Every Minigame in Super Mario Party Jamboree So Far

Over 110 minigames are headed to Super Mario Party Jamboree, and we’re taking on the challenge to catalog each and every one. There will be plenty of minigames to add to the list as we get closer to the October release date, so keep checking back as we discover more.

We’ve seen dozens of minigames in the official trailer for Super Mario Party Jamboree, but we haven’t seen any minigame names. We’re not quite sure what’s what just yet.

So far we’ve discovered a total of 12 minigames (possibly 15) out of at least 110. Names in italics are not official.

7/15 Update: The ESRB summary for the game seemingly includes descriptions for three unknown minigames.
7/7 Update
: Nintendo’s store page for the game offers the name of the Koopathlon minigame, Lane Change.



Your standard minigame type. We don’t know how the motion controlled minigame will be grouped, but for now we’ll include them with the standard 4-Player minigames.

Rotating Minigame Yoshi-Riding Minigame
Hammer Minigame Ball Roll Minigame


Banzai Bill Minigame


Arm Wrestle Minigame

Koopathlon (Single)

These are the single player minigames where you collect coins to move your character on the board in real time.

Lane Change Machine Minigame

Koopathlon (All)

Although this looks like a Bowser minigame at first glance, we know the Koopathlon is the only mode featuring 20 characters playing at once. So far, at least. Notably, Bowser does not appear to be playable in this mode.

Bowser Chase Minigame


It’s very likely the rhythm based mode from Super Mario Party is back, and with that means new rhythm minigames. Only evidence so far is this vegetable chopping minigame that uses the same “Early” and “Nice!” expressions to indicate timing.

Vegetable Minigame


Then we have these two random minigames where eight characters are not only playing all at once, but they’re working together too. Interestingly, there’s what is probably a new mode where Bowser chases you around a city. Probably. That one also hosts eight characters seemingly playing on the same team. Are these two 8-Player minigames tied to that mode?

There’s also a game where Mario and Luigi fly and lift a platform carrying Peach. We’re guessing this game goes beyond the scope of a minigame and is yet another mode.

Image Swap Minigame Wiggler Minigame


The official summary for Jamboree’s ESRB rating shares there gameplay describes that are likely minigames. They include:

  • avoiding a robot with giant boxing gloves/fists
  • using over-sized hammers against each other
  • connecting electric circuits to zap a boss character
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