Week of Mario Mods Day 4: Adventure Super Mario Bros.

 The talent and enthusiasm behind the Mario modding community is unlike any other. Countless Mario titles have been deeply modified and experimented with, but unfortunately, many of these do not turn into full-fledged projects. If they do, many of them do not pass the planning phases or simply stop production midway through. Fortunately, there are a handful of Mario modders and hackers that are committed enough to have these projects see a final release, and this week Mario Party Legacy will be highlighting five upcoming projects that are very dedicated and each do things so interesting that they deserve a special mention.

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The Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii team has made tremendous strides in the hacking community for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but don’t let that oversahow the modding community for the original game, New Super Mario Bros. Working and creating the fan game himself, Ray is putting together Adventure Super Mario Bros., a  hack that brings forth all new levels, tweaked power-ups, new effects, custom music, and plenty of new textures and backgrounds.


One of the first things you’ll notice is the fact that the main player is Toad. In case you have forgotten, Toad did not become playable until New Super Mario Bros. Wii, meaning this is a great advancement in the hacking of the game. All of Toad’s effects and changes are in place, from when he changes sizes to when he receives a power-up. His crackly voice makes it in too!


Many of the levels revolve around new concepts and new looks. Some levels will have you running around and ice and lava themed world, while others will drop you in the middle of a rainstorm. Other mechanics include traversing through dark caves with a spotlight shined on your character, or levels that will zoom in and out, something that was not possible in the original game.

One of the most interesting additions is the modification of the Blue Shell power-up. Whenever Toad picks up the item, he will not only receive a shell to slide around on, but he will also grow wings, giving you Super Leaf like abilities. This includes graceful landings and the ability to glide.

The videos above show off some more of what Adventure Super Mario Bros. is capable of. Before the announcement of Adventure Super Mario Bros., Ray was hard at work on a different hack, simply known as New Super Hacker Bros.. The fan game was stopped, and elements from it were moved over to Adventure Super Mario Bros., including the snowy level amidst the full moon in the night sky as shown in the video above.

Adventure Super Mario Bros. does not have a release date at the moment, but you can keep an eye out on Ray’s YouTube page and his discussion topic over at The New Super Mario Bros. Hacking Domain. He also has download links to beta versions of the game.


Adventure Super Mario Bros. Discussion and Update Topic

Ray’s YouTube Page

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