New Features Coming to Super Mario Maker

A new update adding new features is coming to Super Mario Maker on November 4. The free update will add five new additions to the game:

  1. Checkpoint Flags
  2. Situation based power-ups
  3. Harder Gnat mini-game
  4. Official courses
  5. Event courses

Checkpoint Flags are finally here! Passing through one of these will allow you to start at that location if you unfortunately don’t make it to the end. The ability to insert both a Mushroom and a Fire Flower into a Question Block has also been added, allowing players to get a power-up dependent on whether they are Small Mario or Super Mario. Shaking the Muncher enemy for several seconds will start a harder Gnat mini-game, while official and event course sections will be added.


Have any other requests for future updates? Let us know in the comments!

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