac01)



Monday, July 6



Ganondorf: “I swear I won’t do it again! Promise on the Triforce!”
Link: “Hmm… before we accept your apology, you are going to help me clean this derelict mansion. No rupees! And most certainly NO POT BREAKING!”
Zelda: (‘…I hope it’s not so you can break the pots for yourself, Link…’)


Submitted by: 8B1T

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Tuesday, July 7



Mario decided to visit his friends in Dreamland!



Meta Knight!
The Epic Sword-Wielding Star Warrior!



The Great King of Dreamland!



Kirby! the… Pink… Puffball…
…who’s looking slightly more feminine…
(…if I can even say that…)



Well then…
As a friendly reminder to everyone, Kirby impostors are NOT allowed in Dreamland!
Thank you for your cooperation.


Submitted by: SuperMushroomU

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Wednesday, July 8



Awww, does the widdle baby want his bottle?


Submitted by: BossBlitz88

Game: Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (Virtual Console)



Thursday, July 9



…umm, how did I get up here?


Submitted by: Zympherior

Game: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon



Friday, July 10



“Um, Rosalina, can-a we just wait until th-winter for the sleigh ride together?”



-some months later-
“Hm. Where is Luigi? I asked him to meet me here…”


Submitted by: Luigifan3DSGCN

Game: Mario Party 10



Saturday, July 11



Hinawa: “Claus! How many times do I need to tell you that it’s NEVER okay to pick up and throw your younger brother with psychic powers?!”
Claus: “But Mom, he took the last nut cookie!”
Hinawa: “That’s still not a good enough reason to fling Lucas around! Put him down now!”
Claus: “Okay…”


Submitted by: Coin Hunter

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Sunday, July 12



Isn’t that a bit dangerous, Falco?
Running under lava is impossible in real life, but in Smash Bros.… well, you can see for yourself.



It’s part of a stage – based on a volcano – that I created, called “Eruption”. I guess I’m not the most creative guy at naming stages (Ike wouldn’t be too pleased either)… Take care with the magma; it hurts.



By the way, check out this definitely not creepy Falco’s face in the very same stage, hope you enjoyed it. 😛


Submitted by: Boo3DSmashBoo

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



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