Mario Party 5 Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Mario Party 5 minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

Each of the 75 Mario Party 5 minigames are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Mario Party 5 minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

4-Player Minigames (23)

Coney Island
  • You cannot be pushed in this minigame. Line yourself first with a falling ice cream scoop and do not move to guarantee getting the scoop.  ~ Spongyoshi
Ground Pound Down
  • Do high jumps ground pounds on fragile rocks and fast small ground pounds on solid rocks.  ~ Spongyoshi
Chimp Chase
  • The golden Ukiki appears when the timer hits 11!  ~ Spongyoshi
Chomp Romp
  • You don’t need to wait for the Chomp to stop moving before you blow the whistle again.  ~ P-Merks
  • You can call the Chomp directly into the goal from the garbage can on the right side at the end!  ~ P-Merks
Pushy Penguins
Leaf Leap
  • Everyone has the same pattern! If you fall off a leaf or are falling behind, take a peak at your opponents to get an idea of what your upcoming leaf placements will be so you can make faster movements to catch up!  ~ P-Merks
Night Light Fright
  • It takes about a second for your light to actually turn on after you press the button. It’s usually safest to hit the button right after the Chomp knocks over the can closest to you.  ~ P-Merks
Pop-Star Piranhas
  • Keep in mind that the first and second dances are the difficult ones you need to keep a keen eye for. The last one is usually very easy.  ~ Slowcast
Mazed & Confused
  • The maze switches roughly every 2 seconds, be on the middle of a square when that happens or you’ll get zapped!  ~ Spongyoshi
Dinger Derby
  • You should start turning your boat right before you enter one of the star gates. This will save you time and allow you to start moving towards the next gate more quickly.  ~ P-Merks
Later Skater
Will Flower
Triple Jump
Hotel Goomba
Coin Cache
  • Try to get up and start hitting the third row of blocks as quickly as you can. It’s best to get up there by jumping through two removed block spaces.  ~ P-Merks
Vicious Vending
  • You just have to turn the joystick normally. Try not to be too slow or too fast.  ~ General_JF
Flower Shower
  • If you’re traversing through the water, you should always be jumping since you move much slower in the water.  ~ P-Merks
Dodge Bomb
Fish Upon a Star
Rumble Fumble
Frozen Frenzy
  • If you have most of the crystals, you can camp in the corners of the map that require parkour until someone gets dangerously close to you.
Fish Sticks
  • Camp where the least amount of players are currently at and always be moving to be the first to the closest moving fishing line.  ~ Spongyoshi
  • Fishing lines slowly move backward when they’ve just been picked up while those that got something will lean forward and move a little bit so keep an eye out on the second.  ~ Spongyoshi

1 vs. 3 Minigames (12)

