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Character Select Screen Spotted for Mario Party: Star Rush

A quick look at the character select screen for Mario Party: Star Rush was snapped from a playable demo at Gamescon today. was able to provide the image that shows off the the following characters, along with four hidden slots:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Yoshi
  • Toad

So who else will fill the remaining spots? Based on previous footage, the amiibo set, and new official artwork, it’s likely these characters will take the unlockable slots:

  • Rosalina
  • Toadette
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong

It’s also unclear which mode this character select is from. Is it from something like the Minigame Mode or Balloon Bash? What about the new Character Museum? Time will tell!

Michael Koczwara

Executive Editor and Founder of Mario Party Legacy. Head Administrator at the Mario Party Legacy Forum.

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57 thoughts on “Character Select Screen Spotted for Mario Party: Star Rush

    1. MagiKooper

      Maybe unlockable/extra reasons……..why do Silver and Gold Mario have amiibo for MP10 if they aren’t playable?

  1. MagiKooper

    At last they bring back Donkey Kong………I know he’s came back in Mario Party 10.

    Also is anyone else’s page keeping going up and down while in article of MPL??

  2. E.Gadd

    Guys, guys, what if Boo is the first amiibo exclusive character. 😮 They wouldn’t do that…. right?

    1. CorrinFTW

      It’s a possibility… I always was afraid that Nintendo could do that one day… but I already preordered the Boo amiibo so I don’t mind THAT much 😛 still cheap

    2. Toblet

      Rosters have been consistently around the 10-12 mark just recently and if Amiibo allowed us to break past this barrier than I’m actually for it. As long as the majority are free.

  3. Toblet

    If you took all the gaps and put them together I think it looks pixel perfect for an entire row of 6 max portraits to be added. But even if there’s not another row of characters I wouldn’t be disappointed because the roster is almost perfect as it is. Plus it’s not like more characters is neccessary because there’s no online anyway, so the extra effort would just be wasted to be honest.

  4. XT

    I hope theres a newcomer enemy since they’ve been doing that since Mario Party 5 but it’ll probably be unlikely since the whole roster is now officially revealed. This is Diddy Kongs first time playable in a Mario Party game which is similar to Bowser Jr’s first time in Mario Party Island Tour, and at least people can stop complaining thinking that they forgot about Diddy Kong when really they didn’t because there obviously had to be a reason for why Nintendo would want to give new characters a chance in the spotlight rather than sticking with the same roster that everybody knows.

      1. XT

        I would like Boom Boom to be playable in Mario Party 11, and I really hope they go back to being classic when that happens because we all know that nobody ever wants the car to return. I think it’ll be likely than it wont happen a third time right? Please tell me I am right.

        1. Jake Gantt

          In MP11 they’ll probably have some a new themed boards like a snow-themed board, and possibly Koopaling Battles in addition to regular boss battles.

  5. marco paolucci

    Somebody can tell me the sense on why Toadette who didn’t got an Amiibo is playable but Boo who has one isn’t?

      1. marco paolucci

        I don’t know… Toadette has a relevant position on the artwork and Boo isn’t even in…

      2. RafalRib

        Toadette is referenced in the fact sheet as playable and there was a screenshot with her playable

          1. RafalRib

            No, it had a Dry Bones artwork alongside King Bob-omb and Petey

            Which confirms his role as a boss

          2. RafalRib

            The wiki put Dry Bones in there cuz its an Artwork that confirmed his appearance (which was released with King Bob-Omb and Petey)

  6. Luigiguy567

    So, based on the box art and character selection screen, I think the final roster could be something like this:
    Mario (Stomps Goombas in the grass in Toad Scramble)
    Luigi (Same as Mario)
    Peach (Makes Flower Buds bloom in Toad Scramble)
    Daisy (Same as Peach)
    Wario (?)
    Waluigi (Probably the same as Wario)
    Yoshi (Eats fruit in Toad Scramble)
    Toad (Red and Blue; Same as Yoshi, since he’s right next to him on the selection screen, and other characters who share abilities are also next to each other)
    DK (Breaks Barrels in Toad Scramble)
    Diddy (Same as DK)
    Rosalina (Smashes Gemstones)
    Toadette (Same as Rosalina)

    Extra Characters:
    Colored Toads (Recruits allies, only playable in Toad Scramble)
    Boo (amiibo exclusive character because it’s the only playable character absent from box art, Posseses every ability in Toad Scramble)

  7. Jake Gantt

    Possible Character List:
    Dry Bones

  8. Jake Gantt

    Boo, Diddy Kong, and Dry Bones might also be playable as well. The demo shows 6 characters by 2 rows. In the final game, that actually might end up 14 characters.

  9. Jake Gantt

    Possible Mario Party 11 Character List:
    Donkey Kong
    Boom Boom (Unlockable)
    Luma (Unlockable)
    Bowser Party Exclusive:
    Dry Bowser (New)

  10. Jake Gantt

    I think so. In E3 2017, We might see a sneak peek of 11 like we did with 9 and 10.
    I have an estimate that MP11 will release in the second quarter of 2018.

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