A growing community of readers and commenters has made its home here at Mario Party Legacy, and while we all love the discussion and the activity, it can get a bit out of control. To help with this, we are setting up some basic rules and guidelines to help alleviate spam and other issues found within the comment system. Familiarize yourself with out rules before you start commenting!

  • Comment Pumping – Please do not comment just for the sake of raising your comment count!
  • Off-Topic – Comments should be related to the article. Others who read your comments should be able to see your thoughts and opinions on the content of the article. If you want to discuss any other topic, please do so in our Forum where you can talk about anything. It isn’t acceptable to make an off topic post even though you preface it with “Off-Topic”. Go to the relevant page and post it there.
  • 1 on 1 Convos – It’s not a bad thing to have an active discussion where two people are commenting back and forth to each other, but this fills up the comment page very quickly and pushes other member’s comments out of sight. Make your comments more meaningful and try not to clutter pages with small comments.
  • Spoilers – Try to avoid posting spoilers as much as possible. If you absolutely have to, please make it clear that there is a spoiler at the start of your comment!
  • Flaming/Respect – Everyone has an opinion and it is something we all have to respect. Of course you can disagree and post why, but it has to be done without offending or hurting the other member. Callous attacks on members and bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Advertising – It’s great that you have your own things to share, but the comments are not the place to share them. Again, the Forum is a great place to share your work!
  • Swearing – We want to be a little relaxed on this, but there are some obvious words you want to avoid. If you have to think about, don’t use it.
  • Adult Content – By no means is it acceptable.

Those are our current rules, but please be aware that we may add or change the rules at any given time! If any of the rules are broken or not followed, we will have to start handing out warnings and even bans if need be. Since this system is still new, we will try to be as lenient as possible, but we will take action if we need to.

To help moderate the Rules we have four moderators that help keep order!

  • SuperZambezi
  • 8B1T
  • Vipsoccermaster
  • SpiderStaryu

And those are rules! We love to see your comments, so follow these simple rules and everything should be okay!