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Make Your Own Caption #13



Rosalina: “Yay! It’s my time to shine in Smash!”
Daisy: “Why!? Why does everyone hate me!?”
Rosalina: “Aww, Daisy, it’s not that bad!”
*Rosalina gets confirmed for Super Mario 3D World*
“…Oh… it’s THAT bad…”

Winning caption submitted by: ImpaDude

Won with 8 votes out of 88 total votes (9.09%)

Probably in Daisy’s Position Right Now: Caption W (Geoman) with 5 votes

(list of captions)



Monday, April 6



“Gwarrrrrh!? Are you trying to play a trick on me, son?!”
“Hahaha! Daddy did tell me one day that I’d have to lead the Koopa Troop, so I’m training up in case you aren’t around anymore! Even better: I’m working on bringing Dry Bowser back to life! Then we’ll be unstoppable! Aren’t you proud?”
“I’m proud, son, but…” -ROAR- “…get me outta here! I hate lava baths! Bwaaaaaargh!!”


Submitted by: 8B1T

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Tuesday, April 7



Wanna see my new pet?


Submitted by: BossBlitz88

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS



Wednesday, April 8



I’m so filthy rich, I coated MYSELF gold! So yeah: Go Suck It Goldmember!


Submitted by: Marioman01

Game: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker



Thursday, April 9



This is my custom stage, Mario Party Legacy. I decided to honor the mods by putting their names, and the years in which the site was and is still around for. 😀



(Here’s the same stage in higher quality.)


Submitted by: Bowser498

Game: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars



Friday, April 10



“Mario? Peach? Yoshi? You guys are acting strange…”


Submitted by: Mister Sushi

Game: Mario Party 10



Saturday, April 11



All right Pikachu, you’re mine!



No, NO! Bad Pikachu! Lucas, help! Can’t June come sooner?



Let’s go Pikachu, I wanna start battling!



Actually… forget what I said about battling. Let’s scram!


Submitted by: Mister Sushi

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS



Sunday, April 12



Welcome, one and all, to the newest custom stage, the Butter Buildings! Let us give you all the grand tour!



Here on the left, we have the Springy Pink Building. As you probably guessed, it’s full of springs on the bottom, and on the ceiling, but those are just decorations. Peach seems to be enjoying the view from the balcony here.



Here, we have the Tricky Blue Building. It has a nice bedroom area up top, but it’s also a dead-end…



There’s also a bottom path that is full of lava, so be careful. A hidden room awaits at the end, but it too is a dead-end. (Definitely tricky…)



And here is the draw-bridge to get across both buildings… In this stage, there aren’t many openings for KOs except outside, so you could either rack up damage indoors, or just have fun roaming the stage!


Submitted by: Mother4Ever

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



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