Other Modes for Mario Party: Star Rush Revealed

Toad Scramble won’t be the only mode in Mario Party: Star Rush. Through a playable demo at Gamescon this week, Nintendaan was able to snag some info for the upcoming title, specifically what other modes will be found in the game. These include:

  • Character Museum: Look at characters you collected, amiibo option, can use them as a main hub character.
  • Minigames: Free-for-all, boss, bowser, coinathlon options.
  • Toad Scramble: Various grid based boards, three worlds open in demo (grass, ocean, ghost house).
  • Coinathlon: Collect many coins in dedicated 60 second minigames, can use items to stop in tracks, every coin counts as space, three laps.
  • Balloon Bash: Be quick with collecting coins on this mini board, 20 turns, minigames at end of each round.
  • Rhythm Recital: Musical minigame using the touchscreen. Play famous Mario tunes. Each character has instrument.
  • Multiplayer: Download and local options, guest download data can be transferred to final game.

Those hoping for a classic style of play are out of luck, and it looks like those who thought there may be an online component can now put that theory to rest as NintenDaan also confirmed an absence of such a feature.

As Gamescon continues throughout the week, expect to see new footage of Mario Party: Star Rush as someone will surely whip out a camera and film some gameplay.

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