  • For the team, try to keep yourself away from your teammates; this will make the single player have to spend more time chasing after you.  ~ Luigidenne3DSGNS+
Squared Away
Mario Mechs
  • As the single player, try to get to the edge of the ring for better field of vision. Use the charged A attack often, and sometimes the standard A attack. Using the B attack is mostly useless, especially the charged version. Make use of strafing.  ~ Slowcast
  • As a team player, always have your B attack charged. Look at the single player’s screen and see who they are targeting. If they are not targeting you, start shooting at them.  ~ Slowcast
Revolving Fire
  • Solo: Make sure you only ground pound when your lava wave is charged otherwise you’ll just be wasting time. You’ll know it’s charged by a sound and if the ring by your feet is glowing.  ~ P-Merks
  • Team: You should never be standing still! You are on a sloped surface so you will be constantly slowly sliding towards the edge, so be sure you are always inching towards the center to avoid falling out.  ~ P-Merks
Heat Stroke
  • As the team, go as close as possible to the left. You should ignore the solo player and react to either the sound of the platform being hit or when you see your character moving backward. You have a split-second to jump off while it goes off-screen so with a good reaction time, you can easily just walk left and jump to regain your position! Although beware of the Podoboos as well!  ~ Spongyoshi
  • As the solo player against CPUs, spam fakeouts until one of them jumps, then do a real swing and repeat.  ~ piguy314159
Beam Team
  • Team: Use your speed to your advantage! Don’t move around sporadically or you’ll bump into your teammates. Stay still and make slight, quick movements to try to catch the one.  ~ P-Merks
  • Solo: Try to keep moving directly in between two UFOs. Chances are both players will try to go for you and bump into each other, giving you more time to run.  ~ P-Merks
  • Team: If a teammate just missed their beam shot, you can hit them out of it to reduce their endlag.  ~ Spongyoshi
  • Solo: If a CPU is following you, try to run more in circles as they aim for your opposite side (Tested with brutal AIs).  ~ Spongyoshi
Big Top Drop
  • If on the team of three, try to hang out in the middle as the ball-dropper will be moving faster and will thus have a harder time dropping many balls in a small area.  ~ piguy314159
Quilt for Speed
Tube It or Lose It
Fight Cards
  • Assuming all players play randomly with no coordination, the solo player has a (1-(2/3)^5)^3 ≈ 65.47% chance of winning.  ~ piguy314159
Curvy Curbs

2 vs. 2 Minigames (12)

Clock Stoppers
  • Try your best to avoid having the two hands go towards each other. This will slow you down and cause at least one player to jump over the hands, which can be wonky. If this does happen, the player with the larger hand should be pushing on the outside edge of the hand to easily get past the smaller hand.  ~ P-Merks
Defuse or Lose
  • Each player should stay on one side. When a cross in the wires is coming up, try to get the fuses synced to where you can put them both out with a single ground pound. The ground pounds cover more distance then they appear to.  ~ P-Merks
  • The pictures on the ground and the UFOs in the sky are different perspectives so it can be difficult to determine which picture matches the proper UFO. Just try and picture the UFOs in the sky at a head on perspective and find the picture closest to that. Also, the pictures on the ground will always be in the same spot every time you play.  ~ P-Merks
Mario Can-Can
  • Before the minigames starts, decide who will ground pound first to avoid confusion. After the first ground pound, each teammate should be alternating large ground pounds using the highest jumps you can make.  ~ P-Merks
Handy Hoppers
  • It will be easier for the jumper to score more points if the teammates rotating the bar go at a more consistent speed rather than try to go too fast. You lose a lot of point potential by getting hit.  ~ P-Merks
Berry Basket
  • You really don’t need to pay attention to your teammate at all here. The shooter should just shoot down as many berries as they can, and the player with the basket should go for any berries shot down by either team.  ~ P-Merks
  • As the one shooting, try to aim for the fruits closest to your partner while trying to avoid shooting those closer to your opponent (except the rotten ones).  ~ Spongyoshi
  • I personally find the perspective hard to read in this one so I recommend quickly gleaning over where each fruit is located on top and use the shadows on the ground to see where they’ll fall down.  ~ Spongyoshi
  • Like Coney Island, you cannot be pushed when immobile, so stay still when under a fruit and don’t even try to push someone out of the way as that wouldn’t work.  ~ Spongyoshi
Bus Buffer
  • Unlike in Eatsa Pizza from MP3, tiny missed spots will clean themselves if left alone.  ~ piguy314159
Rumble Ready
  • Whoever happens to be on the lever to start should stay on it the entire minigame. Switching players takes too much time. The other teammate can just enjoy the sites and blink the eyes.  ~ P-Merks
Manic Mallets
Panic Pinball
Banking Coins
  • Designate one player to hit the vase and the other player to collect the coins. You can also try and keep the platform tilted to one side so all of the coins will slide down to that side, just be careful not to fall off!  ~ P-Merks

Battle Minigames (6)

