Super Mario Party Jamboree

Super Mario Party Jamboree gives the Switch one last hurrah with a jam-packed collection of boards and minigames. Set the date for October 17, 2024!

It’s the biggest Mario Party yet with a wide range modes and minigames. Expect five new boards, along with two classic boards, and a large cast of playable characters. Over 110 minigames are included in this pack, the highest amount in the series to date.

Follow our Jamboree Deep Dive series as analyze specific topics and peculiar mysteries:

Release Dates

North America Australia Europe Japan
Thursday, October 17, 2024  (Worldwide Release)

Playable Characters

Super Mario Party Jamboree has at least 20 playable characters.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Wario Donkey Kong Daisy Waluigi
Rosalina Birdo Toad Toadette
Shy Guy Bowser Jr. Boo Koopa Troopa
Bowser Goomba Monty Mole Spike

7 Boards

Five new boards and two returning boards.

Mega Wiggler’s Tree Party Roll ’em Raceway Goomba Lagoon
Rainbow Galleria King Bowser’s Keep Mario’s Rainbow Castle (MP1)
Western Land (MP2)

110 Mini-Games

Over 110 minigames are set to appear. So far we’ve discovered 12 minigames. See our page for every Super Mario Party Jamboree minigame so far.

4-Player (4) 1vs3 (1) 2vs2 (1)
Koopathlon Single (2) Koopathlon All (1) Rhythm (1)

8-Player (2)    


We are still figuring out the various modes, but we do know Koopathlon allows for 20 players online and plays like Coinatholon from Mario Party: Star Rush. Names in italics are not official.

Mario Party Koopathlon Bowser in City
Flying Mode


Items are back! Take note, these names are not official, and we are assuming item functionality matches their use in Mario Party Superstars.

Skeleton Key Unlocks gates in Western Land.
Adds +5 to your roll.
Double Dice
Roll two dice blocks in one turn.
Triple Dice
Roll three dice blocks in one turn.
Turbo Dice
Roll four dice blocks in one turn. This item seems to be exclusive to Roll ’em Raceway. Based on the footage, this item may force you to bypass passable events.
Yellow Dice Block Unknown. Seen in Rainbow Galleria.
Conch Shell Unknown.
Warp Box
Likely replacing the Warp Block. Use it to swap places with another player. In Super Mario Party, this item was only available in Partner Party and would bring you to your partner’s location.
Unknown. Seen in Roll ’em Raceway.
Boo Bell Summon Boo to steal coins or a Star. Despite being playable, Boo is still a passing event.
Golden Pipe
Warp to the Star’s location.
Item Bag Randomly obtain three items.


Various spaces return as well.

Start Space
The first space on a board that players do not return to (unless sent back) and cannot land on.
Blue Space Gain three coins.
Red Space
Lose three coins.
Event Space
Start a unique event designed for that board and space.
Lucky Space
If it functions like it did in Mario Party Superstars, randomly receive bonus coins, an item, or a board specific benefit.
Unlucky Space
Will likely function similarly to the Bad Luck Space from Super Mario Party. It’s the opposite of the Lucky Space so expect to lose something.
Item Space
If it functions like it did in Mario Party Superstars, play a minigame to win an item.
VS Space
Each player chips in a select amount of coins, and a minigame is played where the winners take a chunk of the pot.
Bowser Space
Unknown for this game. Probably nothing great, if you can believe it.
Chance Time Space
Although it now has a green color, this space will likely activate Chance Time where coins and stars can be moved and swapped among players.