10 Predictions for Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

It’s been a long time, but it’s almost here! The return of the Nintendo Direct is set for tomorrow, and it’s only a matter of hours before our endless speculation comes to an end. Tomorrow could be a mellow presentation with updates to titles already announced, but there is always a chance that Nintendo has a few surprises up their sleeve!


Zelda 30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda is fast approaching, and taking into account that Nintendo has mentioned their interest in celebrating this milestone, it would make sense to announce something before the year begins. While it might not be something as big as the Year of Luigi, something similar to the 25th Anniversary of the Zelda series is definitely a possibility.

Zelda Wii U

Unfortunately, I don’t think that means we will get anything substantial regarding Zelda for Wii U. While the Direct is specifically focused on titles releasing until the Spring of next year, it wouldn’t hurt to give this long awaited title a mention. But that’s all it will be – a simple mention.

Twilight Princess HD

But that won’t be the only Zelda news we hear! An HD remake of Twilight Princess is no longer a matter of existence, but more a matter of release. With all the data-mining that was reported in the past few months, we know the title is coming – but when? Nintendo has recently stated that there are still unannounced titles set to release by the end of the year. My bet is this is one of them!

Smash DLC

We all know it’s coming. An update on the recent closing of the ballot and a look at upcoming characters and stages is sure to shown. My guess is that DLC will even be available right after the Direct, if not characters than at the very least stages.

*crosses fingers for Dixie Kong*

*crosses unlucky fingers for Phoenix Wright*

*crosses imaginary fingers for Banjo-Kazooie*

Release Dates for Mario & Luigi, Fire Emblem, and Star Fox

We’ve got a couple of games set to release before the end of Spring of next year, so expect updates on release dates for all of them. Nothing surprising here!


New Series of Amiibos

The Smash Bros. line of amiibo is finally coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is done with successful line of figurines. In fact, Nintendo is sure to continue the amiibo craze with an even bigger push, so it would make sense to announce a new series of amiibo. Which franchise? With Zelda having such a big focus next year, it would only make sense to start cranking out amiibo characters of Link, Zelda, Impa, and the like. And with that said…

Mario Maker DLC

Nintendo has already released the first update to Super Mario Maker adding checkpoints and event courses, but now it’s time to hear about the real deal. Could it be new tile sets for lava elements? Perhaps new environments like the desert and jungle themes? Slopes? And will it be free? Those questions aside, expect more content coming to Super Mario Maker!

No Mario Tennis DLC

It’s no secret that the excitement for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is quite lackluster. Many think DLC will help spice up the little content the game has, but I think otherwise. It’s clear that the game doesn’t have much to offer, and I don’t doubt the Nintendo and Camelot are aware of this. The game is going to release, sell a decent amount, and then it’ll be forgotten. Sad, but that’s the prediction!

Splatoon DLC

Data-mining and hacking didn’t just help discover Twilight Princess HD. Splatoon has already released a plethora of DLC, but as we already know, there is still plenty to come. Mainly, the Octolings have been known for quite a while to be playable characters, and this Direct is likely the time we will here about it.

Iwata Tribute

The passing of the Iwata this past July was certainly a shock for many, especially as he was the face of the Nintendo Direct. It goes without saying that Iwata will be brought up and paid respect, but we also think the late president of Nintendo will get his own tribute – a fitting memory for fans and Iwata alike.

Got any more predictions for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct! Shout them in the comments below!

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