  • While the symbol is still too blurry to tell what it is, scan the board to see which symbols don’t appear very often and try to go for those. There will always be one less of the current symbol on the board than the current number of players.  ~ P-Merks
Bill Blasters
Twist ‘n’ Out
  • Camp the inside of the arena to be able to resist more hits. When the arena gets very small, force your opponents into the sides.  ~ Spongyoshi
Lucky Lineup
  • I usually get better results when I press the button in a slower rhythm rather than very quickly.  ~ P-Merks
Random Ride
  • After many tests, here are the description for each rides ranked by winning likelyhood:  ~ Spongyoshi
    • Perfect Conditions: [50% 1st | 41% 2nd]
    • At Its Best: [45% 1st | 36% 2nd]
    • Daily Routine: [31% 1st | 31% 2nd]
    • So-So, I suppose: [30% 1st | 15% 2nd]
    • Almost-Guaranteed Victory: [23% 1st | 38% 2nd]
    • Totally Terrible: [21% 1st | 14% 2nd]
    • Feeling Good: [18% 1st | 37% 2nd]
    • Difficulties Ahead: [18% 1st | 27% 2nd]
    • General Long Shot: [10% 1st | 20% 2nd]
    • Nothing’s Right: [0% 1st | 10% 2nd]
    • Miracles Do Happen: [0% 1st | 10% 2nd]
    • Fate’s Decision: [0% 1st | 0% 2nd]

Duel Minigames (15)

Shock Absorbers
  • Starting from 48 on the clock, Amps usually appears every 6 seconds in a random location on the arena so be very careful.  ~ Spongyoshi
Countdown Pound
  • Start as short a ground pound as possible when the timer hits 0.60; to aid with this, try to subdivide each second into fifths (think DA-da-DA-da-da DA-da-DA-da-da etc., lining up with when the seconds count down). If in doubt, start a little earlier as you lose if you land anytime after it hits zero.  ~ piguy314159
Whomp Maze
Shy Guy Showdown
Button Mashers
Get a Rope
Pump ‘n’ Jump
Head Waiter
  • The first player to go has the advantage since they will have the knowledge of what the first three inputs were and can plan accordingly. Player 2 will only have the certain knowledge of the first two inputs.  ~ P-Merks
Blown Away
  • You can block a big blast of air with a small blast! If your opponent as a large blast charged up, keep shooting small blasts at them because if you happen to hit their big blast right after they shoot it, it can backfire and cause them to fly off!  ~ P-Merks
  • Follow your opponent and keep charging, you keep your charge after being hit. Release when it’s high enough to push your opponent out of the platform.  ~ Spongyoshi
Merry Poppings
Pound Peril
Piece Out
  • When you clear the board, you score ≈386 points for each block of the color you used most, and 100 points for each block of the remaining colors; if multiple colors are tied for your most-used, they will each score 386 per block, so using 17 of one and 17 of another is equivalent to using 34 of a single color.  ~ piguy314159
Bound of Music
Wind Wavers
Sky Survivor
  • Control the bottom of the screen and move mostly horizontally as it makes dodging incoming Spinies easier.  ~ Spongyoshi

Bowser Minigames (3)

Rain of Fire
Cage-in Cookin’
Scaldin’ Cauldron

DK Minigames (3)

Banana Punch
Da Vine Climb
Mass A-peel

Story Minigames (1)

  • For the first phase, stay airbone as much as you can while bouncing on the most Mechakoopas. You can even jump on multiple at once if you do it right.
  • For the second phase, stay in one corner of the screen and jump as much as you need!
  • For the third phase, focus mostly on one panel and try to lure Bowser away from it before quickly going back to it.
  • For the fourth phase, Bowser will guess where you’ll be going with his red balls of energy, go to one side then move to the other after he throws it and repeat. When he prepares his fire, stay in the middle then quickly run to one of the top corners. Finally, get one of the glowing balls and jump over his shadow ball (jump when it touches the ground). Go on the top middle and jump + throw it toward Bowser for a hit!  ~ Spongyoshi

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