Week of Mario Mods Day 5: Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

The talent and enthusiasm behind the Mario modding community is unlike any other. Countless Mario titles have been deeply modified and experimented with, but unfortunately, many of these do not turn into full-fledged projects. If they do, many of them do not pass the planning phases or simply stop production midway through. Fortunately, there are a handful of Mario modders and hackers that are committed enough to have these projects see a final release, and this week Mario Party Legacy will be highlighting five upcoming projects that are very dedicated and each do things so interesting that they deserve a special mention.

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Even though the Wii is just now ending its life cycle, the modding communities behind several of Nintendo’s first party titles are in full force. We just looked at the impressive work done on new tracks and characters in Mario Kart Wii, and the same can be said about one of Nintendo’s most popular Wii games, Super Mario Galaxy 2. With great determination, the modding team behind Super Mario Galaxy 2 has banded together to release a completely remade version of the game known as Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 is the closest thing we will get to a third entry in the Galaxy series at the time being, and that is exactly what many fans and gamers want. As many of the modded Mario games from this week showcased, the team behind Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 is hard at work to bring you completely new levels, all new worlds, new gameplay mechanics, custom music, custom textures and objects, and plenty of other interesting and exciting elements.

As any great hack would have it, all seven worlds are being completely remade, with all new designs and level structures. Right around a year ago, the staff behind the fan game announced that they were able to import levels from games like Super Mario Sunshine, and some of these levels would see a return in Super Mario Galaxy 2.5. If running around Gelato Beach in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 engine doesn’t get you fired up, then what about playing something from even earlier in Mario’s history? As of the most recent trailer, Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 is being completely remade for all your nostalgic needs!

Taking a look specifically at the new worlds, one can see how much work it takes to create just a single level. The team is not only reusing objects and models from the original game, but they are also creating their own objects completely from scratch. Take a look at the two images above. Both of these “planets” cannot be found in the original game as they were made exclusively by the Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 team. It’s incredible to see so much dedication put into an ambitious product like this, and we can only imagine what other creations will come!

Custom levels and worlds are not the only thing making it into the Mario hack. Custom music will be featured all across the board, with every world and level featuring a different tune. Tweaks to things like the camera and gameplay changes are also planned. And if everything works out alright, we might even see the return of Ice Mario and the Red Star.



Take another look at the completely new models that will be used as planets in the game. Below are two that will be featured in the Digital Circuit Galaxy. On one planet, Mario will find himself running along a USB cable and onto a keyboard, while the other planet is a giant replica of a camcorder. It’s very exciting to see what the Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 team is capable of creating, and we can only wonder if this will be the game where Mario is finally able to run atop classic consoles like the Nintendo 64 and the Wii itself.

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 does not have a release date, but a new trailer is planned to release this May. There is still plenty to do to make this game a reality, so  if you have any interest in helping the team out, be sure to head over to their official forum to see how you can help. The team is always looking for extra hands to help make this the best it can be!

This also wraps up our Week of Mario Mods! We hope you all enjoyed the wonderful creations that have come from the Mario modding community, and we hope that you continue to support the teams behind the games to help further their success! As mentioned before, please check out the links below, especially if you are interested in joining the Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 team!

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Official Forum   [Register]

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Updates Page

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